Tom Hooper Brother Lachlan Hooper: Age Gap And Family Tree

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Tom Hooper brother Lachlan Hooper followed in the footsteps of his Rugby player brother.

Lachlan is four years younger than Tom Hooper, and they had their fair share of playful scuffles growing up.

Tom has been a guiding figure for Lachlan, offering valuable advice and encouragement throughout their rugby journeys.

Tom Hooper Rugby Player
Rising Tom Hooper Rugby Player (Source: Brumbies)

Tom Hooper, born on January 1, 2002, is a talented Australian rugby union player representing the Brumbies in Super Rugby.

As a lock, he has showcased his skills and earned a spot in the Brumbies squad for the 2021 Super Rugby AU season and Super Rugby Trans-Tasman.

Moreover, Tom made an impressive debut in round 1 of Super Rugby Trans-Tasman during the match against the Crusaders.

His presence on the field promises an exciting future for the young player in rugby.

Tom Hooper Brother Lachlan Hooper: Age Gap & Family Tree

Lachlan Hooper, 1.95 m (6 ft 5 in) tall, is an Australian rugby player who showcases his athletic skills in Junior Wallabies Squad.

Previously he excelled in the back row position and made waves as a key player for Canberra Vikings in Australia.

After completing his studies at Barker College, Lachlan Hooper made a significant decision to move in with his older brother, just a stone’s throw away from the Brumbies’ headquarters.

Tom Hooper Brother Lachlan Hooper
Tom Hooper Brother Lachlan Hooper (Source: The Canberra Times)

Likewise, his strategic move took place in preparation for Stephen Larkham’s inaugural pre-season, showcasing Lachlan’s dedication and commitment to pursuing his rugby aspirations.

Lachlan Hooper appeared for Australia in the World Rugby U20 Championship 2023.

He competed in the 5th place play-off match against Wales at Athlone Sports Stadium in Cape Town, South Africa, on July 14, 2023.

Family Of Tom Hooper

Tom and Lachlan are the two athletic sons of Helen Hoops and their father.

The Hooper brothers often share pictures with their parents, but limited information is available about them.

Parents Of Tom Hooper & Girlfriend Gabby

Parents Of Tom Hooper & Girlfriend Gabby (Source: Instagram)On the other hand, Tom has publicly introduced his partner, Gabby Peterson, on Instagram, posting numerous romantic pictures together.

Building Bond Between The Hooper Brothers

Lachlan Hooper and his older brother Tom have a promising future in Australian rugby.

Lachlan, a back-rower, has earned a spot in Eddie Jones’ Wallabies squad, impressing with his combative and tenacious playing style.

Meanwhile, Tom has caught the attention of Eddie Jones with his performances for the Chiefs.

Despite sharing similarities in looks, position, and even nicknames, the brothers embrace both the positives and challenges of being in the same squad.

Growing up together in Bathurst, they were not only brothers but also best friends, with their competitive spirit and love for the game evident from a young age, often leading to playfully heated rugby matches in their front yard.

Being the older sibling, Tom has been a guiding figure for Lachlan, offering valuable advice and encouragement throughout their rugby journeys.

As Lachlan started his professional rugby career, he had the opportunity to move in with Tom across the road from the Brumbies’ headquarters, allowing them to bond over shared experiences on and off the field.

Likewise, their friendly rivalry and mutual respect have strengthened their relationship, pushing both brothers to excel in their respective rugby careers.

With the support of their family and mentors like Laurie Fisher, both Hooper brothers are on a path to success in their rugby careers.

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