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Tomi Rae Augustus Lahren, better known as Tomi Lahren, is a former television host and current political commentator. Furthermore described as a rising star by The New York Times; moreover, many of her videos went viral over the years either for her opinions or other controversy.

 Fearless Tomi Lahren, a conservative political commentator with a spin of her viral “final thoughts,” featured on her show Tomi on TheBlaze  

Likewise, Lahren also hosted her own show at TheBlaze but was later removed due to her contradicting opinions about anti-abortion.

After that, young Lahren began working for Great America Alliance, an advocacy organization supporting Donald Trump.

Tomi Lahren age
Tomi Lahren is a political commentator. (Source-Instagram)

In fact, in August 2017, Lahren became a part of Fox News as a contributor and nevertheless now has her own talk show titled Fox Nation.

 It was announced in June 2022 that Tomi Lahren is Fearless will be her new show on OutKick.   

A leading national multimedia company specializing in sports news, sports culture, and pop culture, OutKick Media produces and distributes engaging content. The original founder of OutKick, Clay Travis, is now owned by FOX Corporation.

Tomi Lahren-Fearless-foxnews
Tomi Lahren is Fearless show. (Source: Amazon Music)

 Perennially our focus today will be Tomi, who claims to be an antifeminist who admires strong women. Get to know her professional and personal lives.  

Quick Facts:

Full Name Tomi Rae Augustus Lahren
Birth Date August 11, 1992
Birth Place Rapid City, South Dakota, US
Known as Tomi Lahren
Religion Christianity
Nationality American
Ethnicity Multiracial- German and Norwegian
Education University of Nevada
Horoscope Leo
Father’s Name Kevin Lahren
Mother’s Name  Trudy Lahren
Siblings Unknown
Age 31 years old
Height 5 feet 5 inches(165 cm)
Weight 56 kgs(124 lbs)
Build Slender
Body Measurements 32-25-34 inches
Hair Color Brown
Eye color Blue
Profession Political Commentator and TV Host
Network Fox Nation
Active Years 2014-present
Marital Status  Unmarried
Salary $500 Thousand
Net Worth $3 million
Social Media Instagram, Twitter
Merch Books
Last Update May 2024

Who is Tomi Lahren? Early life, Family, and Education

The former television host and currently conservative political commentator Tomi was born in Rapid City, South Dakota, USA.

Her full name is Tomi Rae Augustus Lahren. Also, she is the daughter of Kevin Lahren and Trudy Lahren.

Likewise, her father serves as a maintenance manager while her mother is a bank loan administrator. Sadly, there is no information on her siblings.

Hence, it is likely Tomi is the only child. Also, Lahren is American by nationality, while her ethnicity is multiracial, i.e., German and Norwegian descent. But her origin is Scandinavian.

It is said that Tomi’s great-grandfather migrated to the states from Norway. As a child, Tomi grew up in a strict military family.

Moving on, for her education, Tomi went to Central High School and then enrolled at the University of Nevada in Los Vegas.

From there, she acquired her B.A. in Broadcast Journalism and Political Science. During her university days, Lahren hosted the Political Roundtable Show.

How old is Tomi Lahren? Age and Body Measurements

Just as sharp and articulate as her words are, Tomi also maintains a sleek appearance. The former television host has kept her figure, which measures 32-25-34 inches, curvy.

Not to mention, she stands at 5 feet 5 inches(165 cm) and weighs around 56 kgs.

Likewise, Lahren looks gorgeous with her bright blue eyes and wavy brown hair that perfectly frames her slender face. It is amazing how talented she is at such a young age.

Tomi Lahren
Beautiful Tomi Lahren. (Source-Internet)

Yes, this brilliant lady is just 31 years old at the moment. Tomi was born on August 11, 1992, under the star sign of Leo.

And from what we know, this personality is known for being a competitive, passionate, and good leader. As of now, Tomi ticks all the boxes.

Is Tomi Lahren married? Personal Life and Husband

Unlike her other career ventures, Tomi is very secretive when it comes to her personal life. Therefore, In a way, this dazzling diva has not shared much about her dating life.

vis a vis the funny thing about being a celebrity is that your life is pretty much under the radar of the public eye.

Likewise, it is reported that the young commentator is in a relationship at the moment. Lahren is dating Kevin Martin and has also confirmed their relationship via her Snapchat post.

Despite being happy, this is not her first relationship. In fact, before this, Lahren was in a relationship with Chase McNary.

While dating, the two lovebirds were a hot item and could be seen attending many events together. Also, they were active on social media as well.

Not to mention, Tomi was also rumored to be dating Jay Cutler as they were often seen out together.

However, both Jay and Tomi responded to the rumors and confirmed that they were just friends. 

Tomi Lahren calls off her engagement

Often in the limelight for her controversial comments, Tomi Lahren called off her engagement with her fiance Brandon Fricke.

Apparently, Tomi has her $ 50,000-worth diamond ring back after the news. Tomi, 28, and Frick, 30, announced their engagement back in June of last year.

Tomi Lahren fiance and engagement
Tomi Lahren and Brandon Fricke broke their engagement. (Source-Internet)

As expected, Tomi showed off her diamond pear-shaped engagement ring on her social media.

Hence, one can expect a surprise when the two announced their breakup. According to Lahren’s close friends, she was not ready to settle down just yet.

“Tomi felt she wasn’t ready to settle down and made her feelings known. They still talk to each other all the time and support each other’s careers. There are no hard feelings, and I definitely hope to stay friends.”

Likewise, the couple has been dating for two-and-a-half years and parted ways after making a mutual decision.

But they have decided to remain friends as both of them are pro-Trump supporters.

Tomi Lahren’s Political Views

The talented political commentator, Lahren, describes herself as a “constitutional conservative.”

More of a commentator than a journalist, she believes her shows are all about commentary and making the news.

Aside from that, Tomi is mostly on the news for her strong opinion as well. Likewise, Lahren describes herself as an “anti-feminist who admires strong women.

In addition to that, in March 2017, she announced herself as a pro-abortion right, which sparked a backlash from numerous anti-abortion writers.

The reason behind it was that previously Lahren claimed to be anti-abortion, as stated by TheBlaze owner Glenn Beck.

After that, Lahren told Playboy that she had always supported abortion rights as a national law despite being personally against it.

Moving on, Lahren supports same-sex marriage and supports Supreme Court Justice Neil Gorsuch’s vote and others so that businesses cannot fire people just because of their sexuality. Tomi states,

“You can be Christian, conservative, and a proud Trump supporter and believe people should not be fired for who they love. Conservative doesn’t come in one flavor, one race, one religion, one gender, or one sexuality…and I won’t sit by quietly and allow certain self-righteous and self-appointed and anointed conservative thought policemen make that decree.”

However, Tomi’s thoughts and commentaries do not really come as supportive. Most of the critics describe her commentaries as racist or race-baiting.

Tomi Lahren | Professional Career

A graduate of the University of Nevada, Lahren actively hosted and produced the political roundtable show The Scramble.

meanwhile, upon her graduation, Lahren interned for Republican then-congresswoman Kristi Noem from South Dakota.

Tomi then applied for an internship at One America News Network(OANN). Rather than political commentary, she was offered to be a host of her own show.

Not missing a chance, Tomi relocated to San Diego, California, and began hosting her own show at OANN titled On Point with Tomi Lahren.

Likewise, in July 2015, the comment she made on the 2015 Chattanooga shootings gained a lot of media attention.

Then on August 19, she announced her last show with OANN and started a new show with TheBlaze in November 2015.

Along with that, she added her program with a segment called final thoughts, which became a hit.

In this segment, Lahren spoke very fast, and quickly it became viral on social media and was termed as “screeds” and “rants.”

Then in January 2016, Lahren endorsed Marco Rubio for president in the Republican Party presidential primary.

That same year on November 30, Tomi appeared on The Daily Show with Trevor Noah for a 26-minute interview.

Her appearance was compared to former host Jon Stewart’s friendly rivalry with Bill O’Reilly. However, that was not the only guest appearance she made.

Later on March 17, 2017, Tomi appeared on the show called ‘The View,’ where she stated that women should have access to abortion.

Added to that, Tomi also claimed she would be a hypocrite to support both “limited government and also government restrictions on abortion.

As expected, TheBlaze’s owner Glenn Beck, an anti-abortion, criticized Lahren for her comments and even suspended her with pay.

As a result, Lahren filed a wrongful termination suit, which was settled under an agreement, but every video she made with The Blaze was removed from her Facebook page.

Similarly, that year in May, Tomi began working in communications at Great America Alliance.

It was an offshoot of Great America PAC, a large pro-Donald Trump super PAC that Newt Gingrich and Rudy Giuliani chaired.

During her time there, Lahren described her role as a “side gig” and claimed to return to television as a commentator again. Finally, Tomi joined Fox News as a contributor.

How much does Tomi Lahren make in a year? Net Worth and Income Estimation

Famous as a conservative political commentator and television host, Tomi has accumulated a $3 million net worth.

Thanks to her contribution and zeal as a professional, she has made quite an improvement, considering how young she really is.

Not to mention, along with her net worth, young Tomi earns an annual salary of $500 thousand. She gets all this amount from her success as a political commentator.

Added to that, Lahren previously used to work as a television host and gained fame for her short video segments called “final thoughts.”

But to this date, Tomi has not revealed much when it comes to her assets and income from the profession. We will make sure to update you on this as soon as we get some additional information.

Social Media Presence:

Instagram–  1.9 million Followers

Twitter–  2 million Followers

Some FAQs:

Did Tomi Lahren really kick her dog?

Tomi Lahren said in an Instagram story that she kicked her dog Kota “five times” because it was bothering her during an appearance on “Fox & Friends.

She posted an Instagram story with her dog, Kota, saying,

“Why don’t you tell the world what you were doing during my entire “Fox & Friends” hit.”  Oh, I know, chewing on her damn bone as loud as she possibly could. So I had to kick her about five times during the show.”

After seeing that story, many people criticized Lahren. Later, Lahren told in an interview with TMZ saying that people were just overreacting, and she did not actually kick her dog.

Likewise, she also added that all her comments were just a joke.

What happened with Tomi Lahren in the Minneapolis restaurant?

Tomi Lahren was having brunch with her parents at Union Bar & Restaurant rooftop dining area restaurant in Minneapolis.

After brunch, when she was leaving the restaurant, a customer seated at the bar tossed water from a glass at Lahren.

What’s more, a few patrons also started heckling her, shouting “racist-ass bitch“, “why you even out here?”

Lastly, Tomi mentioned the incident in her interview on FOX News, saying that it was an embarrassing moment for her and her family. 

Likewise, Lahren also added that at the end of the day, she is a person too, and she does get humiliated and embarrassed just like anyone else. 

What did Tomi Lahren say on Derek Chauvin’s verdict?

Tomi Lahren said that she didn’t really care about the results of the Derek Chauvin trial in the murder of George Floyd. Tomi used Twitter to provide her casual response to the verdict tweeting,

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