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An American professional basketball player, Kevin Martin, owes a decent amount of net worth of $24 million.

The athlete is undoubtedly tall and famous for being the league’s better scorer having the strangest-looking jump shots.

In his entire NBA career, Kevin got a chance to play for five major teams and, in 2016, announced his retirement.

Starting from his tender age, Kevin was so much inspired by American Pro player Michael Jordan.

Kevin Martin
Kevin Martin

In all of Kevin’s NBA history, his most famous rivalry was with Jeff Stoughton, spanned for over 2 decades.

Besides performing on the court, Kevin has also served in the field of development work for sports.

Despite being a successful and remarkable player, Kevin loves to keep his personal life private as he is not available on social media accounts.

Quick Facts

Before getting to know more about the net worth of Kevin Martin, here are quick facts on his life.

Full Name Kevin Dallas Martin Jr.
Known as Kevin Martin
Nickname KD, K-Mart
Birth Date February 1, 1983
Birth Place Zanesville, Ohio, United States
Residence Zanesville, Ohio, United States
Religion Christian
Nationality American
Ethnicity White
Education Western Carolina
Horoscope Capricorn
Father’s Name Kevin Martin Sr.
Mother’s Name Marilyn Martin
Siblings 1 (Jonathon Martin)
Age 41 years old
Height 6’7″ (201 cm)
Weight 90 kg (199 lbs)
Eye Color Black
Hair Color Black
Body type Athletic
Profession Basketball Player
Marital Status Married
Spouse Jill Arnold (2011)
Children 1
Name of Children Anna Capri Martin
Beginning of Professional Career 2004
Retirement 2016
Sports team Sacramento Kings, Houston Rockets, Oklahoma City Thunder, Minnesota Timberwolves
Coach N/A
Honors N/A
Net Worth $24 million
Prize Money N/A
Social Media None
Spurs’ Merch  Jersey, Hat, Trading Card
Last Update June, 2024

Kevin Martin | Net Worth and Income

Investing more than a decade in an NBA career, Kevin definitely has earned a fruitful amount of net worth.

Earlier, he signed his first-ever NBA contract of five years in 2004; it was worth $13,380,776.

And in all of his 13 years of NBA career, his total earning is estimated to be $79,403,668.

Comparably, his highest earned salary was from Oklahoma City Thunder. There Kevin earned $12,439,675 just in one season.

Besides all of his earnings from playing several NBA clubs, he is also the Australian professional men’s basketball team owner. The team is for National Basketball League in Brisbane Bullet.

Similarly, Kevin Martin is also associated with a company brand that adds more value to his total net worth.

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Kevin Martin | House and Cars

The NBA star has a home that is a part of the Zanesville garden, and the garden was also a part of the tour by Beaux-Arts Club.

There were also paintings in the garden for guests to come as part of the fourth annual. At the same time, it was painted by Martin’s own brother-in-law.

For more addition in the garden, Merin further made it a weatherproof surface with an NBA logo and his jersey number, 23.

As the house is a nearby garden, the pool is circled with cherry trees, blackberries, and drawf fountain grasses.

Thus, further personal details of Kevin are kept in privacy, so reportedly his luxury life all are in privacy.

Kevin Martin | Lifestyle and Vacation


During his tender age, Kevin grew up with his brother staying in the same tiny three-bedroom house. Also, both of my brothers worked in construction and landscaping on weekends.

Besides basketball, Kevin is also involved in sports like baseball and football. For so reason, K-Mart knows the true importance of financial statements earns from his true labor.

Just as NBA stars are fascinated with flashy properties, this young player Kevin always stays on his way even into any conversation.

Despite wearing stylish, trendy clothes, Kevin only wears diamond stud earrings in the name of style.

Considering Martin’s represent himself as a poster child with his soft-spoken and polite body language.

Unlike other players, Kevin has not even inked his body as he did not insist on having any creative design over his wafer-thin biceps.

Currently, Kevin is married to his long-time girlfriend with his kids too.

Besides enjoying luxury, Kevin Martin is also into speech and public speaking with a fee that sums up more for his net worth.


Subsequently, going through the life of Kevin Martin, he does not seem to invest much of his net worth into vacation.

Before anything, the former NBA star keeps his personal life in privacy, and even during his honeymoon phase, Kevin came up with improvements offensively. 

Similarly, Kevin worked on improvement that could be made in court rather than have a vacation and post it on social media accounts.

But the matter of fact is he also spends quality time with his lovely family during his off days.

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Kevin Martin | Charity

There’s a foundation with the name of Kevin Martin Youth Foundation. The foundation is headquartered in St. Petersburg, Florida. 

Meanwhile, it has a positive impact on the lives of children as it carries the mission to support children’s sports and youth organizations.

Back in 2018, Kevin Martin and his foundation also took 100 children on a holiday shopping trip.

Kevin Martin for charity shopping
Kevin Martin for charity shopping

Besides charity learning compassion, Kevin also joins his mother’s nursing homes on weekends to help people in need and take needy people shopping on occasions like Christmas.

For encouraging people like Martin, his net worth means not so much but a path to give back to the community from where he came from.

Likewise, his works might not be charitable all the time, but Kevin Martin is one of the well-socialize players who separates and makes time for supporting others.

Additionally, the donation for the foundation is tax-deductible. Similarly, the foundation especially focuses on Leisure, Athletic category, sports, and recreation.

Kevin Martin | Endorsement and Investment

Besides all, Kevin has invested in his own basketball camp, which was recently organized for Zanesville Middle School.

Meanwhile, the camp was for boys and girls between two age groups from 7 to 14.

Since 2019, K-Mart is leading a new ownership group of the Hungry Jack’s National Basketball League team, the Brisbane Bullets.

He is also a Managing Partner, including residential and commercial real investment in Miami and Tampa.

Kevin Martin | Career

Before anything, Kevin started to play on the court since his junior year at Western Carolina.

Sacramento Kings

Including the draft by the scout in the first round, Martin got to enter in the 2004 NBA Draft.

Begining from Sacramento Kings, Kevin got select in the first round played with a position of a backup point. And later transitioned to a shooting guard position. 

With more and more improvements, the Kings head coach made him play in the starting lineup. For so reason, he scored an average of 20.2 points, 2.2 assists, and 4.3 rebounds.

Move to Sacramento

Just after the King’s contract of guard expired during the offseason period, Sacramento signed him with $55 million in 2007.

Kevin was back again to the bench as a backup guard with the changes in position in the club. Though embracing the position and role, Kevin was the 6th man with 23.7 points per game.

Subsequently having consequences with Sacramento, he was traded to Houston Rockets.

Accordingly, from the year 2010, Kevin played for Houston with the position of shooting guard. Unfortunately, he had a very poor debut with 14 points shooting 3-16 from the field.

Later, Kevin redeemed with 39 points in his first game, and by the end of the season, he had an average of 23.5 points per game.

Afterward, the player had to suffer from a shoulder injury. In fact, he had to miss the remainder of the season because of it. 

Oklahoma City Thunder

Likewise, for the year 2012, Kevin again got traded to the Thunders. As per requirements in Thunders to add depth in their bench lineup, Kevin brought nice firepower for the second lineup.

Indeed, the Thunder lost to the Memphis Grizzlies in the 2012-2013 Western Conference Semifinals. 

Hence, Kevin did not receive to have any deals with the Thunders.

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Recurring Injuries & Retirement 

However, in 2013, the player agreed to have a contract worth $28 million with the Minnesota Timberwolves.

Simultaneously, Kevin became a valuable player in the team, ranking as one of the leading scorers in the team.

But again, he had to undergo surgery cause there was a fracture in his right wrist. As a result, he had to miss the entire season and eventually had to ook leave the Timberwolves in a buyout agreement.

Afterward, in 2016, Kevin had a year deal with the spurs. Meanwhile, the club added him to increase their defensive firepower off the bench.

As per need, he delivered all of his best and became a reliable offensive option for the club.

He maintains fans’ expectations during this, but the team’s playoff run ended during the Western Conference semi-finals against Oklahoma City Thunder.

At the end of November 2016, Kevin Martin announced his retirement from his basketball career.

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Kevin Martin | Awards and Achievements

  • One-time SoCon All-Freshman Team- 2002
  • One-time second-team All-SoCon- 2002
  • Two-time first-team All-SoCon- 2003-2004
  • Runner up for NBA Most Improved Player Award- 2007
  • Hall of Famer for the Zanesville High School and Western Carolina University
  • The fourth all-time leading scorer in Western Caroline’s basketball history.


  • “If you’re going to do something in your life, do it 100%. Don’t question it; just go after it. If you don’t believe in it or you’re not honest with yourself, it’s not going to work, and that’s just something that I learned over the years.” 
  • “They took one from us last time, so now we took one from them.” 
  • “People think about, when you sell a million records, “Oh, you must be buying Ferrari’s and living in mansions.”It was never really like that.”


Who is Kevin Martin married to?

Kevin Martin was married to his long-time girlfriend, Jill Arnolf. They tied the knot in 2011. 

What happened to Kevin Martin?

An NBA player Kevin Martin announced his retirement back in 2016 that was advertised in his hometown newspaper.

What are Kevin Martin’s social media accounts?

Maintaining privacy in life, Kevin Martin is currently unavailable with social media accounts.

What is Kevin Martin currently doing?

Just after the retirement announcement, Kevin Martin returned to his hometown Zanesville. There he is busy organizing and supporting basketball teams, especially with the children’s team.

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