Top 10 Unique Monopoly Editions You Can Buy

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Finding perfect monopoly editions might get tricky when taking a break to spend time with your loved ones. Worry not; we will make it quicker for you!

Monopoly is a multi-player economics-themed board game. It is one of the most general games among young kids and adults alike. Thus, everyone has their own favorite monopoly game.

While the original version of monopoly will always be a classic favorite, there are many kinds of monopoly you can get. Similarly, there are special editions and themed board games.

Monopoly board game
Monopoly board game (Source: Amazon)

Often having too many options can be confusing, and if you are thinking of a new monopoly board game, we got your back.

Here we have gathered a list of some of the top unique monopoly editions. These games have many new features and exciting gameplay to entertain you and your whole family for a game night.

Well, then, let us look at the top 10 unique monopoly editions without any more delay!

Top 10 Monopoly Editions You Can Buy 

We have compiled the list with help from internet sources like Insider and BrilliantMaps. But before getting into the details, let us look at the overall preview at the table first.

Game Players
10. Monopoly: Pokemon Kanto Edition 6
9. Mega Edition 2-8
8. Monopoly Game (80th Anniversary) Not Specified
7. Monopoly Junior Board Game 4
6. Monopoly Empire Game 4
5. Monopoly Game: Cheaters Edition Board Game 3-6
4. Monopoly Legend of Zelda Collectors Edition Board Game Not Specified
3. Monopoly National Parks Edition Board Game 2-6
2. Monopoly Game: Ultimate Banking Edition Board Game 6
1. Friends Monopoly 6


10. Monopoly: Pokemon Kanto Edition

  • L x W x H: 15.75 x 10.5 x 2 inches

The first unique monopoly edition on our number 10 is Monopoly: Pokemon Kanto Edition. If you are a fan of pokemon and love monopoly games, this board gives you the best two worlds.

In this board game, you will travel through all eight gyms and battle different kinds of Pokemon. Similarly, you can also buy, sell, and trade with other Pokemon trainers to get the powerful Pokemon team.

Monopoly: Pokemon Kanto Edition
Monopoly: Pokemon Kanto Edition (Source: Amazon)

This custom-designed game board comes with six metal tokens which feature Pikachu, Bulbasaur, Charmander, Squirtle, Eevee, and Jigglypuff. It is perfect for players from eight years and above.

It has sculpted Poke Marts and Pokemon Centers to replace the traditional Monopoly houses and hotels. Monopoly: Pokemon Kanto Edition is a fun collectible board game for Pokemon ad monopoly fans.

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9. Mega Edition

  • L x W x H: 15.91 x 13.86 x 2.36 inches

On number 9 of the top monopoly editions, we have the Mega Edition. It is a fast-dealing property trading game recommended for eight years and above.

The Mega Edition features the same classic board and includes nine new properties with seven new states. Similarly, the board is 50% larger than most boards. You can play the game in just an hour and a half.

Mega Edition
Mega Edition (Source: Amazon)

The board game comes with a quad-fold gameboard, 32 houses, 12 hotels, eight skyscrapers, four depots, ten tokens, 37 title deeds, 16 chance and community chest cards, 16 bus tickets, two dice, and one speed dies new $1000 bills, tray, and instructions.

8. Monopoly Game (80th Anniversary)

  • L x W x H: 15.75 x 10.51 x 2.01 inches

Monopoly Game (80th Anniversary) is an anniversary version of the classic monopoly board game. The board game features tokens from the 1930s to the 2000s.

The board game is made using safe materials and is suitable for children of all ages. The game has the same classic fast-dealing property trading game, but a throwback feels and a retro look.

Similarly, the Monopoly Game (80th Anniversary) game comes with tokens with the brand symbol. They have an antique-like finish to them. The players still need to build houses and hotels and see if they can bankrupt the other players.

Monopoly Game (80th Anniversary)
Monopoly Game (80th Anniversary) (Source: Amazon)

The players better keep an eye on their money as there is no knowing when the dice can land them in massive debt. They need to buy, sell and negotiate to win the game.

Monopoly Game (80th Anniversary) comes with a gameboard, eight tokens, 28 title deed cards, 16 chance cards, 16 community chest cards, 32 wooden houses, 12 wooden hotels, two dice, a money pack, and a game guide.

7. Monopoly Junior Board Game

  • L x W x H: 13.11 x 10.51 x 1.89 inches

If you are looking for a monopoly game ideal for younger kids and adults alike, then the Monopoly Junior Board Game is perfect. This board game is a blend of nostalgic tabletop and interactive digital content.

The Monopoly Junior Board Game has fun and kid-friendly properties, including a pet store, a candy store, and a video game arcade. Similarly, the board game has fast and simple gameplay.

It has easy rules for using single dollar bills for simple and fast transactions. The players can choose their favorite Junior token and learn how to pass Go, buy properties, and collect rent.

Monopoly Junior Board Game
Monopoly Junior Board Game (Source: Amazon)

The board game comes with a gameboard, four tokens, 20 chance cards, 48 sold signs, 90 banknotes, four character cards, and one die. Young kids will love these incredible properties, making others pay rent and trying to own it all.

Monopoly Junior Board Game has distinctive elements and playing pieces that are trademarks of Hasbro for its property trading game and game equipment. The board game is simple and full of surprises.

6. Monopoly Empire Game

  • L x W x H: 15.75 x 10.51 x 1.97 inches

We have the Monopoly Empire Game on number 6 of the top monopoly editions. The board game is ideal for fun and fun gameplay.

In this game, the players can own the world’s top brands. They can choose from one of the uniquely branded tokens, and then they can move around the board and start building their empires.

Monopoly Empire Game is a race to the top where players buy their favorite brands to fill their towers. Similarly, the players can purchase and own famous brands like Nerf, Transformers, Levi’s, etc.

Monopoly Empire Game
Monopoly Empire Game (Source: Amazon)

Opponent players can collect rent from their rivals. Higher the tower, they can charge more rent. The first player to fill their building with billboards wins the game.

The game comes with a gameboard, four towers, six tokens, 30 billboard titles, six official titles, 14 chance cards, 14 empire cards, a money pack, two dice, and a game guide.

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5. Monopoly Game: Cheaters Edition Board Game

  • L x W x H: 15.75 x 10.5 x 1.63 inches

The Monopoly Game: Cheaters Edition Board Game is a version of a monopoly game where cheating is welcomed and something that players must do. The players can get away with as many cheats as they can get.

Not only is it free to cheat, but the players are rewarded for completing a cheat. In case the players fail to cheat, the players are penalized. The cheat cards encourage players to cheat and which cheat to attempt.

Monopoly Game: Cheaters Edition Board Game
Monopoly Game: Cheaters Edition Board Game (Source: Amazon)

Similarly, the suggestions on the board, cards, and rules encourage cheating to own it all. The player might have to try to steal money from an opponent, skip out on rent, collect extra money when passing Go, and other sly swindles.

The player with the most money in the game is the winner. Monopoly Game: Cheaters Edition Board Game further makes the game interesting with a plastic handcuff unit that “chains” cheating players to Jail space.

4. Monopoly Legend of Zelda Collectors Edition Board Game

  • L x W x H: 1.97 x 15.75 x 10.51 inches

On number 4, we have the collector’s edition of monopoly, Monopoly Legend of Zelda Collectors Edition Board Game. This collector’s edition is perfect for Legend of Zelda fans all eight years and above.

The board game has a faster gameplay option with 60 minutes speed play rules. Players can choose from six collectible tokens: Hylian Shield, Triforce, slingshot, Boomerang, hook shot, or bow.

Monopoly Legend of Zelda Collectors Edition Board Game
Monopoly Legend of Zelda Collectors Edition Board Game (Source: Amazon)

The players travel the land of Hyrule and beyond. While traveling, they need to buy, sell, and trade their way to the Triforce and set on a quest to own it all. Similarly, the game features famous locations in the legend of Zelda.

The Deke sprouts and Seke trees replace the houses and hotels. Monopoly Legend of Zelda Collectors Edition Board Game has distinctive elements and trademark playing pieces of Hasbro.

3. Monopoly National Parks Edition Board Game

  • L x W x H: 15.75 x 1.25 x 10.6 inches

We have made it to our top 3 top monopoly editions, and on our number 3, we have the Monopoly National Parks Edition Board Game. It is traditional monopoly gameplay with 60-minute speed play options.

The board game features over 60 of America’s most beautiful and historic sites. From the stunning landscape of the Grand Canyon to the wonders of Yellowstone.

Monopoly National Parks Edition Board Game
Monopoly National Parks Edition Board Game (Source: Amazon)

Similarly, it also features animals who inhabit the national parks. The board game includes an educational game matching animals to the park they inhabit. The players will have to buy, sell, and trade the diversity of these parks.

Monopoly National Parks Edition Board Game has a stunningly beautiful gameboard. Likewise, it includes six custom tokens: ranger hat, tent, canoe, bison, hiking boot, and camera.

2. Monopoly Game: Ultimate Banking Edition Board Game

  • L x W x H: 15.75 x 10.51 x 1.97 inches

On number 2, we have the Monopoly Game: Ultimate Banking Edition Board Game. The board game is the modern banking version of the monopoly game in which there is no monopoly money.

The board game features an Ultimate Banking unit with touch technology. Players can instantly buy properties, set rent, and tap their way to fortune. Similarly, the board game also introduces event cards and location spaces.

Monopoly Game: Ultimate Banking Edition Board Game
Monopoly Game: Ultimate Banking Edition Board Game (Source: Amazon)

It takes 30 minutes to complete the game. The rents can be raised or lowered during the game, and the player may earn or lose money. Similarly, the players can still be sent to jail and land on an event space.

The Monopoly Game: Ultimate Banking Edition Board Game is one of the unique board games you can get on the market. It has a gameboard, one ultimate banking unit, four plastic tokens, 22 houses, 49 cards, two dice, and a game guide.

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1. Friends Monopoly

  • L x W x H: 15.83 x 10.71 x 2.13 inches

Our number 1 pick for the top unique monopoly editions goes to the Friends Monopoly. The beloved TV sitcom Friends has made its way to your tabletop as a monopoly board game.

By choosing one of the exclusive tokens, players can play as Ross, Rachel, Phoebe, Monica, Joey, or Chandler. Each player will start the game with 1500 monopoly dollars and rolls two dices. The highest roller gets the first turn.

As you progress through the game, you will discover the best moments from the sitcom. This board game has all the moments from Holiday Armadillo to Giant Poking Device and Monica and Chandler’s unforgettable wedding.

Friends Monopoly
Friends Monopoly (Source: Amazon)

The monopoly dollar is custom-made with a Friends Tv series twist. The players have to trade, buy, or sell with other players. Similarly, the players can also invest in Central Perk sofas and coffee mugs and change your way to success.

Friends Monopoly is an excellent set of board games for an entertaining game night. This fast-dealing property trading game will undoubtedly provide fun for the whole family.


Monopoly is a great way to spend your game night with friends and families. You can break from technologies and smartphones and enjoy the old, classic monopoly games on your game night.

Because these board games are entertaining, they have stood the test of time and still are favorites of the masses. These board games are worth the money with a modern blend and newly added features.

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