5 Top NFL Trades of This Season So Far

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Trades are pretty common these days. However, some trades steal the show every year. Hence, we have come up with such top NFL trades of 2024.

Trades might be a business or an opportunistic move. Nevertheless, it never fails to create a mixed feeling of happiness and sadness through the league and its fans.

Therefore, during the offseason, all the spotlights are on the team’s general manager for making a tough decision to better their roster.

top nfl trades
Matthew Stafford during his time with the Lions. (Source: Wikimedia.org)

Some teams give too much and get less in the process, whereas some give less and gain more.

Hence, with the offseason and trade deadline concluding, we have ranked five top NFL trade of 2024 season so far. Thus without further due, let’s dive right into knowing the top NFL trades for this season.

5 Top NFL Trades of 2024 Season So Far

The top NFL trades mentioned below are assembled based on its roster talent, star power, and media noise which the trade created. 

Most of them are compiled with reference to Nfl.com, Bleacherreport.com, Espn.com, Sportskeeda.com.

Before jumping into the details about the top NFL trades, let us quickly view the names present in the list.

Player Name
Traded From
Traded To
5. Michael Brockers Los Angeles Rams Detroit Lions
4. Sam Darnold New York Jets Carolina Panthers
3. Carson Wentz Philadelphia Eagles Indianapolis Colts
2. Julio Jones Atlanta Falcons Tennessee Titans
1. Matthew Stafford Detroit Lions Los Angeles Rams

5. Michael Brockers

Hats off to Detroit for pulling such a fantastic trade. Michael is a tremendous defensive end who helped the Rams for nine years and is ready to do so with the Lions.

The defensive end of the Rams was the 14th overall pick in the first round of the 2012 NFL Draft. Apparently, Brockers was the first defensive end drafted that night.

Michael was having a great season with the Rams, but his efforts were overshadowed by the presence of Aaron Donald in that same defensive line.

A synergy between the two could create a near-perfect iron wall, but a primarily defensive role can only be fulfilled by one.

And if you watch NFL, then you very well know why Donald is the Los Angeles Rams’ preference in the defensive end.

Hence, even though he registered 395 total tackles, 62 quarterback hits, 48 tackles in 138 career games, the league still unrecognized his potential.

Nonetheless, with the Detroit Lions, the defensive end can genuinely flourish and get the recognition that he always deserved.

Further, he will be a veteran leader for the young Detroits team who were struggling to stop rushing yards throughout the previous season.

Not to mention, the Lions were allowing the fifth-most rushing yards in the league last year. Therefore, with a promising run-stuffer in the middle, they are set to improve their record.

Overall, this was an excellent trade for the Lions as they just had to give up a 2023 seventh-round pick to get a player of his caliber.

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4. Sam Darnold

Sam Darnold was having an awful season with the New York Jets. As the third overall pick in the first round of the 2018 draft, fans presumed Darnold to be great for the Jets.

However, it was not the case as he struggled to deliver his best shot for the team. Obviously, it was not his fault as he arrived in a dysfunctional and unstable team.

In the past three years, the Jets have fired two head coaches and one general manager. Hence, the coaching was also substandard as nothing was working for the team.

In addition to some injury, the quarterback could never get his engine started. Nevertheless, to judge a player based on three years seems unreasonable.

Especially for a lottery pick, this is quite unusual as such players are only traded instead of blockbuster players, not for some draft picks.

Regardless, the chemistry was never there between Darnold and the Jets, which resulted in his trade with the Panthers.

Top NFL trades
Quarterback Sam Darnold with the New York Jets. (Source: Wikimedia.org)

However, it is a good decision for both to have a fresh start. In addition, this is a proving period for the quarterback. Darnold is not alone as he will have help from D.J. Moore and Christian McCaffrey.

All in all, this was an expected and an excellent trade for the Carolina Panthers as they gave second and fourth-rounder in 2022 and sixth-rounder for this year.

Statistically, the Panthers look great with the addition of a quarterback with a career completion percentage of under 60 percent.

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3. Carson Wentz

The trade between the Philadelphia Eagles and Indianapolis Colts featuring Carson Wentz seems a win-win situation for all the parties.

Wentz had one of the worst careers years with the Eagles. In addition, with the leaks spreading from the Eagles locker room criticizing the quarterback, things got worst.

Thus, there was no reason for the quarterback to stay with the team. It was a mutual understanding between the two to part ways.

Despite him being a top quarterback in the league, his abilities were the wrong piece of the puzzle for the Eagles.

Of course, the Eagles won the Super Bowl LII against the New England Patriots with Wentz, but that was a different team and time.

As a result, the Eagles made an excellent decision to trade him for a 2021 third-round draft pick including a conditional 2022 second-round pick.

Further, the trump card in the trade is the conditional pick which can also become a first-round pick if Wentz can remain healthy and have a productive year.

Since the quarterback is suffering from an injury currently there is a thin chance of that happening.

It goes without a doubt that if Carson fails to revive his season with the new team, then he would definitely be looked down upon.

Nonetheless, with Wentz reuniting with his former Eagles offensive coordinator Frank Reich with whom he had the best career outcome, that might not be the case.

Furthermore, Reich is delighted with the trade and looks forward to making the Colts into a contender team.

2. Julio Jones

In the list of top NFL trades, the trade of Julio Jones is the one shaped by the damage done by the pandemic to the league.

With the short pandemic season alongside no fans on the arena, the cap of most teams went drastically down.

As a result, many teams saw the option of trading their highest-paid player as the best decision.

Hence, the Atlanta Falcons traded their seven-time Pro Bowl wide receiver for a 2022 second-round pick and a 2023 fourth-round pick to the Titans.

The trade looks worst for the Falcons as they gave up the league’s best receiver for second and fourth-round picks.

NFL’s best receiver Julio Jones. (Source: Wikimedia.org)

However, keeping Atlanta’s motive in the light of decreasing their cap space, the decision doesn’t look bad.

Else they would have to pay Jones $15.3 million in salary. Hence, this gives the Falcons an excellent cap space to manage their roster.

Of course, they could have got a first-round pick for a Jones-like caliber player, but other teams didn’t budge much for such an offer.

Now for the Tennessee Titans, the trade is an A-grade trade. First, they got a star receiver, and second, they didn’t have to give much for him.

Some might argue that Jones is quite old, and his time will soon phase out. Nonetheless, his veteran leadership is also equally crucial for the team’s success.

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1. Matthew Stafford

Both NFL teams, Detroit Lions and the Los Angeles Rams were very busy doing heavy deals with each other. So first, the Rams send their player to Lions, and now vice versa.

Matthew spent his entire career trying to chase for the Super Bowl with the Lions. Detroit drafted him first overall pick on the 2009 NFL draft.

Since then, he has been with the Lions, where he has created a legacy. Stafford has been with the team for 21 years and was the team’s culture right from the beginning.

However, everything must come to an end. As a result, the quarterback and the Lions mutually decide to part ways.

The primary reason for such a decision was the new general manager and head coach, who had a different vision for the team.

In addition, the Lions got first-round draft picks in 2022 and 2023, a third-round pick in 2021, and quarterback Jared Goff for Stafford.

In analytics terms, the Rams went a bit overboard for 36-year-old quarterback. Nonetheless, fans worldwide feel that Stafford is worth the offer. For instance, he is the fastest player to reach 20,000, 30,000, 40,000, and 45,000 career passing yards.

Plus, he is the perfect fit for commanding the Rams’ already solid offense. Not to mention, the quarterback might also get his first Super Bowl ring.

Indeed, the Rams have taken a risk by trading for Matthew, as they will go seven consecutive seasons without making a first-round pick.

Nevertheless, they are happy and optimistic about their decision and are early looking to create a much explosive offense.

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Every NFL team wants to make their roster better or decrease their cap space. As a result, teams trade for players every season.

While most traders seem minor, some traders really shock the fans to their core. Those traders instantly make an underdog team into a contender.

Therefore, the trades mentioned above have left the league and its fans in awe. No doubt, they are the top NFL trades for 2024.

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