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Are you a die-hard fan of Kayaking? Or did you accidentally stumble upon this article?

Whatever it is, make sure to stay and read till the end because Tyler Bradt is sure to catch your attention. Or even maybe make you dive deeper into the world of Kayaks. 

Tyler is that figure in the world of Kayaks who is looked upon by many. Starting at the young age of 6, Tyler began his Kayaking journey, and the rest has now become history. 

Tyler Bradt (Source: Instagram)
Tyler Bradt (Source: Instagram)

So, who is Tyler Bradt, and what is his passion for Kayaking like? Follow us through, and by the end of this article, you will have known about one of the best Kayakers alive. 

Before getting into details, here are some quick facts about Tyler. 

Quick Facts

Full Name Tyler Bradt
Nick Name Tyler
Birth Date June 2, 1986
Birth Place Stevensville, Montana, USA
Residence Missoula, Montana, USA
Nationality American
Education Not Available
Hobbies Adventurous sports, Travel
Tattoos None
  • 5th Best line of the Year (2009)
  • Drop of the Year (2009)
  • Rider of the year (2009)
  • Outside Adventurer of the Year (2012)
Zodiac Sign Gemini
Father’s Name Bill Bradt
Mother’s Name Jane Ross
Siblings Unknown
Age 37 years old
Hair Color Blonde
Eye Color Blue
Profession Professional Whitewater Kayaker
Marital Status Single
Wife/Spouse Not Available
Siblings Jody Bradt
Social Media FacebookInstagram
Net Worth $3 million
Merch Trading Card
Last Update March 2024

Tyler Bradt: Early Life 

The famous whitewater Kayaker was born on June 2, 1986. His mother’s name is Jane Ross, whereas his father’s name is Bill Bradt. 

Tyler is a total family boy. He shares a very intimate relationship with his parents and spends a lot of time with them.

Tyler was always scared of losing him early growing up with an older father. So, Bradt has always been aware that his time with his father is precious, and he enjoys every bit of it.

Earlier, he used to go out with his dad for Kayaking. In fact, it was his father who motivated him to kayak.

Tyler Bradt and his father
Tyler Bradt with his father in the Salmon River (Source: Instagram)

Bill says that Kayaking is the fountain of youth. When you’re out to Kayak, you never think at all of your age. You are just there feeling young and enjoying what you’re doing. 

Both the father and the son love to spend time in nature and enjoy the serenity of nature. Tyler often also goes out with his dad for fishing and sailing. 

Likewise, Tyler is also very close to his mother. When Tyler was a young boy, his mother looked after him and his brother, Joey Bradt. 

Tyler shared that his mother cut his hair until he was 18 years old. Jane shared that Tyler has loved Kayaking ever since he was a young boy.

During school, at home, or any other place, Kayaking was all that Tyler thought about. 

Tyler’s First Time in the River

One of the first times when Tyler was out in the river was on his purple Topolino. It was the summer of 1992. At that time, the young Tyler, who was only 6 years old, had no idea how his life would unfold.

As a child who, for the first time, stepped in the river with the Topolino, filled with fear and excitement, he probably had not even thought that he would someday go to Palouse Falls. 

Tyler Bradt Purple Topolino
Young Tyler kayaking in his purple Topolino (Source: Instagram)

The Purple Topolino was gifted to Tyler by his father. The Topolino holds many of Tyler’s childhood memories. 

Tyler Bradt: Age and Body Measurements 

Bradt is 37 years old. He was born in the Tiger year, according to the Chinese calendar. 

The exact measurements of the height and weight of the kayaker are still under review. We will update the facts about the kayaker as soon as possible.

Further, the zodiac sign of Tyler Bradt is Gemini. The Gemini people are known to be very extroverted and ready for anything that is new and exciting. Tyler is no different.

Tyler Bradt: Personality

He lives for the thrill and constantly looks to unravel some exciting adventure. Bradt is someone who is always up for a good challenge.

Bradt says to enjoy life, one needs to always ‘Dream Big.’ Having the courage to dream big is the first thing he says to anyone who wants to enjoy life like him. 

The next thing that Bradt says is to ‘Never Quit!’ Things can get tough and challenging at times. However, quitting should never be an option.

That is because sometimes people are so close to achieving their goals and end up quitting at the last instance. 

The last thing that Tyler says is, ‘Think a little crazy.’ Bradt says that it is important to think outside the box and not be afraid of your thinking.

The Kayaker believes that even if the world considers it a little crazy if that is something that you want from within, it is worth pursuing. 

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Kayaking the Palouse Falls

Palouse Falls is a named waterfall on the Palouse River, located in Washington, United States. It is a 189-foot fall and is something that should not be messed with.

The Kayakers usually do not dare kayak in the Palouse, mindful of the consequences that it might result. 

However, in 2007, Tyler was always ready to seek discomfort and challenges, set to run kayak on the Palouse Falls.

Tyler Bradt is the only Kayaker ever to Kayak the massive Palouse Falls. He successfully kayaked the mesmerizing fall and holds the world record for running the waterfall. 

Tyler, kayaking the Palouse Falls drew huge media attention because the falls are even taller than the Niagra Falls. It is something that no ordinary person would dare to attempt.

The paddler says that Kayaking the Palouse falls was not something he just did and hoped for the best. It was a calculated effort.

Since he was 6 years old, he had been kayaking and had a lot of training and experience in Kayaking. Further, before trying out Palouse falls, Tyler specifically focused his attention on running the waterfalls. 

Who held the record before Tyler Bradt? 

Pedro Oliva, a Brazillian whitewater kayaker held the record before Tyler Bradt. In March 2007, at 26, he kayaked on the Salto Belo of the Rio Sacre.

Salto Bello is of a height of 127-foot. However, Tyler didn’t let Pedro keep the world record for long.

Just a month after the record, Tyler broke Pedro’s record by setting a higher record, i.e., a run from the 189-foot fall, Palouse falls. 

Why did Tyler Bradt choose Kayaking? 

When we look at the footage of Kayaking done by Tyler, it feels like Kayaking was made for him. It’s his thing, and he does it best. 

For instance, Tyler says that he remembers his old school days when he used to spend time dreaming about Kayaking in English class.

When the teacher used to be in front there teaching English, he would rather be thinking about what he would be doing instead, if he did not have to attend the class. 

Tyler Bradt Kayaking
Tyler Bradt Kayaking (Source: Instagram)

According to Tyler, he never chose Kayaking to holding world records.

“I actually never applied for a Guinness World Records ever. I would just randomly get the certificates for Guinness.”-Tyler Bradt.

Running waterfalls and Kayaking is where Tyler’s passion lies and it is something that he enjoys doing. The selection of his profession is not ego-driven and he thinks that is what has kept him safe throughout. 

For him, the river keeps people honest and keeps people in check. It never lets people get above themselves. 

Bradt often goes sailing with his father in the Salmon River. 

Tyler Bradt: Achievements

The satisfaction and happiness that the American Kayaker achieves after his every kayaking journey is no doubt the best achievement.

However, apart from the subjective achievements, there are also some other achievements that Tyler has received throughout his journey as a professional whitewater kayaker. 

In 2009, Bradt was the 5th Best line of the Year. Likewise, in the same year, he also held the title of Drop of the Year.

Additionally, in 2009 again, he has also pronounced the Rider of the year. Further, in 2012, Tyler got the recognition as the Outside Adventurer of the Year.

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Is the famous Kayaker also an actor? 

Tyler has been featured in various TV shows and documentaries. The shows and documentaries are related to Kayaking and paddling. 

Further, Tyler was also a part of Congo – the Grand Inga Project.

The Congo River’s Inga Rapids offer the pleasure of roaring mountains and the crushing water flowing at the velocity of 1.5 million feet per second.

In the project, a Stevensville native, Tyler, and three other Kayakers attempt to complete a 50-mile stretch of continuous whitewater known as the Inga Falls.

The path comprises whirlpools the size of football fields, canals that carry you to your doom, undercurrents, crocodiles, and a reputation for failed attempts of its challengers.

Apart from that, Tyler has appeared in several films, including Dream Result and Legend of the Falls.

Additionally, Bradt also starred in “Tyler Bradt in Norway” and featured in Frontier, Kayaking Uganda 2004: The White Nile, and Oil and Water.

Tyler Bradt: Net Worth

We can say that Tyler has had a remarkable life and career. Tyler chose a challenging path for himself.

Along with the satisfaction and other achievements, the path he chose has also provided him an opportunity to earn fortunes. 

At present, Tyler Bradt has a net worth of $3 million. The details of his earnings and other assets are still under review. 

However, we can say that he earns enough to live a life of luxury and be able to travel the world, following his passion. 

Tyler Bradt: Social Media

Tyler Bradt is a role model for those who want to pursue their career paddling. Also, many people follow him simply because of his undying passion for discovering nature and adventure. 

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He is admired widely for his courageous personality. He interacts with his fans and followers through his social media platform. 

The Whitewater Kayaker can be found on Facebook and Instagram. He has over 8k followers on his Facebook page as of 2022. Likewise, he has more than 18.7k followers on his Instagram page.

Tyler follows other Adventure lovers like Kalen Thorien, Nirmal Purja (aka, Nims Dai), and the 8 time Olympics Champion Jessica Fox. Further, he also follows the meme page @bad_whitewater_kayaking_memes

If you wish to learn more about the lifestyle and adventures of the whitewater kayaker, follow him on his social media pages. 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

On what day and date did Tyler take his kayak over Palouse Falls?

On April 21, 2009, Tyler took his Kayak over the 189-foot-tall Palouse Falls. Since then, he holds the world record for running from the highest height. 

The record was achieved only a month after Pedro Oliva set the record for running from the 127-foot-high Salto Bello. 

Besides Kayaking, what else is Tyler passionate about? 

Tyler loves exploring mother nature. Apart from Kayaking, he loves spending time on other adventures like paragliding, sailing, and so on. Further, he also loves traveling.

Bradt has been to Norway, Iceland, South Africa, Brazil, Columbia, Costa Rica, Mexico, Chile, Argentina, and many other countries. 


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