Tyler Myers Parents: Tonja Stelly And Paul Myers III- Related To Quentin Grimes?

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Tyler Myers parents, Tonja Stelly and Paul Myers III, have lived apart since Tyler was ten. The NHL player grew up with his father in Canada and has dual citizenship. 

After his parents divorced, Tyler moved to Canada with his father. With his father, Paul, Tyler started a new life in Calgary, where his father accepted a position at Pan-Canadian Energy. 

But he continued to share a strong bond with his mother, Tonja Stelly. Tonja has a son from another relationship, who is also an athlete and that too an NBA player, Quentin Grimes.

Tyler And Quentin Pictured After The Game Against Rangers At MSG
Tyler And Quentin Pictured After The Game Against Rangers At MSG (Source: Instagram)

The two sons of Tonja Stelly didn’t grow up together as they lived in different countries. But connected by their mother, the two athletes have been pictured together on various occasions. 

Recently, Tyler and Quentin’s blood relationship has again made headlines as their schedule aligned, and Tonja has made her trip from Texas to Manhattan to watch both her sons in action. 

Tonja’s trip started on a good note as she saw Tyler’s team defeat the Rangers at MSG. On Tuesday, she will be hoping that the Knicks will get the win against the Portland Trail Blazers.  

Tyler Myers Parents: Tonja Stelly And Paul Myers III

Tyler Myers parents, Tonja Stelly and Paul Myers III, divorced when he was ten. After the divorce, the NHL player stayed close to his father, Paul Myers III.

The Vancouver Canucks’ player was born in Katy, Texas, but also holds Canadian citizenship. He received Canadian citizenship in 2012 alongside his father, Paul, and step-mom, Susan. 

Tyler’s father, Paul Myers III, was raised in Hellertown, Pennsylvania. The defender might’ve been inspired by his father to pick up a hockey stick, as Paul is also a former hockey player. 

He played amateur hockey from 11 to 15 in various hockey teams in Allentown, Pennsylvania. When Paul was 18, he enrolled at Lehigh University and played four years of NCAA Division II Men’s Ice Hockey while completing his Geophysics degree. 

Tyler Pictured With His Dad And Grandad In 2022 Along With His Son
Tyler Pictured With His Dad And Grandad In 2022 Along With His Son (Source: Instagram)

Paul didn’t take the professional route and leaned towards a corporate life. After completing his bachelor’s degree, Paul completed his master’s in geophysics from the University of Kansas and later received his MBA from the University of Calgary.

Paul is considered a veteran in the oil and natural gas industry. In November of last year, he was elected the Chair of the Board of Directors of The Canadian Association of Petroleum Producers.

He previously served as the President and CEO of Canbriam Enegery, a position he held since 2008. Paul has kept himself out of the limelight and isn’t available on social media platforms. 

Previously, Tyler has shared a few photos with his dad on his Instagram handle. He shared a throwback picture with his dad in 2022, which was of them in 2014.

That same year, Tyler shared a photo of him holding his on his lap and sitting alongside his father and grandfather. 

Are Tyler Myers And Quentin Grimes Related?

The two athletes of different sports, Tyler Myers and Quentin Grimes, are indeed related. The two are connected by their mom, Tonja Stelly. 

After divorcing Paul, Tonja tied the knot with Quentin’s father, Marshall Grimes. Tonja lived in Houston, Texas, and continues to live there. 

She is a University of Kansas graduate and previously worked at Morgan Stanley. Tonja is available on Instagram and has previously shared several family photos. 

Recently, Tonja shared a photo of her with her two sons and their partners. 

Quentin Grimes Pictured With His Mother, Tonja Shelly
Quentin Grimes Pictured With His Mother, Tonja Shelly (Source: Instagram)

If Tyler was inspired by his father to become a hockey player, then the case is the same with Quentin. His father, Marshall Grimes, played with the Santa Clara Broncos for two seasons. 

Marshall never played in the NBA, but Quentin shared in an interview that he follows his father’s lessons. Quentin said his father tells him that he should treat practices like games.

In his interview with The Charlotte Observer, Quentin said Marshall is the best dad in the world. After completing his degree, Marshall dived into the financial industry. 

During their conversation, Marshall said there are parallels between his work and the art of shooting a basketball. Marshall has kept his distance from social media and has never been seen on his son’s Instagram handle. 

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