How Many Tattoo Does Tyrone Mings Have? Their Meaning And Design

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Tyrone Mings tattoo on his body depicts the struggles and hardships that the player had to endure during childhood.

The soccer player has many tattoos carved on his body. He considers his body to be a canvas that portrays the meaning of his life.

Mings plays for both the England national team and the Premier League club Aston Villa.

Tyrone Mings Tattoo
Tyrone Mings’s Showing off His Inks (Source: Daily Mail)

He began playing in the junior system at Southampton’s academy in 2001 and remained there until 2009 before moving on to Yate Town.

Prior to joining Aston Villa, he played for a number of clubs, including Chippenham Town, Ipswitch Town, and AFC Bournemouth.

As he made his debut in an England jersey against Bulgaria in a friendly match in October 2019, Mings earned his first call from the national squad of England in 2019.

How Many Tattoos Does Tyrone Mings Have? Their Meaning And Design

Tyrone Mings’s tattoos can be seen on many parts of his body. He considers that his tattoos give life to his story. 

One of the tattoos on the forearm is an eye, clock, and child in a swing. He considers it to be the mark of his experiences and struggles that he had to go through during his childhood.

The next tattoo is on the back of his thigh, which also has an eye with a red lens that is surrounded by clouds with some writing.

Tyrone Mings Tattoo
Tyrone Ming During The Game (Source: Birmingham Mail)

He has a compass right in the middle of his chest, and other tattoos are scattered around his leg and abdomen.

Early Life

Tyron did not have a normal happy childhood and a solid family background. When he was just a child, he witnessed the diminishing relationship of his parents.

Once the separation was confirmed, his mother, Dawn, took him and his sister away from his dad.

As they didn’t have many alternatives, his mother decided to take her children to live with one of her close friends in Chippenham.

But after some disputes, they went on to live in the homeless shelter as they didn’t have any wealth or a place to go.

At the shelter, the family shared two bunk beds, and their life in the place was horrendous as they had to share everything with strangers.

After he enrolled in the academy near the shelter house he became determent to make something out of his life, so he started to focus on his game.

But bad luck didn’t leave the side of Tyron as he was let go of the team in 2009 due to budget cuts.

Tyrone Mings Personal life

Tyrone Mings is the son of former soccer player Adrian Mings aka Adie, who used to play with Gloucester City and is currently working as a scout for Chelsea.

His mother, Dawn Johnson, is a mother of four children with daughters Cherrelle Mings, Iesha Mings, and one more whose identity has not been revealed. Tyrone is the only son in the family.

Tyrone Mings Tattoo
Mings With His Parents (Source: Life Blogger)

Tyrone is of mixed race as his father Adrian is of African decedent, and his mother is of European decedent.

Adrian’s family is originally from Barbados, an island country located in the Caribbean region of North America.

Daughter & Charity

The player shares a beautiful bond with his daughter Amelia. One can see their connection during the games and practices.

Even though Tyrone has a busy schedule, he tries to make time to have father-daughter time.

Mings got a mortgage advising job that helped him to enroll in the Millfield School in Somerset for two years. He got a soccer scholarship there that made him go back to the sport again.

Due to the struggles that he had to endure, Tyron became a selfless person. He has a deep passion for helping people in need without hoping to get anything in return.

He fed the needy on Christmas Eve, 2013. While doing so in Birmingham, he also founded The Tyrone Mings Academy, a football training facility.

Even after earning enough wealth to live a lavish life, Mings has a down-to-earth personality and spends most of his earnings on charitable initiatives.

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