UFC: How Many Tattoo Does Norma Dumont Have? Their Meanings And Designs

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Norma Dumont tattoo has become a topic of interest among the fans of the UFC. As Dumont continues to succeed in combat sports, her tattoo has been linked with her persona.

Norma Dumont Viana Ferreira, aka ‘The Immortal’, a Brazillian mixed martial artist, started her career with a perfect record of 4-0.

Dumont was born on October 1, 1990, in Brazil. Starting from her early life, she was interested in MMA.

Norma made her promotional debut on February 29, 2020, at UFC Fight Night 169 against Megan Anderson. 

Norma Dumont During Weigh-In
Norma Dumont During Weigh-In (Source: Instagram)

Unfortunately, she lost her first fight via knockout in round one. Despite her loss, she gained a lot of attention since the debut fight was worth the watch.

At the age of 13, Dumont started practicing Jiu Jutsu but had to stop training as she started working as a secretary.

She again started training, continuing her MMA career at the age of 19. At this point in time, she became a six-time Sanda State champion and national state champion of Sanda.

How Many Tattoos Does Norma Dumont Have? Their Meanings And Design

Professional MMA fighter Norma Dumont displays her tattoo in a unique way. She has two tattoos.

She has a 4 leaves clover tattoo on her arm that she shares with her sisters. Generally, 4 leaves clover tattoo symbolizes good luck.

Additionally, Dumont has a big phoenix tattoo on her flank area. The phoenix tattoo symbolizes sincere love, loyalty, and devotion. It also symbolizes rebirth.

Norma Dumont tattoo
Norma Dumont Tattoo (Source: Instagram)

Though the specific meaning behind the tattoos is not yet disclosed by the athlete, we can assume that there is a deep significance behind them.

As the fans adore the skills she has, they are also interested in the arts that Dumont has on her body.

Norma Dumont’s Family, Siblings, & Relationship

Growing up, Dumont had a tough childhood as her father abandoned her mother and his three daughters when she was 4.

In conformity with Dumont’s Facebook page, her mother’s name is Gladislene Viana, but her father’s name is not known. 

Furthermore, she has two sisters whose names are Nayane Dumont and Nayara Dumont. They all share the same tattoo, which is the 4 leaves clover tattoo.

Currently, Dumont is dating Johny Vieira, who is also her trainer. 

Norma Dumont Career

Dumont started her career with a victory at Jungle Fight 90, a Brazil-based promotion, on September 3, 2016.

She fought Tainara Lisboa and started off with a submission win. Additionally, Norma won two more fights, one at the Jungle Fight and another one at Federecao Fight.

Moreover, she headed to Shooto, Brazil, and fought Mariana Morais. This was the fight that she won and earned the spot in UFC.

Norma Dumont In Action
Norma Dumont In Action (Source: Instagram)

Unfortunately, she got defeated in her debut match against Megan Anderson with a brutal knockout. 

Since then, Dumont has made an impressive comeback. She now has 8 wins, 2 losses, and 0 draws. 

Currently, with this record, Dumont has a promising career even at the age of 32. Her next fight against Karol Rosa will be an amazing fight to witness.

They are set to see each other today at 4:30 PM EST. 

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