Von Wagner Dad Wayne And Mom Yvonne Bloom Are His Inspiration

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Professional wrestler Von Wagner is highly inspired by his dad, Wayne Bloom, and his mom, Yvonne Bloom. 

Hailing from an athletic family, Von was motivated to establish his career in a similar field.

Notably, the WWE wrestler was interested in achieving success in wrestling as his dad, Wayne, was also a great wrestler of his time. Von is on his expedition to create another history after his father.

Von Wagner Parents Are Wayne Bloom And Yvonne Bloom
Von Wagner’s Parents Are Wayne Bloom And Yvonne Bloom (Source: Instagram)

Under the guidance of Wayne, Ken Kennedy, and Brad Rheingans, Von has launched himself as a competitive wrestler. Also, many believe Von will be one of the biggest names in the WWE.

The professional wrestler has been part of World Wrestling Entertainment since 2019 and has made many records.

On 14 September 2021, he made his NXT television debut, and since then, he has been part of it.

Also, the wrestler has competed in several NXT Championships but has not been able to lift the victory belt yet. In the coming days, he might be able to win it for sure.

Von Wagner Dad And Mom Are His Inspirations

Von was born on 30 June 1994 in Osseo, Minnesota, in the US, to his father, Wayne, and his mother, Yvonne Bloom. Both his parents have played a crucial part in his upbringing.

Due to Wayne and Yvonne’s support, care, and love, the professional wrestler has been able to achieve a lot in his career.

Wayne Bloom Career 

Von Wagner dad, 65, is a retired professional wrestler. He was one of the most prominent figures in wrestling during the 1980s and 1990s.

Wayne began his career as a wrestler in 1988. During his time, he made the most appearances in the World Championship Wrestling and the American Wrestling Association.

Von Wagner Inside The Ring
Von Wagner Inside The Ring (Source: Instagram)

Also, the retired wrestler competed under the World Wrestling Federation as his stage name, “Beau Beverly.” 

While Wayne Bloom was a wrestler, he had numerous ring names, including The Sports Agent, Dan Farren, Haymaker, and Hondo (The Honey Bee).

Furthermore, the retired wrestler has a record of many achievements. For instance, he won the AWA World Tag Championship with his partner Mike Enos.

After leaving his unremovable footprint in wrestling, he retired in 1999. Wayne has been sharing his learning and experiences with his son, Von.

Von Wagner Was Not Serious About Wrestling From The Start

Von used to play basketball, baseball, and football at Osseo High School. Also, he was perfect in all these sports.

After graduating from high school in 2012, Wagner attended Central Florida University.  Then, from 2012 to 2016, he played for the UCF Knights as the tight end.

Von Wagner Used To Play American Football
Von Wagner Used To Play American Football (Source: Instagram)

Von only became serious about wrestling in 2018. He started taking training from retired professional wrestlers, including his father, Brad Rheingans, and Ken Kennedy.

In 2019, he initiated his wrestling journey, and the rest is history.

He Went Through A Brain Surgery

The professional wrestler was not a healthy child. Von had a condition where his brain’s growth was limited. So he had to go through a surgery.

He was only fifteen months old when his doctors operated on him for fourteen hours. The doctors had to open his brain from ear to ear, so they were unsure about his survival rate.

After the successful operation, Von was kept in intensive care for a week. Fortunately, his health recovered after that time.

That risky surgical operation changed his appearance, making him look different from other children.

As a result, Von had to endure bullying back in his school days.

But the wrestler overcame those hurdles and didn’t let his appearance define his fate.

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