Wales 0-0 Albania: Wales fans came back emotionally after 18 months

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Wales fans came back emotionally after 18 months of absence, but their team could equalize with Albania in their final match before Euro 2020.

While the estimated 6,500 crowds at Cardiff City Stadium gave off a packed house. The first round was a wet one as the Wales team fought hard.

The launch of striker Kieffer Moore has given the hosts the much-needed attacking momentum. With Neco Williams forced Albanian goalkeeper Gentian Selmani to save a fine.

Without this development, Wales would not have been able to call for a moment of quality to beat the top rivals. And they got ranked 49th place below them at the Fifa world level.

While Wales would like to prepare for the first opening match of Euro 2020 against Switzerland with a convincing game. At least the second half was a remarkable improvement in the first.

And most importantly, they were able to avoid any injuries too late and give most of their players a workout.

In the end, however, the game will be remembered for the return of Wales fans.

The game will be remembered for the return of Wales fans.

The last time Wales played in front of their fans was a 2-0 win over Hungary in November 2019 that signed the Euro 2020 title.

The epidemic was causing the tournament to be postponed for a year. And denying the Red Wall the opportunity to follow their team, this has been a reunion that has made hearts swell.

Although less than one-fifth of their regular number. Wales fans sang their national anthem with the power of emotion. And volume to portray the game’s status as just a warm-hearted friend.

Although the situation was tense, the game itself failed to heat up as Wales’ most changed side started slowly.

Interim manager Robert Page has been exploring several ideas. Before facing Switzerland, such as playing Juventus midfielder Aaron Ramsey in a new forward role as nine liars.

Ramsey struggled to adjust to his new position, falling into deeper, more familiar areas on the field.

Wales fans came back emotionally after 18 months of absence (Source: Belfast Telegraph)
Wales fans came back emotionally after 18 months of absence (Source: Belfast Telegraph)

At the same time, some of his teammates seemed uncertain about their obligations. In the 3-4-3 formation, so the fluid was unlimited at times.

The result was not significant. The game aimed to hone tactics and improve players’ resilience. Such as Ramsey and captain of the day Ben Davies, both of whom came back to match sharpness after injury.

However, the state of Wales’s lack of performance in the first round was troubling with that in mind.

Several players looked lost in the new roles. And it was clear that Page needed to make changes.

So he did during the break by introducing Cardiff City striker Moore and leaving the 3-4-3 system. To his own 4-2-3-1 look balanced on the spot.

The players look more confident in the new set.

Almost every Wales player looks more confident in the new set. Even though the chances of scoring real goals remain rare.

Williams tried his luck with a well-shot shot from 30 yards ago that got another powerful long-range effort saved.

But the closest side got the first chance for Rey Manaj of Albania, who was shot over the bar.

The meeting provided a lot of speculation as he assessed. Which strategy he would choose for next weekend’s meeting with Switzerland in Baku.

And while it has been a rewarding exercise. The lasting memory of the game will be the return of Wales fans.

Wales fans poured their team into their honorary lap after the final whistle. Many of them have their last chance to see the players before they start the third major tournament in world history.

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