Wesley Fofana Wife Cyrine Sabeur: Rumor Of Crisis In His Marriage

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Wesley Fofana’s wife, Cyrine Sabeur, has gone private on Instagram after rumors of her split with the Chelsea player. The couple tied the knot last year in June.

The Chelsea defender, Wesley Fofana, hasn’t been able to catch a break since joining the London club in 2022. First, he suffered from a major injury, then recovered from it, and it looked like 2023 would be the year for him. 

Wesley Fofana Pictured Celebrating With Chelsea Fans In 2023
Wesley Fofana Pictured Celebrating With Chelsea Fans In 2023 (Source: Instagram)

But on July 18, Chelsea revealed he had undergone anterior cruciate ligament reconstruction surgery, which will keep him out for the majority of the 2023 season. And now it’s been reported there is trouble between him and his wife. 

Fofana’s injury has certainly derailed the new Chelsea manager, Mauricio Pochettino’s plans. The London-based soccer club in the past year has stacked its squad with several players, and it has become hard for even soccer fans to keep up with it. 

Raheem Sterling, Enzo Fernandez, and Nicolas Jackson are some of the players that have joined Chelsea in the past season. But some key players of recent years, such as Mason Mount, Christian Pulisic, and Kai Havertz, have left the club. 

Wesley Fofana Wife, Cyrine Sabeur

Wesley Fofana’s wife, Cyrine Sabeur, is an External Vice-President for Europe Études. Cyrine, 24, graduated from EM Strasbourg Business School in 2022. 

Like Wesley, Cyrine grew up in France and attended Olivier Robert Coffy High School. She came into the limelight after her marriage to the Premier League player.

Cyrine joined her current workplace as a member of the audit department in 2019 and still fulfills that role.

Wesley Fofana's Wife Cyrine Previously Shared The Picture On Instagram
Wesley Fofana’s Wife Cyrine Previously Shared The Picture On Instagram (Source: Instagram)

Previously, Cyrine boasted a following of 15k followers on Instagram, but she has now made her account private. On the photo-sharing platform, Cyrine had posted snaps of her whirlwind trips with friends and her husband. 

When Wesley was at Leicester City, Cyrine would be seen attending his games. The same trend continued after he joined Chelsea last season.

Wesley Fofana And Wife Cyrine Sabeur Relationship On Rocks 

Wesley Fofana’s marriage with Cyrine Sabeur is currently rumored to be in a comprising position. 

The rumors picked up the pace after the soccer player made his Instagram account private. At first, many fans on Twitter and other social media sites believed it was because of Chelsea fans sending hate comments. 

On July 18, 2023, Chelsea released a statement of Fofana having undergone anterior cruciate ligament reconstruction surgery. It’s been reported this will put him out for most of the 2023 season. 

And with Fofana having missed a large chunk of the 2022 season as well due to injury, many believed Chelsea fans were sending him hate messages on Instagram. 

Wesley Fofana And Cyrine Sabeur Tied The Knot In June 2022 In Yacht de Monaco
Wesley Fofana And Cyrine Sabeur Tied The Knot In June 2022 At Yacht Club de Monaco (Source: Instagram)

But that rumor was quickly debunked after it was reported the defender had gone private on Instagram five days before the news of his surgery. The defender now only has one post on his Instagram handle, deleting every snap of him with his wife.

The Chelsea player went public with his romance on Instagram in 2021. Cyrine posted a snap of them about to share a kiss on the airstair. And on Valentine’s Day last year, Fofana surprised his then-girlfriend with a room decorated with roses. 

Wesley and Cyrine tied the knot in June 2022, surprising many of his fans. Given he is only 22, many soccer fans didn’t expect him to commit this quickly.

Wesley and Cyrine held their wedding ceremony at Yacht Club de Monaco in attendance of several friends and family members. A few months after their wedding, the couple even shared their wedding video on Instagram.

Its to be seen whether the young couple can fix their marriage problems or we could see this heading a painful route. The Chelsea player is certainly suffering from bad luck in his professional and personal life. 

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