What Happened To Curtis Blaydes Teeth? Before And After

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Curtis Blaydes teeth have consistently been a highlight of his facial features. He has gaps in his teeth and during his fight resulting in severe teeth damage too. 

Curtis Blaydes is considered one of the most talented American Professional Mixed Martial Artists (MMA). The MMA fighter has risen to become a renowned personality who has made his name in the UFC world.

Curtis Blaydes
Curtis Blaydes During Match (Source: Instagram)

He has established a reputation as one of the best wrestlers in the UFC, controlling opponents and securing victories with his grappling abilities, so he has a record of 14 wins, 3 losses, and 1 no. the contestant with notable victories over Alistair Overeem.

He has a reputation for having strong striking, especially his devastating ground-and-pound, which he frequently used to finish opponents. 

The young MMA fighter, Curtis, scored a knockdown in the second round after continually taking Willis down and controlling him. Moreover, with a dominant unanimous decision, Curtis won the match.

He is renowned for his durability and toughness as well, having participated in several thrilling clashes over his career. 

What Happened To Curtis Blaydes Teeth? 

One of the most professional mixed martial artists who competes in the heavyweight division of the UFC, Curtis Blaydes, has impressed his fans and critics all over the world with his incredible skills in the ring of UFC. 

In November 2018, during his fight against Francis Ngannou, Blaydes suffered a brutal knockout, damaging his teeth. 

During his battles, Curtis Blaydes has been spotted wearing a mouthguard, which is a popular piece of protective equipment worn by athletes to avoid dental injury.

Curtis Blaydes After His Surgery
Curtis Blaydes After His Surgery (Source: Twitter) 

It’s also crucial to note that athletes place a high value on dental health, and they frequently take precautions to safeguard their teeth, such as using mouthguards during practice and competition.

After his surgery, he has always been very self-assured about his teeth and does not hesitate to flash them in the ring when he smiles. He has a cute smile that complements his face and looks attractive. 

Curtis Blaydes Family

His parents, along with his four siblings, reared him and helped him grow up in the USA, where he made wonderful memories. 

About his family, there is no information is provided on Blaydes’s parents, siblings, or family history, Although he doesn’t want to make it public. 

Curtis And His Girlfriend
Curtis And His Girlfriend (Source: Twitter)

According to his academic history, he enrolled in De La Salle Institute to complete his high school education. Curtis attended Northern Illinois University and eventually transferred to Harper College after receiving a full wrestling scholarship.

It was quite difficult to pursue a career and studies at the same time. Blaydes stopped studying further to concentrate more on his work.

Curtis Blaydes: Health Issues 

He also competes in fights outside of his professional boxing career. He effectively controls his battle with his speech disorder, which is a medical condition. 

Razor defeated Adam Milstead at UFC Fight Night 104 via technical knockout after Milstead injured his knee.

According to his priority, he had intended to become a history teacher. He didn’t do that, though, hinting that his speech disorder and the rudeness of the young children were factors in his decision. 

According to Curtis, the assumption that some people have that person with speech difficulties is stupid and “annoys” him. Blaydes emphasized that being clever and having a speech impairment are not incompatible.

Even with a medical condition that causes speech disorders, a person can nonetheless be quite brilliant.

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