What Is Major Burns Real Name? More About The LSU Athlete

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LSU Athlete Major Burns real name is Major Burns, and no, it’s not a nickname. We also have to tell you his name has nothing to do with the 80s sitcom M*A*S*H. 

The second son of Choretta and Tony Burns, Major Burns’ name is inspired by the Texas A&M quarterback Major Lee Applewhite. But the comparison with the TV show character doesn’t seem to stop for the LSU’s safety. 

Burns Greets LSU Fans Before The Game In November 2022
Burns Greets LSU Fans Before The Game In November 2022 (Source: Instagram)

But Major Burns is not the only quirky name among the collegiate football athletes. The Oklahoma Sooners have a quarterback named General Booty, and Duke has a linebacker called Memorable Factor. 

LSU lost their third game of the season against Alabama Crimson Tides, and Burns didn’t have any substantial impact on his team. But on X (formerly Twitter), football fans quickly pointed out his name and questioned whether Tony and Choretta were fans of M*A*S*H.

What Is Major Burns Real Name?

The LSU athlete Major Burns’ real name is Major Burns. His full name is Major Delmontzra Burns, per the Bulldogs website, the team he previously played for.

The 80s hit show, M*A*S*H, is believed to be the inspiration behind the safety’s name. The show had a character named Major (Lt. Col.) Frank Burns and LSU fans think his parents were fans of the famous character. 

Major Burns Pictured Shushing The Camera After The Missouri Game  Last Month In October
Major Burns Pictured Shushing The Camera After The Missouri Game Last Month In October (Source: Instagram)

Earlier this year, the LSU player’s name was featured alongside the names of other collegiate football athletes with fascinating names like his. The video created by 247sports went viral on TikTok, and we can safely say Major Burns is not the weirdest one out of them.

In an interview with the Georgia Bulldogs in 2020, Burns clarified his name isn’t inspired by the sitcom. Though on X (formerly Twitter), anytime Burns makes an appearance for LSU, fans can’t stop posting GIFs and quotes from M*A*S*H. 

The football player doesn’t seem to be phased by people commenting or making fun of his name. He previously captioned one of his Instagram posts, “MajorMove$,” and also wrote, “Know I am MAJOR but I am CHOSEN.”

LSU Major Burns Family

Major Burns was born to parents Choretta and Tony Burns in Baton Rouge, Louisiana. The safety has two brothers, an older brother, Dakota, and a younger brother named Tony II. 

In an interview with LSU Rivals, Choretta explained her son’s name and gave a little backstory about it. Choretta said when she was carrying Major, he would always kick, and she joked how his name should be something amazing that would come through the loudspeaker. 

So, one time, when Choretta was pregnant with Major, she and Tony went to the Texas A&M game, and during that game blasting from the speakers came the name, “MA-JOR APPLE-WHITE! MA-JOR APPLE-WHITE!”

Major Burns Pictured With His Mother, Choretta And His Two Brothers, And On The Right With His Dad, Tony
Major Burns Pictured With His Mother, Choretta And His Two Brothers, And On The Right With His Dad, Tony (Source: Facebook)

Tony Burns was a former quarterback at Southern Miss, and with his wife, Choretta, he let his sons pursue their interests. Tony passed away on July 28, 2018, after a long fight with an illness.

In his interview, Major said his father always preached on staying focused and remaining patient. Before Tony passed away Major had only received one college offer. 

But his father told him many more would surely come and advised his son to put his head down and stay humble. And Tony was right.

Soon after, Major switched from being a quarterback to a safety, offers came pouring in for him. It was just unfortunate that his father couldn’t see it. 

The youngster has tattooed the words “Stay Focused” on his arm to honor his father. His mother is available on Facebook and has shared several family photos, including watching her son play for LSU.

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