What Is Marshawn Lynch Doing Now? Video Game Career After NFL Retirement

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Marshawn Lynch has his hands full with various gigs involving video games and movies. The former NFL player known for his easy-going personality has found a spot for himself in various domains.

He entered the video game world in 2015 when he hadn’t even retired and was recently seen promoting a new pirate video game. Lynch played 13 seasons in the NFL and was known as Beast Mode for his aggressive playstyle.

Lynch Pictured During His Time With The Seahawks
Lynch Pictured During His Time With The Seahawks (Source: Twitter)

But as much as he was aggressive on the field, fans love his relaxed and chill personality off the field. However, the former NFL player has refused to talk too much about his personal life on public platforms.

Several of his fans are confused about whether or not he is married and is trying his best to keep it a secret. Recently, it was announced that Lynch and Eli Manning are eligible for the 2025 NFL Hall of Fame. 

What Is Marshawn Lynch Doing Now? From NFL To Video Games

The former NFL player Marshawn Lynch has made a name for himself on and off the field for all the right reasons. From voice acting in video games to working in Hollywood, Marshawn Lynch hasn’t faded away from the glitz and glam. 

Lynch had already started profiting from different ventures while still playing in the NFL. In 2015, when he was with the Seahawks, Lynch became the first athlete to appear in the Call of Duty franchise. 

Lynch Became The First Professional Athlete To Appear In COD In 2015
Lynch Became The First Professional Athlete To Appear In COD In 2015 (Source: Twitter)

The running back played a villain in “Call of Duty: Black Ops 3.” At the time, Lynch took ESPN’s crew behind the scenes on the video game’s set while wearing a motion capture suit.

Two years later, in 2017, Lynch provided a voiceover to Judobaby’s game Dino-Dogs Football VR. The former running back recently promoted the upcoming video game Skull and Bones.

A video shared by Marshawn on X (formerly Twitter) shows him telling them to make the most convincing impression of a pirate. The fan who would win the contest would get to play the game with him.

The Actor Marshawn Lynch

Last year, Lynch also played the role of Mr. G in the movie Bottoms, a movie about queer high school girls launching a fight club. And there is a cute reason behind him selecting the role. 

The former football star’s sister, Marreesha Sapp-Lynch, identifies as a queer, and he asked her whether he should take up the role. Sapp-Lynch gave the green light. 

In an interview with PEOPLE, Marreesha said it felt easier to come out to her mother, Delisea. But her three brothers, David, Marshawn, and Davonte, didn’t quite understand her decision.

Lynch Played Role Of A Coach In The Queer Movie Bottoms Last Year
Lynch Played Role Of A Coach In The Queer Movie Bottoms Last Year (Source: Twitter)

During her conversation with the tabloid, Marreesha shared that Marshawn would blame himself for Marreesha not liking boys. He was a strict brother and would tell his sister she couldn’t have a boyfriend and couldn’t talk to boys.

But her brother later accepted and celebrated her sexual orientation. The former football player even planned his sister’s wedding and walked her down the aisle. 

Marshawn has previously shown his acting chops in the TV series Murderville and Westworld. Back in 2017, he also appeared in one episode of the comedy series Brooklyn Nine-Nine

Who Is Marshawn Lynch Dating? Is He Married?

The former running back is notorious when it comes to sharing details about his romantic life. He has previously said he isn’t married and is searching for the right person.

However, some gossip sites have previously said that Lynch is engaged but has been hiding his relationship status.

Previously, in 2021, one of the gossip sites shared a photo of Marshawn’s mother, Delisa, sitting alongside a woman. Fans believed the woman to be Marshawn’s fiance, as she had worn a ring. 

But many fans weren’t convinced because of the ring’s size, and they were right. One user came through and said that was Marshawn’s ex-girlfriend, Skye Davis, and the two hadn’t been seen for a long time. 

Recently, fans again started gossiping that the former NFL player is married, but there has been no solid proof that Lynch is married. 

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