What Is Tim Polasek Salary? New NDSU Head Coach Net Worth & Income

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Tim Polasek Salary: With a new role as head coach at NDSU, Tim Polasek’s salary and his net worth get a sure-shot significant hike.

Formerly, he served as the offensive coordinator/QB coach at the University of Wyoming, which paid him a salary of $350K.

A former collegiate quarterback, Polasek spent two decades as a coaching assistant and offensive coordinator. 

Starting in 2024, he stands with his first-ever stint as a head coach; the NDSU hired him after Matt Entz left for USC LB coach.

Tim Polasek Became The New Head Coach Of NDSU In 2024
Tim Polasek Became The New Head Coach Of NDSU In 2024 (Source: 247 Sports)

An Iola, Wisconsin native, Tim Polasek started his coaching career in 2003 at the University of Wisconsin-Stevens Point. 

After three seasons, he joined NDSU as a graduate assistant under head coach Craig Bohl. There, he worked through 2012, assuming roles like running back/tight ends/fullbacks coach.

Polasek then had his one-season stint in 2013 at Northern Illinois before returning to NDSU for the second stint (2014-16).

It then saw him as OL coach at Iowa Hawkeyes (2017-20) under Kirk Ferentz and as OC at Wyoming (2021-23). In 2024, he became a head coach at NDSU.

What Is Tim Polasek Salary? Net Worth And Income

Given his two decades of experience as a coach, it is evident that Polasek, 44, has his hands on a lucrative salary.

In 2024, Tim earned his first-ever role as a head coach; he signed as the 32nd head coach at NDSU Bisons.

Even if the exact terms of his contract are not out, Polasek possibly gets a paycheck that is in the ballpark figure as his predecessor, which is around $400K per year.

The former NDSU coach, Mark Entz, was on a five-year deal (signed in 2019) with the football program. It saw him $380,000 in the first year which rose to $396,619 by 2023.

Tim Polasek, A Former Wyoming Offensive Coordinator, Earned A Salary Of $350K Per Year
Tim Polasek, A Former Wyoming Offensive Coordinator, Earned A Salary Of $350K Per Year (Source: The Athletic)

As of 2024, Polasek has an estimated net worth of $1.5 million.

So, with his term as a head coach at NDSU, his fortune might rise significantly in the coming days.

Earlier, Tim served as the offensive coordinator and quarterbacks coach for the Wyoming Cowboys (2021-23). His reported salary at Wyoming was $350K per season.

Moreover, during his days as offensive line coach at Iowa Hawkeyes (2017-20), he earned a career-high payroll of $396K in 2020.

The former quarterback was set to earn $440K that season, but the amount was reduced by $44K due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

Check out his salary before the head coach stint:

Year College Salary
2013 Northern Illinois $80,004
2017 Iowa $335K
2018 $355K
2019 $390K
2020 $396K
2021 Wyoming $350,004
2022 $350,004
2023 $350,004

Besides his coaching career, there are no other reports of his income source.

Tim Polasek’s Journey From ‘Homeless’ To New NDSU Head Coach

After agreeing on a deal on December 17 to become the head coach at NDSU (North Dakota State), Polasek shed tears of joy during his press conference on December 18, 2023.

His return to Fargo to coach the Bisons is a leap of faith, which started in 2006 when the then-coach Craig Bohl approached him with a graduate assistant position.

At that time, Polasek worked as a QB coach at Wisconsin–Stevens Point while part-timing in a logging company.

Despite having a $40,000 per year offer at Wisconsin–Stevens Point, he opted to join the NDSU Bisons for a nine-month paycheck of $6,000.

So, he reportedly sold his golf diver to his friend for $280 for gas money and moved to Fargo, the city where he would meet his wife, Jill.

North Dakota State New Head Coach Polasek Was In Tears During Press Conference As He Returned To Coach The Bisons
North Dakota State New Head Coach Polasek Was In Tears During Press Conference As He Returned To Coach The Bisons (Source: InForum)

For the first three months, Tim had no living arrangements, so he was basically “homeless” and slept on whatever couch or chair at the dome.

By 2007, he was running backs coach until 2011, before being the NDSU’s special teams coordinator in 2012.

In 2013, he joined Northern Illinois as its TE/FB coach before his return (second stint) to North Dakota State as offensive coordinator from 2014 to 2016.

During his time with the Bisons, he was a part of four NCAA Division I Football Championships (2011, 2012, 2014 & 2015).

Then, from 2016 to 2023, he would part ways with the NDSU to work with in Iowa and Wyoming.

After eight years, Tim Polasek returned (third stint) at NDSU, this time as a head coach, replacing Matt Entz, who left for USC LB coach.

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