Where Is Sebastian Telfair Now? Family Life After Completing Jail Sentence

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Sebastian Telfair hasn’t left the New York scene and is currently busy doing interviews. In the past few days, Sebastian has done two interviews, which have garnered several thousand views.

The former NBA star, Telfair, to this date, is considered one of the legends of the Coney Island basketball community. In his latest interviews, Telfair has talked about his childhood and rise to stardom. 

Sebastian Telfair And LeBron James Pictured In 2002 At The ABCD Camp
Sebastian Telfair And LeBron James Pictured In 2002 At The ABCD Camp (Source: Instagram)

There was a time when Telfair was on the cover of Slam Magazine with LeBron James. The two were coined the promising young stars of the NBA. 

But the two youngsters’ stories couldn’t be more different. LeBron James will be retiring as one of the greatest ever to grace the sport, and Sebastian Telfair could soon be facing 20 years in prison. 

Where Is Sebastian Telfair Now?

Nowadays, the former NBA star Sebastian Telfair is busy doing interviews and podcasts. Recently, he appeared in the show Come And Talk 2 Me. 

The former Celtics player talked about his early teenage years and his rise to fame. Sebastian talked about his friendly rivalry with his cousin and former NBA player Stephon Marbury and how he challenged him, saying he would make it to the NBA straight out of high school. 

Many Believe The Former NBA Star Wasted His Career
Many Believe The Former NBA Star Wasted His Career (Source: Twitter)

Telfair also recently appeared on VladTV and talked about growing up in Brooklyn Projects. Sebastian spoke about his late father, a Vietnam War veteran, and that he has 14 siblings. 

He also talked about growing up in a difficult environment in Coney Island in the 90s and the demise of his young friend.

On his Instagram, Sebastian can be seen promoting his interviews and his former achievements. Recently, he shared the clip from his interview with Come And Talk 2 Me podcast.

The former basketball player was sentenced to 3.5 years in prison in 2019.

Sebastian Telfair Cases 

In 2017, Sebastian was arrested following a routine traffic stop in Brooklyn. The police discovered multiple loaded firearms in his vehicle, none of which were licensed in New York. 

The NBA star had an emotional meltdown when he was sentenced to prison in 2019. He told the court he was being convicted of a ‘victimless crime.’

According to reports by TMZ in 2019, Sebastian was released just days later, after his sentencing. It remains unclear how he was released just days later when he wasn’t eligible for parole until 2022. 

The Former NBA Player, Sebastian Telfair, Played Nine Years In The NFL
The Former NBA Player, Sebastian Telfair, Played Nine Years In The NFL (Source: Twitter)

In August 2022, Telfair pleaded “not guilty” to his alleged connection in the FBI investigation on the health care insurance fraud scheme. 

But in 2023, Sebastian changed his stance. He pleaded guilty in March last year. He became part of the growing list of ex-NBA player who admitted their role in submitting false claims for medical and dental expenses.

The former player Terrence Williams, the 11th overall pick in the 2009 NBA draft, has been said to be the alleged leader of the scheme. Sebastian said he participated in the scheme because he needed money to pay for a divorce and lawyers in another criminal case [the one described above]. 

As reported by Bloomberg, Sebastian faces up to 20 years in prison. He was said to be sentenced in August, but the latest update by Fortune says Telfair is awaiting his sentence.

Sebastian Telfair Family Life

After Sebastian was sentenced to prison in 2019, his family life turned upside down. His former wife, Samantha Telfair, filed for divorce, citing irreconcilable differences for their separation in 2018.

She listed January 1, 2018, as the date of separation. The former couple has two children-Sebastian Jr and Samaya, and previously, Sebastian even used his daughter’s name during his meltdown in court in 2019.

Before filing for divorce, Samantha had got a temporary restraining order after she claimed he showed up to her house and smashed her windshield.

Telfair Has Previously Been In Relationship With Several Women And Has Two Kids With His Former Wife
Telfair Has Previously Been In Relationship With Several Women And Has Two Kids With His Former Wife (Source: Twitter)

In her court document, Samantha added that Sebastian had become increasingly hostile, unstable, and violent. 

In 2019, Samantha and Sebastian’s ex-mistress, Caterina Scotto, testified against him in court. During the hearing, Sebastian was supported by his girlfriend, LaBelle Chacon. 

But when the media captured him in 2021 leaving the Manhattan Federal Court, Sebastian was seen with another woman, who seemed to be pregnant. At the time, Sebastian was turning up in court for the fraud case.  

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