Who Are Bernadette Sizemore And Carl Foster, RB Arian Foster Parents?

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RB Arian Foster’s parents, Bernadette Sizemore and Carl Foster separated when he was in high school. The former Dolphins player lived with his father after the divorce. 

But the former footballer turned musical artist, Arian Foster, has a strong bond with his mom, Bernadette. Earlier this year, Bernadette shared a family picture involving all her kids. 

Arian Foster Pictured During His Time With Houston Texans
Arian Foster Pictured During His Time With Houston Texans (Source: Twitter)

The former couple, Bernadette and Carl, were also present when Carl’s jersey was retired by his high school, MBHS. His brother, Abdul Foster, is a former athlete, and in 2016, gave a full-length interview to BR, talking about why his brother can still win the NFL rushing title. 

Earlier this year, there were talks about Arian being inducted into the Texans Ring of Honor. Foster played for the Texans from 2009-15 and has 6,472 rushing yards, more than double the closest player. 

RB Arian Foster Parents, Bernadette Sizemore And Carl Foster

RB Arian Foster’s parents, Bernadette Sizemore and Carl Foster, come from mixed cultural backgrounds. Bernadette is a Mexican-American, and his father, Carl, is African-American. 

His father, Carl Foster, played wide receiver at the University of New Mexico. Carl later tried out for the Denver Broncos in the summer of 1982. But the trial failed, and Carl walked away from an NFL career. 

In an interview with The Denver Post, Carl said he regretted the decision later in life and wished he would stuck with his football career. Bernadette and Carl divorced when Arian was in high school, and the former NFL player moved with his father to San Diego.

Arian Foster Pictured With His Mom, Bernadette On Left, And On Right With His Father, Carl, And Brother Abdul In 2012 As His High School Retires His Jersey
Arian Foster Pictured With His Mom, Bernadette, On Left, And On The Right With His Father, Carl, And Brother Abdul In 2012 As His High School Retires His Jersey (Source: Instagram)

Though Carl regretted his decision not to continue his NFL career, he didn’t want Arian to become an NFL player. While speaking to ESPN, Carl said he was against his son becoming a football player. 

But it was Bernadette who pushed her son towards the sports lifestyle. The former couple said it was as if Arian knew how to play football since he came out of the womb.

Bernadette enrolled her son into YAFL football when he was seven, and it didn’t take long for him to have an impact. When the father-son duo moved to San Diego, they lived in a one-room shack, and Carl trained his son on the beach.

At the time, Arian was in a poor situation. He was using drugs and gave up on faith and religion. He told his religious dad he didn’t believe in God, and Carl, who had always been a free thinker, told his son to find his truth. 

Carl isn’t very active on social media, but Bernadette is. She has an Instagram handle and has moved on with another man. 

Arian Foster Brother Abdul Foster

Arian Foster grew up as the youngest of three siblings. His two older siblings, Abdul and Christina, supported his athletic career since childhood. 

Arian shares a tight-knit bond with his brother, Abdul Foster. Abdul is a former athlete at Florida A&M University. He ran track and field and played football while in high school. 

In 2006, Abdul graduated from Florida A&M with a degree in Business Administration but didn’t continue his sports career. While at A&M, Abdul worked as a Scrum Consultant/Project Coordinator for Nine Innovations. 

Arian Foster's Brother, Abdul Foster In An Entrepreneur And Co-Owner Of Trainr.
Arian Foster’s Brother, Abdul Foster, Is An Entrepreneur And Co-Owner Of Trainr. (Source: Instagram)

At the time, Nine Innovations had become the “it place” for NFL athletes to train, and Abdul led all the training sessions for his brother and other athletes. 

Adbul left Nine Innovations in 2016 and joined Toren Technologies as a Jr. Scrum Master. He worked there for three years, and in 2019, he joined House of Athletes. 

Last year, Abdul co-founded the company Trainr. The former athlete is married and has two kids. He is available on Instagram with the username @abdulfoster and mostly shares training videos. 

Arian’s sister, Christin Foster, lives in Atlanta, Georgia, and teaches Social Studies at Imhotep Academy. The former NFL player also has a half-brother and sister, Braxton and Maria. 

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