Who Are Brooks David, Chris And Michael Robinson? Brooks Robinson Son Age Gap

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Brooks Robinson, the baseball legend who passed on September 26, was a proud father of three sons and a daughter.

Robinson, along with his wife, Connie Butcher, was blessed with 4 kids: Brooks David, Chris, Michael, and Diana Robinson.

Brooks Robinson is a former American professional baseball player who is widely popular as one of the greatest third basemen in the history of Major League Baseball (MLB).

At the age of 19, he made his debut with the Baltimore Orioles in September 1955. In the early 1960s, he became the Orioles’ full-time starting third baseman.

The Late MLB Third Baseman Brooks Robinson
The Late MLB Third Baseman Brooks Robinson (Source: Instagram)

Throughout the 1960s and early 1970s, Robinson established himself as one of the greatest defensive third basemen in MLB history, earning numerous Gold Glove Awards.

In 1964, Robinson’s standout performance earned him the American League MVP award, a significant career highlight.

Over the course of his career, Robinson achieved numerous milestones, including All-Star selections and setting records for defensive excellence.

In 1977, Robinson retired, capping off his illustrious career with the Baltimore Orioles.

Later, he was inducted into the Baseball Hall of Fame in 1983, solidifying his legacy as one of the greatest players in the game’s history.

After his retirement, Robinson contributed to baseball as a coach and commentator, continuing to enrich the sport he loved.

Brooks Robinson’s Died At The Age of 86

On September 26, 2023, the baseball world mourned as Brooks Robinson, the former Baltimore Orioles third baseman, passed away at 86.

The Baltimore Orioles and Robinson’s family jointly announced the legend’s death news, sharing their heartfelt condolences and remembrances.

They expressed their deep sorrow and described Brooks as a cherished member of the Orioles’ family since his 1955 debut.

Legendary Baltimore Orioles Third Baseman Brooks Robinson Died At 86
Legendary Baltimore Orioles Third Baseman Brooks Robinson Died At 86 (Source: Baltimore Sun)

His legacy, they noted, would continue to have a profound impact on the club, the community, and the sport of baseball as a whole.

Moreover, MLB Commissioner Rob Manfred also paid for Robinson’s baseball greatness and his exemplary representation on and off the field.

He remembered Robinson as a genuine gentleman, offering sincere condolences to his family, friends, and Orioles fans worldwide.

Therefore, details about Brooks Robinson’s cause of death still remain undisclosed, leaving the fans to remember the iconic sports figure.

Brooks Robinson Son: Who Are Brooks David, Chris & Michael Robinson?

The baseball legend had four children with his wife, Constance Louise “Connie” Butcher: Brooks David (born 1961), Chris (born 1963), Michael (born 1964), and Diana Robinson (born 1968).

All of Brooks Robinson’s sons have an age gap of 2 years. While his daughter, Diana, being the youngest, has an age gap of 7 years with her eldest sibling, Brooks David.

His relationship with his life partner, sons, and daughter was a cornerstone of his life. Their family life thrived on love, faith, and unity. 

The couple’s shared journey extended to matters of faith. Robinson embraced Catholicism in 1970, moved by his son Brooks David’s heartfelt question despite his Methodist upbringing.

Brooks Robinson And His Wife Constance Louise Connie Butcher
Brooks Robinson And His Wife Constance Louise Connie Butcher (Source: Catholic Review)

When his son, Brooks David, questioned their church differences, Robinson, guided by family friend Father Martin Schwalenberg, converted to Catholicism, fostering family unity.

Throughout his baseball career, Brooks frequently shared his strong Christian beliefs and remained an active member of the Fellowship of Christian Athletes. 

Robinson’s deep faith and quest for spiritual growth were core to his life, enriching his love for his wife and children.

Their faith-driven family unity enhanced Robinson’s legacy, impacting both the baseball field and beyond.

Brooks Robinson’s Beautiful Love Story

Brooks Robinson’s love story with his wife, Constance Louise “Connie” Butcher, had a charming beginning.

Their paths crossed on an Orioles team flight in July 1959 en route from Kansas City to Boston.

At that time, Connie was working as a flight attendant for United Airlines, and the payer was immediately smitten with her. 

Just to interact with her, he repeatedly ordered iced teas, and teammates playfully encouraged him to strike up a conversation.

After three glasses of iced tea, Brooks finally mustered the courage to approach Connie in the galley. He then told her,

“I want to tell you something. If any of these guys, the Baltimore Orioles, ask you for a date, tell ’em you don’t date married men. Understand? I’m the only single guy on the team.”

Little did she know, almost half of the Orioles were actually single. 

Before landing in Boston, Brooks and Connie had already arranged a date, marking the beginning of their romantic journey.

Their connection blossomed, and the duo finally tied the knot on October 8, 1960. Their wedding ceremony was held in Connie’s hometown in Windsor, Ontario, Canada.

After their marriage, Robinson’s wife remained by his side till his last breath. The couple happily resided in Owings Mills, Maryland, with their four children.

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