Who Are Mamadou and Susan Toure? Samori Toure Parents

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The American professional football player Samori Toure was born in Portland, Oregon, to his parents: his father, Mamadou, and his mother, Susan Toure.

The parents of Samori Toure are the driving forces behind his successful football career.

Moreover, Susan and Mamadou have also infused cultural and traditional values into the life of the NFL star player.

The American Professional Football Player, Samori Toure
The American Professional Football Player Samori Toure (Source: Instagram)

Samori Toure was among the best receivers in the FCS league during his distinguished time at the University of Montana.

Toure’s career with the Griz ended with 155 receptions for 2,488 yards and 20 touchdowns, placing him in the top 12 in each of those categories in Montana history.

Later, he joined the University of Nebraska in 2021 to pursue a collegiate football career.

The Nebraska Scholar-Athlete Honor Roll played in all 12 games with nine starts in his lone season in 2021.

Pro Football Focus named Toure to the third team All-Big Ten for his efforts, and the conference media gave him honorable mention status.

Moreover, the Green Bay Packers selected the wide receiver in the seventh round of the 2022 NFL Draft.

On October 23, 2022, he played in his first NFL game. There, he caught one pass for a total of four yards during a defeat to the Commanders in Week 7.

Samori Toure Parents

Samori Toure parents have significantly shaped his exceptional life and career. Mamadou and Susan Toure are deserving of much praise for their efforts.

Toure began his path to NFL stardom with a solid foundation in his family when he was born on March 24, 1998, in the cosmopolitan metropolis of Portland, Oregon.

Toure’s parents gave him the name Samory Toure in honor of the courageous 19th-century West African former emperor Samory Toure. He had fought against French colonialism.

The family’s pride in their African origin and the toughness and tenacity they instilled in their son are reflected in this namesake.

Who Are Mamadou and Susan Toure?

Samori grew up with a work ethic and tenacity that would serve him well on the football field by his trader father, Mamadou Toure.

It is noteworthy that Mamadou connects to Ubuntu Group, a business specializing in tokenizing and digitizing gold.

Samori Toure Poses With His Family At the Signing Day For Montana
Samori Toure Poses With His Family At The Signing Day For Montana (Source: Oregon Live)

Samori’s life and profession are undoubtedly significantly impacted by Mamadou’s fathering and business success. However, his precise involvement in Samori’s life is unknown.

Due to the scant information found in the sources, Susan Toure, Samori Toure’s mother, is a figure cloaked in mystery.

However, some sources claim that Susan faced a terrifying ordeal as a young child when she was taken captive in a raid by Séré-Burlay of the Cissé clan.

The sources offer no additional information about Susan’s engagement in her son Samori’s football career.

However, she might have impacted Samori’s life in ways aside from being his mother.

Samori Toure First Touchdown

Samori secured a spot on the 53-man roster at the start of the 2022 season, although he remained inactive for the initial six games.

His NFL debut finally came on October 23, 2022, when he hauled a single pass for four yards during a Week 7 contest against the Commanders.

Samori Toure First Touchdown
Samori Toure First Touchdown (Source: Acme Packing Company)

His breakthrough moment occurred just a week later, on October 30, when he caught his maiden NFL touchdown, connecting with Aaron Rodgers for an impressive 37-yard reception in a Week 8 clash against the Bills.


Who Are Samori Toure Parents?

The American professional football player Samori Toure parents are Mamadou and mother, Susan Toure.

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