Who Are Michael and Stacy Skanes? Malik Cunningham Parents

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American football player Malik Cunningham was born and raised in Montgomery, Alabama, by his parents, Michael and Stacy Skanes. Born the oldest of three children, he had an older brother from his dad’s side.

From a young age, his parents discovered that Malik liked sports, particularly football.

His mom, Stacy, remembers that young Malik used to invite his friends to his home to discuss football and playing strategies almost every weekend. His dad, Michael, was pretty good with kids and acted as their coach.

American Football Quarterback Micale Malik Cunningham
American Football Quarterback Michael Malik Cunningham (Source: MassLive. com)

Malik initially attended Homewoodwood High School in Montgomery, where he briefly played football for his high school team.

In 2014, he and his siblings transferred to Park Crossing High School, where the football program was only introduced some months ago. Despite being the new team, Cunningham helped his team reach the state championship semi-finals in his senior year.

Malik redshirted his first year at the University of Louisville but appeared in ten games in 2018. The then newly appointed Cardinals head coach Scott Satterfield liked him immediately, and he became their primary quarterback from the following season.

However, he did not get selected in the 2023 NFL Draft. Later, the New England Patriots signed him as an undrafted free agent.

Malik Cunningham Parents, Michael, & Stacy

Micale Malik Cunningham was born to his parents, Michael and Stacy, on October 6, 1998, in Montgomery, Alabama. He is the oldest of the three children of his parents.

He has a brother named Mykey and a sister named Micayla. Besides, his dad had another son from his previous relationship and lived with them.

Malik Cunningham With His Mom And Siblings
Malik Cunningham (Left) With His Mom And Siblings (Source: Facebook)

Observing his elder brother’s engagement with the sport, Malik’s curiosity for football ignited in his early years.

In short order, Malik found himself engrossed in discussions about intricate formations and strategic game plans, holding conversations that belied his age with peers, some of whom were older than him.

His mom, Stacy, remembers him as a disciplined kid with only football and homework in mind. Stacy herself was a school teacher, and because of that, she did not want Malik to focus on football entirely.

So, Malik later continued his studies, even though he began playing professional football.

Malik is a graduate of the University of Louisville with a bachelor’s degree in Communications.

While his mom is the inspiration behind continuing his academics, his dad, Michael, helped him enhance his football skills.

Moreover, Malik’s first name, Micale, was given by his dad as he wanted his son to have a similar name as him.

Malik Cunningham Has A Stepdad

The New England Patriots quarterback Malik Cunningham has a stepdad as well. His name is Terance Shawn Skanes, and he is from Malcolm, Alabama.

Stacy Serls and her husband, Michael, separated when Malik was in high school. Following their split, Stacy fell in love with Terance and eventually married on April 16, 2015.

Malik Cunningham's Mom And His Stepdad Terance
Malik Cunningham’s Mom And His Stepdad, Terance (Source: Facebook)

Malik shares a strong and harmonious bond with both his immediate family and his mother’s new family.

His stepfather’s support has been steadfast from the outset, tracing back to Malik’s earliest days on the collegiate football field as a Cardinal.

His stepdad’s pride in Malik’s accomplishments resonates deeply.

Furthermore, Malik’s family dynamic extends to his stepfather’s previous marriage, resulting in half-siblings who share a special place in his heart.

Among them, Teigh Skanes is a talented footballer, currently making strides at Jackson High School in Alabama.

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