Who Are Rebecca Petty & Brian Moffitt? Thad Moffitt Parents

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Thaddeus Moffitt was born September 12, 2000, to his parents, Rebecca Petty and Brain Moffitt.

Thaddeus Moffitt grew up in a family deeply immersed in racing culture, with his lineage tracing back to his grandfather, Richard Petty, and uncle, Kyle Petty, both prominent figures in the racing world.

Inspired by his family’s legacy, Thaddeus developed a passion for racing from a young age, fueled by the experiences and influence of his grandfather.

An American Pro Auto Racer, Thad Moffitt
An American Pro Auto Racer, Thad Moffitt (Source: Instagram)

As a 23-year-old American professional auto racing driver, Thaddeus Moffitt is making his mark in the NASCAR Craftsman Truck Series, steering the No. 46 Chevrolet Silverado for Faction46, a newly established team.

Hailing from North Carolina, Moffitt represents the next generation of the Petty family’s legacy in racing.

With a background competing in various racing events, including ARCA, Late Model, and Trans Am races, Moffitt brings a wealth of experience to the track.

In 2022, Moffitt showcased his talent at the Daytona race for Reaume Brothers Racing, clinching an impressive 18th-place finish and demonstrating his potential as a rising star in NASCAR.

Who Are Rebecca Petty & Brian Moffitt? Thad Moffitt Parents

Brian and Rebecca Moffitt are the proud parents of Thad Moffitt, the promising young racer. Thad spent his formative years in Trinity, North Carolina, alongside his siblings Helen and Harrison Moffitt.

Sister Helen is currently studying at Lenoir-Rhyne University while brother Harrison is a former football player.

Thad Moffitt Parents And Siblings
Thad Moffitt Parents And Siblings (Source: Instagram)

Thad’s mother Rebecca, originally from Trinity, North Carolina, attended Randleman High School. Later she graduated from East Carolina University.

Currently, she serves as the Executive Director at the Petty Family Foundation, a nonprofit organization dedicated to various philanthropic endeavors.

Thad’s parents played a pivotal role in shaping his upbringing and nurturing his passion for racing, particularly his mother, Rebecca. Rebecca hails from a distinguished racing lineage as the daughter of NASCAR Hall of Fame driver Richard Petty.

Inspired by the legacy of his maternal family, Thad embarked on a racing career, determined to make his career.

Born Into A Racing Dynasty

The Moffitt family’s deep connection to racing traces back to Thad’s great-grandfather, Lee Petty.

Lee Petty played a pivotal role in shaping the sport and became NASCAR’s inaugural three-time Cup champion.

Continuing the family legacy, Lee’s son, Richard Petty, emerged as a second-generation racing icon. He even earned the revered title of “the King” for his remarkable achievements on the track.

Thad With His Grandfather Richard Petty
Thad With His Grandfather Richard Petty (Source: Instagram)

Richard’s unparalleled success solidified his status as one of the greatest drivers in NASCAR history.

Following in his father’s footsteps, Richard’s son, Kyle Petty, became a formidable presence in the racing circuit, representing the third generation of the Petty racing dynasty. Kyle’s contributions further enriched the family’s storied legacy in motorsports.

Now, Thad Moffitt proudly carries the torch as a fourth-generation racer.

With each generation leaving an indelible mark on the sport, the Moffitt family remains deeply intertwined with the world of auto racing, embodying a rich heritage of excellence and achievement on the track.

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