Who Is Breanna Gross? Is She Juan Dixon Mistress?

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Former NBA player Juan Dixon often makes headlines for his activities outside basketball. Earlier this year, a photo of him with Breanna Gross went viral on the internet, after which people started commenting that he was having an affair with Gross.

However, Breanna and Juan denied the allegation and later clarified that they were friends.

The duo had known each other for a long time and were co-workers at Chopin University’s basketball program.

So, who exactly is Breanna Gross? Please read this article further to know her more!

Former American Professional Basketball Player Juan Dixon
Former American Professional Basketball Player Juan Dixon (Source: The Diamondback)

Juan Dixon is a former American professional basketball player who appeared in the NBA for almost a decade, beginning in 2002.

Dixon started his NBA career after the Washington Wizards chose him as the 17th overall pick in the draft.

Following this, the Maryland-born guard played for different NBA teams, including the Portland Trail Blazers, Toronto Raptors, and Detroit Pistons. Moreover, he played professional basketball in Europe as well.

After announcing his retirement in 2011, Juan started his coaching career. Most recently, he was the head coach of Chopin University’s men’s basketball team, but the program fired him in March 2023.

Since then, Juan Dixon has not been associated with any basketball team yet.

Is Breanna Gross Juan Dixon Mistress?

No, Breanna Gross is not Juan Dixon’s mistress.

In February 2023, a picture of Juan Dixon with a woman surfaced on the Internet, following which people started trolling him for cheating on his wife, Robyn Dixon. 

Although the identity of the woman was unknown initially, it later became clear that she was none other than Chopin State’s director of basketball operations, Breanna Gross. 

Juan Dixon And Breanna Gross Taking A Selfie At A Laundromat
Juan Dixon And Breanna Gross Taking A Selfie At A Laundromat (Source: All About The Tea)

Soon after, fans started bashing Juan for his alleged extramarital affair with Gross.

Both later clarified that nothing was going on between them. They said they just happened to meet each other at a laundromat and clicked the picture.

Later on, Breanna took to her Instagram, telling the trolls to stop the madness and “get a life.”

Who Is Breanna Gross?

Breanna Gross is a head coach for the women’s basketball team at Dunbar High School in Washington, D.C., United States.

Born to her parents, Eddie and Elizabeth Gross, Breanna attended Riverdale Baptist High School, where she played basketball until 2010.

Before that, she was a student-athlete at Holy Cross and Surrattsville High School.

After high school, she enrolled in the Garden City Community College in Kansas, where she played two years of collegiate basketball. However, she transferred to Slippery Rock University in 2014.

Former Slippery Rock University Basketball Player Breanna Gross
Former Slippery Rock University Basketball Player Breanna Gross (Source: Slippery Rock Athletics)

Aside from continuing her sports career, Breanna focused on her studies and earned a degree in Computer Science in 2014. Moreover, she earned a bachelor’s degree in childhood education from Trinity Washington University.

As per her Instagram bio, she has three academic degrees but chose to pursue a coaching career instead. She joined the Catonsville Community College as their assistant basketball coach in 2018.

After completing her studies, Breanna worked full-time as an assistant women’s basketball coach for Chopin State University in August 2019.

Two years later, the college appointed her as the head of basketball operations, where she served until August 2023.

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