Who is Jake Lockwood, Jess Lockwood Brother? Bull Rider Family

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Jess Lockwood Brother is creating a buzz among bullriding fans as he stands with an impressive score, tying for first place in the Xtreme Bulls competition.

The youngest two-time PBR world champion, Jess Lockwood, has a younger brother named Jake Lockwood.

Jake Lockwood, the professional bull rider, has maintained the family legacy of bull riding alongside his elder brother Jess.

The PBR World Champion Jess Lockwood
The PBR World Champion Jess Lockwood (Source: Instagram)

Jess Lockwood was born on September 28, 1997, to Ed Lockwood and Angie Lockwood in Volborg, Montana, United States.

In eighth grade, Lockwood initiated his bull riding journey. He secured the Northern Rodeo Association year-end champion titles in both 2014 and 2015, amassing $60,000 during his junior year of high school.

Furthermore, he opted for online education to dedicate himself entirely to bull riding during his senior year of high school.

On his 18th birthday in 2015, Jess joined the PBR and progressed through the ranks by competing in the American lower-level tours.

In his third year, Lockwood experienced being knocked unconscious and suffered a punctured lung, four broken ribs, and a lacerated kidney after being thrown and stepped on by Blue Magic.

As of 2023, Jess, the professional rodeo cowboy, competes for the Nashville Stampede.

Who is Jess Lockwood Brother?

Jess Lockwood has a younger brother named Jake Lockwood, a professional bull rider.

The 23-year-old Jake debuted in Professional Bull Riders in 2018, competing in PBR Canada and events on the Pendleton Whisky Velocity Tour.

In early 2019, he started achieving higher placements, securing consecutive victories at his first two PBR events in Nipawin and Prince Albert, Saskatchewan, as part of the PBR Canada Touring Pros.

Over the past few years, Jake has showcased impressive rides and takes pleasure in tackling various bulls.

Furthermore, during his debut, when asked about one of the belts he was wearing, he mentioned that he crafted the belt himself and is good at leatherwork.

Jake Lockwood The PBR Rider
Jake Lockwood, The PBR Rider (Source: Instagram)

Lockwood brothers hail from a family with a history of riding. During their college years, both of their parents were scholars in rodeo.

Their father, a former Big Sky region champion bull rider, also had a career as a professional saddle bronc rider.

Similarly, their mother, Angie, was involved in barrel racing for a long time.

Ed Lockwood, their father, instructed the brothers in riding, starting with sheep and calves, then progressing to steers and bulls.

Additionally, Jake and Jess’s aunt, Lisa Lockhart, is the Professional Rodeo Cowboys Association National Finals Rodeo Average Champion in barrel racing.

Coincidentally, Jess’s girlfriend, Paige Jones, is also a Barrel Racing Champion.

Lockwood Brother’s Insensitive Tweet

In 2018, after competing in the PBR World Finals, Jess tweeted, “So Jake literally pissed his pants laughing at this rezzer that stopped us outside the Indian depot.

Jake responded to the tweet by saying, “Drunk rezzer- can i ask you a favor? Me- ya what do you need? Drunk rezzer- what do i need?…i got water! #noDAPL #WaterIsLife.”

Galvanized tribes in North Dakota used both hashtags, noDAPL, and WaterIsLife, during the protest, claiming their water quality was threatened.

The Lockwood Brothers Jake and Jess
The Lockwood Brothers Jake and Jess (Source: Instagram)

Even though both tweets were deleted, they still managed to offend many.

Fans expressed disappointment on Twitter, accusing the brothers of being racist towards Native Americans.

However, the PBR issued a media release stating that Jess apologized for his behavior and committed to visiting an Indian Reservation to learn about Native American culture.

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