Who Is Jessamyn Walker? Graham Walker Mahomes Mother

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Graham Walker Mahomes comes from a disciplined and upright family, with his mother playing a pivotal role in his formative years.

The agile and athletic wide receiver owes a lot to his mother, who raised him the right way. 

Graham comes off as a level-headed personality and maintains dignity off the football field, which he certainly gets from his parents.

Brown University WR Graham Walker
Brown University WR Graham Walker (Source: X)

The college football Wide Receiver (WR) Graham Walker plays for Brown University.

He was a two-sport phenom in high school and a Dean’s List Honor Roll student.

Exceptional performances in football led to him getting an offer from Brown, where he continued his joyful athletic journey.

Currently, in his senior year in college, fans are excited to see if he joins his half-brother Mahomes in the NFL anytime soon.

Graham Walker Mahomes, Mother

Graham was born to his parents, his mother, Jessamyn Walker, and his father, Gerry Howatt. Additionally, the couple share two other children: Mireille and Kayla.

Although Graham is famous for his achievements in college football and as the half-brother of Patrick Mahomes, he keeps information regarding his parents under wraps.

Not much information about his mother, Jessamyn, is disclosed, leaving fans interested in her personal life.

Brown University Senior, Graham Walker
Brown University Senior, Graham Walker (Source: Instagram)

It is exciting to see whether Graham shares more information about his mother in the coming years.

Especially with him being in his senior year in college and ready for the NFL Draft, Graham’s secrecy about his personal life is becoming even more scrutinized.

One thing is for sure: Graham’s personality and humility in interviews and press conferences indeed show that he has been raised correctly.

He possibly derived the qualities and traits from his mother, Jessamyn.

Father Pat Mahomes Sr. On His Son Graham

In a recent interview with Fox, Pat Mahomes Sr. opened up on his third son, Graham Walker.

Funnily, he stated Graham was the one who resembled just like him in terms of looks.

“They say he is the one who looks most like me, but maybe the other boys will disagree a little bit, but he is definitely a Mahomes”.

However, Mahomes Sr. and Graham don’t share the typical father-son connection.

Although keeping contact sparse, they are not involved in each other’s daily lives.

Labeling Graham as a grounded individual, Mahomes Sr. hailed high praise upon the youngster.

“He’s a bit more laid back than the others and stays away from the spotlight and goes out and grinds and works. But a very impressive young man.”

Additionally, he acknowledged Jessamyn’s efforts in raising Graham in his formative years.

“His manners are intact, his stepdad did a great job with him, his mom did a great job with him, and now I am getting the chance to put my hands on him a little more.”

Pat Mahomes Sr.
Pat Mahomes Sr. (Source: Fox Sports)

As an MLB pitcher for 11 years, Mahomes Sr. recognizes the struggles it takes to make it in the big leagues of American sports.

“He’s realized that he has a chance to play in the NFL, so he’s going to try to go out and explore all the possibilities. He will take whatever road that leads to try to give himself a chance to play at the next level like we all want to.”

All in all, Graham seems to have the full backing of Pat Mahomes Sr. as he ventures into the world of professional football.

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