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KJ Bolden father, Kai Bolden, wasn’t there during his high school years. Bolden Sr was incarcerated for 120 months in 2016.

Kai says it was a tough life lesson but a much-needed one. He says it probably made his son understand not to fall on the wrong path. When his father was in prison, KJ turned into a supreme athlete and became one of the top players in the nation. 

KJ Bolden Pictured Playing For Buford High School
KJ Bolden Pictured Playing For Buford High School (Source: Instagram)

His mother, Lakeisha Wright, played an important role in transforming him into the athlete he is today. Bolden was committed to FSU for over four months but made a last-minute flip to Georgia. 

Only last weekend, KJ had reassured the FSU fans he would sign with them, but Kirby Smart and Georgia staff never stopped recruiting KJ. 

KJ Bolden Father: Meet Kai Bolden

KJ Bolden’s father, Kai Bolden, wasn’t present for six years of his son’s life. Kai was one of 11 members of a drug-trafficking organization to be charged with conspiracy to possess and distribute marijuana and conspiracy to engage in money laundering.

Kai was sentenced to 120 months in prison. The investigation began in 2011, and it was on February 13, 2017, that Kai headed to jail. 

Speaking to Dawg Nation, Kai said that after he didn’t get the bond, he decided to do his time and get past it. Bolden said he wanted this to be a life lesson for his son.

Kai, who is in his mid-40s, says he wanted his son to know there will be times when a person will be held accountable for their wrongdoing. Kai told his son, “I was a sacrificial lamb, so you do not make the same mistakes I did.”

KJ Pictured In His Senior Night At Buford High School With His Parents, Kai, And Lakeisha Wright
KJ Pictured In His Senior Night At Buford High School With His Parents, Kai, And Lakeisha Wright (Source: Instagram)

Kai comes from Florida, and that made KJ love Florida State. The entire family was excited when the Seminoles presented their offer to KJ. But his parents had always appreciated Georgia’s offer to their son.

When KJ visited Georgia in June, Kai said, “UGA is definitely a place where you come to be developed and play on Sundays.”

He added that he and KJ had hung out with Javon Bullard and Malaki Starks, the Georgia Bulldogs athletes. Kai said they had a great time just picking their minds about the culture and the coaches.

So, Bullard and Starks can say they might have helped in the recruitment process of the five-star player. 

KJ Bolden Mother: Lakeisha Wright Raised Him Singlehandedly

KJ Bolden shares a strong bond with his mother, Lakeisha Wright. In an interview, KJ said he wants to give his mother the entire world. 

After Kai was incarcerated, Lakeisha worked as a single mother. The youngster says he wants to repay his mother one day for the long time she carried their family. 

Most mothers who go through what Lakeisha went through would remove the father from their child’s life. But that wasn’t the case with Lakeisha. 

In May, Lakeisha shared a celebratory post on her Facebook handle, welcoming Kai back to the family after seven years.

KJ Bolden Mother, Lakeisha Wright, Pictured On A Dinner Event
KJ Bolden’s Mother, Lakeisha Wright, Pictured At A Dinner Event (Source: Instagram)

She wrote, “Welcome Home Kai Bolden! I am So Happy And Excited For KJ After 7 Years His Life Is Finally Complete.”

Since then, the two have been seen together at various events where KJ has been honored for his athletic prowess. On her social media handle, Lakeisha has shared several photos of her traveling to various countries. 

As per her Facebook handle, Lakeisha works at Elite Model Management. Maybe because she works in fashion, Lakeisha can be seen carrying and wearing only luxury brands like Givenchy and Dolce & Gabanna. 

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