Who Is Landyn Locke, Braedyn Locke Brother? Age And Wikipedia

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The brother of Braedyn Locke, Landyn is also an athlete. He is still in high school but has already committed to college football.

We have to love a beautiful brothers duo in football. The Kelce brothers are prime examples of how graceful such relationships can be.

Today, we’ll be talking about another such upcoming duo, the Locke brothers. The brothers, Landyn and Braedyn are on course to become an excellent force.

Moreover, they’ll soon be playing together and if all things go well, might play against each other in the future.

RHS Quarterback Landyn Locke
RHS Quarterback Landyn Locke (Source: Instagram)

Landyn Locke is the younger among the Locke brothers. He is in his mid-teens, around 16-17 years of age, and celebrates his birthday on April 22.

The young athlete is currently in his high school and his sophomore year. He plays as a quarterback for Rockwall High School as a quarterback.

Landyn is also a baseball player, however, his main focus is football. Moreover, he has already committed to the University of Wisconsin to play at the collegiate level.

Landyn: The Brother of Braedyn Locke

Landyn is not the only athlete in the Locke household, his brother Braedyn is also a footballer. In addition, Braedyn is much more accomplished and on a higher level.

Braedyn was a generational talent in his high school days. He is also a quarterback and set a Class 6A state record with 127 touchdowns.

Braedyn Locke
Braedyn Locke (Source: Instagram)

Eventually, the older Locke decided to commit to the University of Mississippi, however, could not appear in any games. Then he went on to join the University of Wisconsin through the NCAA Transfer Portal.

Currently, he is the Badgers’ starting quarterback and is growing in potential weekly. Moreover, Braedyn’s performances have earned him a name in the Big Ten Freshman of the Week.

Nonetheless, the young sensation is still a long way to go. If he dreams of playing in the NFL one week, he has to be apt both physically and mentally.

The Brothers Will Soon Be Playing Together

After a hard first season with the Mississippi State Bulldogs, Braedyn had to get out and find his way through. Eventually, he settled with the Badgers at Wisconsin.

Now, his younger brother is also coming to his college. Landyn has become the first committed student for the University of Wisconsin football team.

With his brother holding the reins currently, Landyn believes he will inherit the quarterback position in the future. However, there will be competition as the path is certainly not easy.

An Old Picture Of The Locke Brothers
An Old Picture Of The Locke Brothers (Source: X)

Nonetheless, Landyn is a hardworking young man and believes he can flourish at Wisconsin.

Although his brother is not the only factor he does play a major role in Landyn’s decision. The younger Locke further clarified, “I tried not to factor Braedyn into my decision too much, but he brings something that no other school in the country can offer.”

Likewise, the older brother Braedyn is also very excited about his baby brother’s commitment. 

Still, A Long Way To Go For The Locke Brothers

There has been good news recently in the Locke family, but the work still remains.

With Braedyn still adapting to college life, Landyn has 2 more years of high school football to focus on.

But if they keep working hard and grinding their way through, we could see a new brotherly duo in the football realm.


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