Does Travis Kelce Have A Sister? Brother Jason Kelce

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Does Travis Kelce have a sister? Travis Kelce is famous for the Kelce brother duo, but fans are curious if they have a female power in their house other than his mother, Donna Kelce.

Jason and Travis Kelce are two brothers who have made a name for themselves in the NFL.

Travis is a record-breaking tight end for the Kansas City Chiefs, while Jason is a fan-favorite center for the Philadelphia Eagles.

Jason & Travis Kelce
Jason & Travis Kelce (Source: Twitter)

Jason and Travis became the first brothers to play against each other in the Super Bowl after winning their respective divisional championship games on January 29, 2023.

On February 12, 2023, the historic Super Bowl LVII defeated the Philadelphia Eagles against the Kansas City Chiefs.

Travis and the Chiefs won with a 38-35 win over Jason and the Eagles. After the game, Jason hugged his younger brother, Jason and the two encouraged each other.

Travis Kelce Sister & Brother Shawn

Donna Kelce, the mother of the Kelce brothers, has been an influential figure for them.

Most of all, she had always wished for a daughter and found it in the women of her sons’ lives.

Donna admires Jason’s wife, Kylie McDevitt, who has brought joy to Jason’s life and become Donna’s daughter.

Donna Kelce, Mother Of Travis & Jason Kelce
Donna Kelce, Mother Of Travis & Jason Kelce (Source: Twitter)

Similarly, Donna strongly connects with Megan Thee Stallion, Travis’ girlfriend, embracing her as a daughter and appreciating her positive impact on Travis.

These female partners have brought a sense of completeness to Donna’s family, filling the void she once felt and creating a loving and supportive environment.

In fact, instead of a sister, the Kelce duo has a lesser-known third older brother, Shawn Kelce.

Shawn self-claimed to have a podcast called ‘Kelcecast’, making his identity with his niche.

In a humorous video, Shawn showcases his challenges as the least popular Kelce brother.

Despite not being famous like his younger siblings, Shawn expresses himself and connects with others through his podcast.

The Kelce Duo: Travis & Jason

Jason Kelce and Travis have a two-year age gap and have shared a strong bond since childhood.

Their parents describe them as poles apart individuals, as Jason doesn’t care about other people’s opinions, while Travis is more concerned about how others perceive him.

From their childhood in Ohio to their ongoing NFL careers, Jason and Travis Kelce have followed individual paths in football and continue to support each other along the way.

Travis & Jason, Kelce Duo
Travis & Jason, Kelce Duo, Childhood Timeline (Source: Twitter & People)

Despite their competitive nature, the brothers love each other and constantly have each other’s back.

Travis Kelce has two Super Bowl rings with the Kansas City Chiefs, while Jason Kelce has one Super Bowl ring with the Philadelphia Eagles.

Travis won his first Super Bowl in 2020 when the Chiefs defeated the San Francisco 49ers. Both brothers had one Super Bowl ring each.

However, Travis added a second ring in 2023 when the Chiefs won over the Eagles in the Super Bowl.

Travis Kelce, Part Of Tight End University (TEU)

Travis Kelce, George Kittle, and Greg Olsen are hosting the third annual Tight End University (TEU) event in Nashville, Tennessee.

Moreover, TEU was established in 2021 to bring together tight ends from the NFL to learn from each other and advance the position.

The upcoming event, taking place from (June 20-22), 2023, at Vanderbilt University, will see the participation of 75 NFL tight ends, along with several quarterbacks, including Josh Allen, Trey Lance, CJ Beathard, Sam Darnold, and Nick Mullens.

Travis With 49ers George Kittle Tight End University
Travis With 49ers George Kittle Tight End University (Source: Washington Post)

The three-day event includes classroom sessions covering various aspects of the game, including route running and recovery techniques.

Including practical field sessions, hands-on instruction on techniques, and reading defensive coverages.

Travis Kelce’s enthusiasm for the event emphasized the friendly bond among tight ends and their willingness to contribute to the team’s success.

Moreover, more information about TEU is available on its Instagram page @te_university.

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