Who Is Leslie Hurley? Bobby Hurley Wife: Age And Wikipedia

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Leslie Hurley, a prominent American businesswoman, is widely recognized for her role as the wife of coach Bobby Hurley.

Beyond her notable connection to the sports world, Leslie has carved a successful path in the business realm, contributing to her well-deserved acclaim.

Her joyous marriage to coach and former player Bobby Hurley is a testament to the couple’s enduring partnership.

This dynamic and aesthetically pleasing couple takes pride in their beautiful family, being loving parents to three children: Cameron, Sydney, and Bobby.

The Hurleys exemplify a harmonious blend of professional achievement, personal happiness, and familial bonds.

Bobby Hurley Arizona Coach
Bobby Hurley Arizona Coach (Source: Biography Mask)

Robert Matthew Hurley was born on June 28, 1971, to Bob Hurley Sr. and Christine Hurley in Jersey City, New Jersey.

Hurley emerged as a basketball star at St. Anthony High School in Jersey City, where his father served as coach.

He played as a point guard for coach Mike Krzyzewski’s Duke University team from 1989 to 1993.

Furthermore, the Sacramento Kings selected him as the seventh pick in the 1993 NBA Draft, and he played 27 games until 1999.

After retiring, Hurley transitioned to co-owning thoroughbred racehorses and took on roles as a coach for Wagner, Rhode Island, and Buffalo.

Since 2015, Bobby Hurley has been working as a coach for Arizona State.

Bobby Hurley Wife: Leslie Hurley

Bobby Hurley has been married to his wife, Leslie Hurley, since 2 November 1995.

Leslie Hurley, born in 1971 in the United States, is an American businesswoman and public figure.

As of 2023, Leslie Hurley is 52 years old and reportedly adheres to Christianity as her primary religion.

Sources indicate that Leslie Hurley and Bobby Hurley crossed paths in 1993 following Bobby’s near-fatal car accident.

Hurley endured collapsed lungs, broken ribs, a severed trachea, a fractured shoulder blade, a compression back fracture, and various leg and wrist issues.

At the time, Bobby’s brother Dan was attending Seton Hall and would drive up to see him a couple of times a week.

Bobby Hurley And Family
Bobby Hurley And Family (Source: Sun Devil Athletics)

Simultaneously, Leslie was also a student there, and both Bobby and Leslie happened to fall in love with each other.

Moreover, Bobby states, “If it hadn’t been for that accident, I might still be playing in California. But it did provide me with my family.”

He continued, “As bad as it was for my basketball career and as difficult to go through, something good came out of it.”

In addition, Mr. and Mrs. Hurley are parents to three children: two daughters, Cameron and Sydney Hurley, and a son, Bobby Hurley.

Both of their daughters are college graduates: Sydney is a graduate of Arizona State, and Cameron graduated from Duke.

Similarly, their son is currently a school student.

Leslie Hurley Sexual Harassment Case

In 2020, Leslie Hurley, along with two other women, courageously came forward, alleging sexual harassment by their donor, Bart Wear.

Leslie, Kathy, and another woman sought accountability for Wear’s actions, advocating for appropriate consequences.

Regrettably, Arizona State and Wear vehemently denied the allegations, leading to the termination of Coach Cohen for merely requesting an investigation.

This contentious response prompted both Cohen and Bobby to step into the spotlight, with numerous other women voicing their support for the coaches and their wives.

In a detailed notice of claim, the coaches asserted that Arizona State took an astonishing five months to investigate the harassment allegations.

Adding to the complexity, they claimed that the university seemingly ignored the case, with Wear leaving the country immediately after the allegations surfaced, only to return once the controversy had subsided.

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