Who Is Maddie Daicos? Nick Daicos Sister

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An Australian rules football player representing the Collingwood Football Club in the Australian Football League (AFL), Nick Daicos, sister is Maddie Daicos.

Maddie is the oldest among three siblings born to their parents, Peter and Colleen.

Nick showcased his leadership skills as he captained the Oakleigh Chargers during the 2021 NAB League season.

His performance left a lasting impression, as he averaged an impressive 35.8 disposals and scored an average of 2 goals per game in five matches.

Who Is Maddie Daicos? Nick Daicos Sister
Josh at 5 With Peter, Maddie (11), Nick (14 months), And Colleen (Source: The Age)

Renowned for his consistency and exceptional ball-handling abilities, Nick was widely regarded as a top prospect in the 2021 AFL draft.

Before his meteoric rise, Daicos honed his skills in community football, having played for the Greythorn Falcons and Kew Rovers in the Yarra Junior Football League.

In 2019, he achieved a significant milestone by contributing to a school football premiership victory for Carey Grammar, sharing the field with future AFL stars Matt Rowell and Noah Anderson.

Nick Daicos Sister Maddie Daicos

Maddie Daicos remains somewhat enigmatic, with limited information available about her.

Despite her presence on Josh‘s Instagram, she has kept her Instagram profile relatively private, boasting a following of over 2,000 followers.

Maddie’s deep support and affection for her younger brothers shine through in the numerous photographs shared on their social media accounts.

Who Is Maddie Daicos? Nick Daicos Sister
Nick Daicos sister Maddie Daicos In The Middle Of Josh And His Girlfriend (Source: Instagram)

Being the eldest among her siblings, she has become a loving and supportive older sister.

It’s worth noting that she has embraced married life and currently goes by Maddie Bickle.

Nick Daicos Sister | Family Bonding

Despite a four-year age gap, Josh and Nick share an unbreakable bond.

They’ve even taken a significant step together, purchasing a house that temporarily brings them back under the same roof as their parents, Peter and Colleen, while they await work on their new home.

Peter fondly notes that there’s hardly anything they don’t do together, always looking out for each other.

The depth of their brotherly connection was evident when Josh received the news of his selection to the All-Australian squad.

His immediate reaction was not one of personal celebration but rather disappointment for Nick, showcasing the selflessness of their relationship.

Josh’s journey to success had its own unique path. As a junior, he was slightly built, and his father, Peter, wisely held him back until he had filled out physically.

Who Is Maddie Daicos? Nick Daicos Sister
The Dacios Siblings (Source: The Age)

In contrast, Nick possessed two distinct advantages: a mature body and a lifetime of training alongside a league footballer, making him what some would call “ready-made.”

Reflecting on their paths to professional football, Peter acknowledges the challenges involved.

He recognizes that for every child who makes it to this level, there are tens of thousands who don’t.

He also realizes his critical role in Josh’s development, being his primary mentor. However, for Nick, Josh was always there to provide guidance and support.

And let’s not forget about their older sister, Madison, who may not be a footballer herself but is fully engaged in the family’s sporting endeavors.

She even joins in for a kick from time to time, with Peter humorously noting her accuracy might need some work, but she holds her own on the field.

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