Who Is Melanie Lukeman, Martin Lukeman Wife? Does She Have Cancer?

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Martin Lukeman wife, Melanie Lukeman, recently went through her last chemotherapy session. The English couple is parent to three kids and many French bulldogs. 

The pet lovers Martin and Melanie have been married for five years. Nicknamed “Smash” by his wife, Martin Lukeman shared that his wife’s belief pushed him to continue playing darts. 

Martin And Melanie Pictured On Their Wedding Day In 2018
Martin And Melanie Pictured On Their Wedding Day In 2018 (Source: Facebook)

Putting his family problems aside, the English darts player reached the second round of the Paddy Power World Darts Championships.

But his run ended after losing 3-1 to Damon Heta at Alexandra Palace. The Wartford thrower had hoped to get better of the world no.10 after defeating the New Zealand player Haupai Puha. 

Martin Lukeman Wife: Meet Melanie Lukeman

Martin Lukeman tied the knot with his wife, Melanie Lukeman, in 2018. The couple had their wedding ceremony at All Saints Church, Watford. 

The Watford native Martin isn’t big on social media and has kept himself out of the frenzy. But his wife, Melanie, shared a few photographs from their wedding day on her Instagram handle. 

The couple has gone through many ups and downs in the past few years, and this year was certainly a test for them. Earlier this year, Melanie shared that she was suffering from cancer and was about to go through chemotherapy. 

Does Melanie Lukeman Have Cancer?

On March 3, Melanie shared a photo of her traveling to St Albans City Hospital after she had revealed she was suffering from the deadly disease. 

In the caption of the snap, Melanie explained that the surgery had been delayed due to her ongoing chest infection. She shared that the doctors wanted her to be infection-clear for four weeks before the surgery.

She also wrote it could lead to different staging of cancer and a different treatment plan. At the end, Melanie added, “This journey seems to be getting longer! Feel like a pin cushion today.”

Martin Lukeman Has Stood  As Her Rock During The Ongoing Chemo Treatment
Martin Lukeman Has Stood As Her Rock During The Ongoing Chemo Treatment (Source: Facebook)

A few weeks after the post, Melanie posted a picture of her after the surgery. She wrote the surgery had gone well and thanked everyone for their support and kind words. 

In May, on her Facebook handle, Melanie shared she was donating her hair before the start of her chemo treatment. She had decided to donate her hair to Little Princess Trust. 

Melanie’s chemotherapy began in June, and during this time, Melanie kept on giving updates about her health condition. Chemotherapy can easily suck the energy and enthusiasm of a person, but looking at Melanie’s snaps, she certainly didn’t give the disease the upper hand. 

And maybe that is why she was able to get positive results quickly. On September 18, Melanie shared that her chemotherapy was going to finish in October, and in December, she would have radiotherapy.

During this difficult time, her husband was her rock. In his recent interview, Martin shared that his wife, a few weeks back, had just overcome the deadly disease.

He also said he didn’t want to compete in dart competition, but his wife gave him the will to continue.

An emotional Martin Lukeman said, “I didn’t want to play darts. She kicked my bum out. Nothing is going to change.” Despite, going through a tough year, the Lukeman family can now happily celebrate Christmas and look forward to a better 2024. 

Martin Lukeman Kids

Martin Lukeman shares three kids with his partner, Melanie Lukeman. Mason and Alfie are their two boys, and the couple is also parent to a girl. 

Their eldest child, Alfie, is 18, and last month received a car as a gift from his parents. Melanie shared a few snaps of Alfie sitting in the driver’s seat of his new car on her Instagram handle.

Melanie Lukeman Pictured With Her Daughter During An Outing
Melanie Lukeman Pictured With Her Daughter During An Outing (Source: Facebook)

The couple’s middle child, Mason, turned 17 earlier this month, and their daughter is 13 years old. Alongside raising three humans, the couple is also a huge pet lover. 

Last year, Melanie shared a snap of their four French bulldogs surrounding the darts player. In August, their pet Coco had given birth to seven cute puppies, and the Lukeman family had helped find a safe home for the cute puppies. 

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