Who Is Natascia Foligno, Marcus Foligno Wife? Married Life & Kids

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Marcus Foligno Wife: Natascia Foligno grabbed media attention after her relationship with the ice hockey star Marcus Foligno.

The duo dated each other for many years before exchanging vows in 2016.

The couple now revels in a harmonious marital life, further enriched by the delightful presence of their two beloved daughters.

Marcus Foligno Is A Popular Ice Hockey Player
Marcus Foligno Is A Popular Ice Hockey Player (Source: Instagram)

Marcus Foligno, also known as “Moose,” is a Canadian ice hockey player who plays a winger for the Minnesota Wild in the NHL.

He was chosen 104th overall by the Buffalo Sabres in the 2009 NHL Entry Draft.

Later, the ice hockey star was also selected for Canada’s 2011 national junior team and helped them win a silver medal at the World Junior Ice Hockey Championships in Buffalo, New York.

Marcus Foligno Wife, Natascia Foligno

Mrs. Foligno was born Natascia Marcantognini. Though she fails to share her birth details and early life, Natascia seems a Canadian citizen being born and brought up there.

She hasn’t gone public with her parents, siblings, and education details.

Despite being a celebrity wife, Natascia has a low-key profile and barely appears on media platforms.

She has kept her Instagram handle private but occasionally appears on her husband’s social media accounts.

Also, the details of her professional life are under the curtain. However, she is actively involved in social work and charities.

Marcus Foligno And Natascia Foligno Flaunting Thier Halloween Outfits
Marcus Foligno And Natascia Foligno Flaunting Their Halloween Outfits (Source: Instagram)

Meanwhile, her husband, Marcus, is the son of a famous father, Mike Foligno, a former NHL player and Buffalo Sabre.

Sadly, the ice hockey player’s mom, Janis Foligno, died of cancer in July 2009.

Mr. and Mrs. Foligno work for the organization “Children’s Minnesota.”

The association is for the welfare of children, intending to be a kids expert.

Marcus’s beautiful wife has hidden her matters from the prying public eyes.

Respecting her privacy, even the media hasn’t interfered much in her life.

Marcus Married Life And Kids

Marcus Foligno’s journey into marital bliss with Natascia Foligno is a heartwarming tale that began years before they exchanged vows on a memorable day in Sudbury, ON, July 15, 2016.

Their love story unfolded over many years of dating, but the details of their first encounter remain a charming mystery.

However, the couple’s connection has always been evident in their genuine warmth.

Marcus, known for his determination on the ice, exhibits a different kind of passion on his social media handles—his unwavering love for Natascia.

With no hesitation, he flaunts their romance, creating a heartwarming spectacle for fans who get a glimpse into their shared moments.

Marcus Foligno And Natascia Foligno With Their Child
Marcus Foligno And Natascia Foligno With Their Child (Source: Instagram)

The ice hockey star does not shy away from expressing his admiration and appreciation for Natascia.

Across various platforms, he paints a vivid picture of their enduring love, setting an example for fans and followers alike.

The Foligno household is now adorned with the joyous laughter of their two little princesses.

Olivia, their first bundle of joy, arrived in 2018, bringing immeasurable happiness to the couple.

In 2020, the family welcomed another precious addition—baby girl Camila, completing their picture-perfect family.



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