Who Is Rajesh Tiwari, Brian Orser Husband? Partner & Relationship Timeline

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Brian Orser Husband: Former professional figure skater Brian Orser is openly gay. Despite initially fearing that revealing his sexuality would ruin his career, Brian eventually came out in 1998, after which he has been pretty much open about everything related to his professional and personal life.

As per several reports, Brian has married his partner Rajesh Tiwari for over a decade.

Although Rajesh mostly likes avoiding media attention, the pair frequently appear together in Brian’s social media posts. 

Former Canadian Professional Figure Skater Brian Orser
Former Canadian Professional Figure Skater Brian Orser (Source: Skate Canada)

Brian Ernest Orser, better known as Brian Orser, is a former Canadian professional figure skater who represented Canada in international competition throughout the eighties.

Born and raised in Ontario, Canada, Orser won his first national title in 1977. After competing at a junior level for over four years, he eventually reached the senior level in 1980.

Brian won several international competitions for Canada in his eight-year figure skating career. Aside from winning the 1987 World Championships, he won two Olympic silver medals and four silvers in the World Championships.

Even though he retired early, he continued performing ice shows until the early 2010s. Besides that, he also appeared in the 1990 German film Carmen on Ice, directed by Horant H. Hohlfeld.

Who Is Rajesh Tiwari, Brian Orser’s Husband?

Rajesh Tiwari is the husband of former Canadian professional figure skater turned coach Brian Orser.

The pair reportedly met each other in the early 2000s and have known each other for over a decade. They began a relationship in 2008 and later married in the presence of their close friends in Ontario.

Brian Orser And His Husband Rajesh Tiwari
Brian Orser And His Husband, Rajesh Tiwari (Source: Instagram)

Their wedding ceremony was officiated by Canada’s first openly gay judge, Harvey Brownstone.

Speaking more of Rajesh, he is a director of The Brian Orser Foundation. However, he rarely appears alongside his partner, Brian, in public.

On the other hand, one can often see Rajesh enjoying quality time with Orser in his social media handle posts. In fact, Orser’s first-ever Instagram post featured Rajesh with a caption, “Martini Raaj,” which he uploaded on January 11, 2014.

Unfortunately, Rajesh is not active on any social media platform.

Orser’s Former Partner Sued Him For Palimony

Brian Orser faced court action in 1998 after his former partner filed a palimony suit. The complainant, Craig Leask, did it, claiming that Orser had promised to stay and support him, but instead, he cheated on him.

Leask also accused him of kicking him out of their house, taking hold of their shared property, and killing their pets.

Brian Orser
Brian Orser (Source: Instagram)

Moreover, Leask told the media that Brian had been sure about doing this to him since the start of their relationship, so he refused to sign a pre-nuptial agreement, fake promising that their relationship would be a “lasting, monogamous and balanced partnership.”

As compensation, he demanded to be the beneficiary of the famed athlete’s life insurance and wanted a cash settlement as well. 

Until then, Orser had not publicly revealed that he was gay, but he was forced to reveal his sexuality after he lost a legal battle against Leask. 

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