Who Is Samim Haydari? Stefany Ferrer Van Ginkel Partner: Age & Wikipedia

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After gaining severe backlash, Stefany Ferrer Van Ginkel and her partner Samim Haydari have deleted their every social media account.

Currently, the couple has been the talk of the town after the former Tigres player Stefany made a Nazi salute to a group of people at a pro-Israel rally. 

While the incident happened, Van Ginkel was spotted in the passenger seat of Haydari’s car. Now, let’s uncover what really went down.

Former Tigers Player Stefany Ferrer Van Ginkel
Former Tigers Player Stefany Ferrer Van Ginkel (Source: WVU Athletics)

Stefany Ferrer Van Ginkel, born on October 17, 1998, is a professional soccer player from Campo Grande, Brazil.

Adopted with her sisters by a Spanish family at a young age, the siblings duo moved to Spain.

Stefany played youth soccer for various teams and later joined the West Virginia Mountaineers in the U.S. for college soccer.

After gaining prominence in the sport, she featured in the British reality show Ultimate Goal.

Stefany was crucial in RCD Espanyol’s promotion and became Tigres UANL’s first foreign player in June 2021.

She joined Angel City FC in January 2022, but her contract wasn’t renewed in November 2022.

Stefany Ferrer Van Ginkel Partner: Who Is Samim Haydari?

Samim Haydari is currently in the limelight as the partner of Stefany Ferrer Van Ginkel. 

Not only Ginkel but Samim also shares the same passion for the sports. He is a professional soccer player who last associated with United City FC in 2022.

Moreover, he is a 2023 graduate of the University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA). During college, he played as a forward in the University Varsity Soccer.  

Not only are he is an athlete, but he is also an entrepreneur who owns the sports brand Juega Bonita, according to his now-deleted Instagram. 

Stefany Ferrer Van Ginkel's Partner Samim Haydari
Stefany Ferrer Van Ginkel’s Partner Samim Haydari (Source: Instagram)

As per Samim’s now-deleted Instagram profiles, he and his girlfriend Stefany own the sports brand Juega Bonita.

The brand’s Girls Youth Soccer Camp allows passionate girls to interact with successful soccer professionals.

Apart from the above details, no information is available about his personal life, including his age, parents, and Wikipedia.


A former player, Stefany Ferrer Van Ginkel, from the National Women’s Soccer League recently gave a Nazi salute while passing a pro-Israel rally.

Her former team is now criticizing her actions and clarifying that they don’t support what she did.

Stefany Ferrer Van Ginkel flashed a “Sieg Heil” salute in a car driven by her boyfriend, Samim Haydari, in Beverly Hills.

Stefany Ferrer Flashed Nazi Salute At Pro-Israel Rally
Stefany Ferrer Flashed Nazi Salute At Pro-Israel Rally (Source: KTLA)

Video footage captured part of the incident, with demonstrators yelling “Shame on you!” at the soccer couple. However, it’s unclear what exactly happened before the interaction.

Soon after the controversy, the Angel City FC issued a statement on their official X, writing,

“Stefany Ferrer Van Ginkel (stefvangi21) is not associated with our club since November 2022. We denounce her recent actions and statements.”

Therefore, we also are not aware Van Ginkel has played professionally since leaving Angel City FC in 2022.

Apologies Via Their Social Media

After the Nazi salute at pro-Israel protesters video was released, it went viral, and the athlete couple faced a considerable backlash.

Stefany Ferrer Van Ginkel and her partner Samim reportedly released an on-camera apology video on their now-deleted Instagram on November 6.

As per the reports, the former Angel City FC player Haydari stated, 

“I know we have approached the situation with hate and made it worse with our actions. We acted childish… All we can do is become better [and] learn a lesson from this. We cannot change the past.”

On the other hand, Van Ginkel was caught quiet in the since-deleted video.

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