Who Is Susie Spanos? Chargers Owner Dean Spanos Wife: Age & Wikipedia

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The wife of Dean Spanos, Susie, is an active member in all his ventures. In addition, Susie has built her brand through her independent career.

We all know the whereabouts of the owner of Los Angeles Chargers Franchise, Dean Spanos. However, his wife Susie is an equally crucial part of his behemoth of a career. 

So much so that Susie has recently been making strides in her career as well. Let’s take a deeper look into her life.

Wife of Dean Spanos, Susie Spanos
Wife of Dean Spanos, Susie Spanos (Source: Instagram)

Susie Spanos earned her reputation as the wife of the Chargers Franchise owner, Dean Spanos. Her full name is Susan Lucas Spanos, and she comes from California originally and is in her 60s.

Susie was not born with a silver spoon in her mouth like her husband, Dean. However, with her hard work and patience, she went on to have a successful career.

Talking about her professional life, Susie started as a flight attendant. She used to work for Western Airlines and the Del Webb Corporation.

After her marriage, she became active in multiple foundations, starting with her son’s high school board.  In addition, she also later went on to serve on the Parents Advisory Board at Wake Forest University.

However, most of her success comes from the Chargers organization. Her works include charitable events with the Chargers franchise and other multiple philanthropic acts.

Susie Spanos: Life As The Wife Of Dean Spanos

Susie Spanos is aware of the position and status she holds as the wife of a billionaire. Dean has the task of leading an entire franchise on his shoulders, and her role has been crucial.

Regarding their relationship, Susie and Dean met while Susie was working on a private plane. Coincidently, her future husband, Dean, was on the plane, and that’s when their paths crossed.

Susie And Dean Spanos
Susie And Dean Spanos (Source: Instagram)

As of today, the couple have been together for 46-years and celebrate their anniversary on May 21.

Dean has been in charge of operations at the Chargers franchise since 1994 and took full ownership in 2018. Within this period, Susie has held on her own and provided him with insights to furnish the NFL team’s branding.

Susie Spanos: A Philanthropic Powerhouse

With great power, there must also come greater responsibility. This is an ethos for the owners of NFL teams, and Susie has fulfilled this.

While her husband is primarily busy with football and business, she took over the reins of his corporate social responsibility. 

Susie Spanos Is A Leading Philanthropist
Susie Spanos Is A Leading Philanthropist (Source: LA Chargers)

Moreover, her role on the governing board of San Diego Blood Bank saw significant improvement within the board. She also pioneered the cord blood program, which helped to improve many patients’ lives greatly.

She is also an active board of the Chargers Community Foundation, which helps in supporting the youths. In particular, with education, health, and financial assistance.

Likewise, Susie is a leader in campaigns against abuse in the form of the St. German Child Abuse Prevention Foundation. 

She Is The Recipient of Multiple Honors

For her philanthropic activities, Susie has earned her flowers thoroughly.

As a winner against breast cancer herself, Susie raised the most money for cancer causes. For this, Missus Spanos was Woman of The Year, according to the Leukemia Society of San Diego.

Furthermore, the Salvation Army also honored her as a Woman of Dedication. Susie has particular contributions in this sector as well.

In addition, she was also the Most Important Philanthropist with her husband Dean in the year 2007.

Most recently, Susie has been an addition to the NFL Foundation Board of Directors.


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