Who Is Yvonne Crittenden? Oscar Robertson Wife: Married Life & Kids

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Oscar Robertson has been married to his wife, Yvonne, for over 60 years, sharing an enduring bond of romance and love.

Additionally, their marriage has resulted in a lovely family unit blessed with their three children.

Former NBA Player Oscar Robertson
Former NBA Player Oscar Robertson (Source: NBA.com)

Oscar Robertson, born November 24, 1938, is a retired American basketball player widely regarded as one of the greatest players.

He played a notable portion of his illustrious career with the Cincinnati Royals and the Milwaukee Bucks in the NBA.

Subsequently, he won one NBA championship title during his career with the Milwaukee Bucks in the 1970-71 season.

Oscar Robertson Wife, Yvonne Crittenden

The basketball legend is married to his wife, Yvonne Crittenden. Sharing wedding vows in 1960, the couple has enjoyed an enduring romantic life.

Subsequently, they tied the knot before Oscar entered the NBA. This implies Yvonne has been with Oscar throughout his entire sporting journey.

Enduring an athlete’s life’s demanding and unpredictable nature is no easy feat.

Throughout the highs and lows of Oscar Robertson’s illustrious career, the unwavering support of his wife has been a beacon of strength.

On the other hand, spending six decades of marital life is a rare feat that deserves recognition.

It shows how much the couple cares for each other and has stuck together through thick and thin, becoming an inspiration for others around them.

Oscar Robertson Wife Yvonne
Oscar Robertson Wife, Yvonne (Source: HoopsHype)

Additionally, the couple always acknowledges the role of their significant other in their life. They appear together at high-profile NBA events and ceremonies.

Yvonne recognizes the impact Oscar has made on the sport of basketball and how it propagates to the real world.

“He would appreciate getting the respect not only for what he did on the court, but also for what he did in the courts. So few of today’s players have any idea of what he fought for, what he stood for.”

In a funny remark, Oscar described himself as a boring man as he was married to the same woman for a long time. He is forever thankful for marrying a woman who has stood with him through the joys and sorrows of his life.

The couple also share a mutual spirit of philanthropy. Consequently, Oscar played a significant role in the Boys Club of New York and the National Kidney Foundation.

Additionally, he initiated the Oscar & Yvonne Robertson Scholarship Fund, aiming to assist minority students at the University of Cincinnati.

To summarize, Oscar Robertson and his wife have shared an enduring marital life spanning over six decades. Their unity and bond exemplify the importance of a stable marriage to the coming generations.

The Pair Are Parents To Three Children

Regarding their children, the couple are parents to three daughters: Shana, Tia, and Mari. This added another chapter to their bond, entering the realm of parenthood.

Subsequently, they took to parenthood like a duck to water and fulfilled their responsibilities, raising three beautiful daughters.

Oscar Is A Father To Three Daughters
Oscar Is A Father To Three Daughters (Source: Facebook)

Oscar’s undying love for his kids was fully displayed in 1997 when he donated a kidney to his daughter, Tia.

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