Who Was Swerve Strickland Fiance? Did She Leave Him?

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Hangman’s shocking statement regarding Swerve Strickland fiance before their match ignited the interest and curiosity among the public on Swerve’s life.

On November 16, Hangman threw a personal attack to trigger Swerve by revealing that his fiance had left him, creating a storm on the Internet.

Swerve was reportedly dating his dear girlfriend and fellow wrestler, Jessie Elaban.

Swerve Strickland Black Belt
Swerve Strickland Black Belt (Source: Reddit)

Stephon Shane Strickland, aka Swerve Strickland, was born on September 30, 1990, in Tacoma, Washington, United States.

At two months old, Strickland’s father, a sergeant first class cook in the US Army, relocated the family to live on an American military base in Frankfurt, Germany.

After seven years, he and his family relocated to Pennsylvania, where he attended Donegal High School and excelled in sports.

Moreover, following his father’s footsteps, he embarked on a military journey. Strickland was enlisted in the US Army and moved to different locations to undergo basic, individual, and advanced training.

At 18 years old, Shane Strickland decided to become a professional wrestler just one year into his military service.

He wrestled in various places such as Combat Zone, the Independent circuit, Lucha Underground, Major League, and WWE, and currently competes with All Elite.

Swerve Strickland Fiance: Did She Leave Him?

Since 2020, Swerve has been dating co-wrestler and model Jessie Elaban. He shared numerous moments and interactions between the couple on his social media.

Jessie Elaban, who goes by the ring name Jessi Kamea, is an American professional wrestler affiliated with INDY since September 22, 2023.

Previously, she was signed with WWE and STARDOM, where she fought under the ring name ‘The Matahari.’

Jessica Elaban was born to her parents, Sally Johnsen and Guy Elaban, on October 10, 1998. She attended Waldorf College and Concordia University.

During her collegiate years, she played volleyball as a middle blocker and right side.

Swerve Strickland And Jessi Kamea
Swerve Strickland And Jessi Kamea (Source: Twitter)

Swerve was previously engaged to another professional wrestler Karleena Gore. However, the couple parted ways, and Swerve Strickland began dating Jessi.

During a face-to-face showdown between Hangman and Strickland, Hangman threw a personal attack on Swerve, stating Swerve was a dumb person, and that’s why his fiancé left him, and his kids won’t talk to him.

This appeared to trigger Swerve to his core, and as he was about to fight Hangman, someone intervened, instructing him to control himself.

Later, the two engaged in a blood-drenched match, and ultimately, Swerve emerged victorious.

Furthermore, people began analyzing Hangman’s comments and initiated searches to determine if he was referring to Jessi or Karleena.

Some speculate Hangman referred to Karleena as their relationship ended on unfavorable terms. While others assumed that Jessi and Swerve had parted ways.

Meanwhile, many expressed displeasure by using “Your Ex Left You” as an insult to provoke other wrestlers, labeling it poor writing.

Some fans argued that Swerve deserved the personal attack after his actions towards Hangman, including invading his house.

Moreover, neither Jessi nor Swerve have made any statements regarding their breakup.

Reason For The Statement: Invading

On October 25, Swerve Strickland and Prince Nana brazenly intruded into Hangman Adam Page’s residence.

They derisively mocked the home, specifically targeting the children’s art on Page’s fridge.

Swerve entered into a room with a crib, taunting Page’s child. Later, Strickland placed Nana’s shirt inside the crib and covered the camera with his hand.

This triggered Adams and fans, with some expressing that Strickland had crossed the line and many stating Swerve deserved to face even more taunting.

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