Why Did Madisen Skinner Leave Kentucky? Reason Revealed

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Why did Madisen Skinner Leave Kentucky? Fans have been intrigued by her transfer to the Texas Longhorns after playing for two seasons for the Kentucky Wildcats. 

Despite having a stellar career with her former team, the athlete chose to commit to Texas University after her sophomore year.

Although there isn’t any official statement on this, digging through the available resources reveals that Madisen desires to move closer to her home.

Madisen Skinner Recently Secured Her Third NCAA Volleyball Tournament Victory
Madisen Skinner Recently Secured Her Third NCAA Volleyball Tournament Victory (Source: Instagram)

Madisen Skinner is an American collegiate volleyball player who played for the University of Kentucky before transferring to the University of Texas.

The Faith West Academy graduate is particularly well-known for her jaw-dropping blend of athleticism and efficiency. 

While at Kentucky, she had a remarkable two-season career, leading the team toward the 2020 National Championship victory. 

Madisen committed to Texas in 2022, and since then, she has established herself as the team’s pivotal player.

Recently, along with her team, she clinched the NCCA Championship title for the second time, winning the match’s Most Outstanding Player honor.

The junior averaged 16 kills per set, showcasing a .273 hitting percentage with seven errors on 33 total swings.

Nevertheless, Madisen dominated this season with 4.8 kills per set, earning her the Big 12 Player of the Year and ACVA All-American honors.

Surprising Transfer from Kentucky to Texas 

After beginning her career with the University of Kentucky, Madisen Skinner eventually transferred to the University of Texas for her junior season.

Madisen, a 6-foot-2 outside hitter, entered the NCCA Volleyball Transfer Portal on December 24, 2021. This addition to the transfer portal shocked Kentucky’s volleyball fans for a while.

The Athlete Previously Played Two Season At The University Of Kentucky
Madisen Skinner Previously Played Two Season At The University Of Kentucky (Source: Instagram)

Interestingly, earlier that year, her older sister, Avery, who shared the field with her at Kentucky, had similarly entered the transfer portal.

With this, some fans speculated that familial considerations prompted the transfer.

Nonetheless, neither Madisen nor the officials of Kentucky have stated any official reasons.

Why Did Madisen Skinner Leave Kentucky? Reason Explored

While Madisen’s fans were in a dilemma with her transfer, Kentucky’s coach, Craig Skinner’s statement, gave us some insight. Craig stated, 

“For Madi, getting closer to home was important to her. She loved the program and staff here. She just felt being close to home.”

Given Madisen’s hometown of Katy, Texas, this sentiment appears entirely reasonable.

Madisen Skinner Announced Her Transfer To The Texas Longhorns In January 2022
Madisen Skinner Announced Her Transfer To The Texas Longhorns In January 2022 (Source: Instagram)

Moreover, Madisen bid farewell in a post on Instagram. She wrote,

“Honored to have had the opportunity to wear blue for the past two years. Thank you, Kentucky Volleyball, my amazing teammates, and BBN, for all the love and support over the past two years. That said, I’m excited to announce that I will be returning to TX! Hook them!”

Likewise, with her transfer, the head coach, Jerritt Elliott, expressed, “I’m excited to have Madi join this team and help us to accomplish the ultimate goal.”

Nevertheless, Kentucky’s former star is making significant strides with the Texas Longhorns. It will be interesting to see what the future holds for the athlete.

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