17 Best Winter Sports in the World

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Winter sports include competitive sport, or non-competitive recreational activities played over the surface of snow or ice.

Traditionally, winter sports were only played in the cold areas during the winter season. But the artificial snow and artificial ice allow more flexibility. 

Are you looking for some great ways to enjoy and being active with your family in the winter but need some idea regarding the best winter sports? Well, we have just the perfect list for you. 

However, normally most people assume winter is the time to hibernate. But that’s no the case, and there are many wonderful activities you can engage in.

Snow kiting one of the best winter sports (Source: The kitingboarder magazine)
Snowkiting is one of the best winter sports (Source: The kiting boarder magazine)

Keeping this in mind, we have presented a list of the 17 best winter sports for you.

However, you should have to beware of precautions and play your favorite winter sport safely. 

Here are the 17 Best Winter Sports in the World.

17. Ice Climbing

Ice climbing is very much about what it says about climbing ice. It is very similar to rock climbing, where it uses hard, strong ropes and crampons that you can put in your bag. 

Except you’re climbing on beautiful icefalls, frozen waterfalls, cliffs, and frozen rock surfaces.

You can take guided climbing lessons at most resorts, which everyone can do when you have a good fitness level after identifying all the gears and equipment to stay fit.

All you have to do is get the strongest and most reliable safety equipment in the world, and you are all set.

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16. Ice Swimming

‘Eek!’ ‘No way!’ This is the first unenthusiastic reaction of tourists with prospects to dip into the icy lake.

Well, slipping into black frozen waters reminds us of the fate of the Titanic with a thrilling prospect rather than the exciting prospect of a pleasant swim.

Ice Swimming (Source: Sportsmatik)
Ice Swimming (Source: Sportsmatik)

So why would a person take the plunge if they did not have to?

Well, maybe because it’s not an extreme sport of masochists. But it is an experience that ultimately leaves you feeling good and refreshed.

15. Ski jumping

If you want to try extreme sports that include speed, excitement, danger, and total self-sacrifice, then ski jumping is definitely something you should try.

This exciting sport is one of the many winter sports events that have taken place in the Winter Olympics since the year 1924.

Furthermore, in the Olympics, different levels of sports include both individuals and team ski jumping.

14. Ice Speedway

Out of all the speedway races, the Ice Speedway is often regarded as the craziest kind of sport, as it requires the highest levels of skill and courage. 

Likewise, Ice Speedway is a motorcycle racing sport where riders use specially designed bikes to race on frozen terrain tracks.

Bicycles used for racing are divided into two classes, full-rubber and studded, depending on whether the spikes are used on wheels or not.

The studded tire bikes have several 3cm spikes on both the front and the rear wheel, also called Snowbiking.

13. Yukigassen

In Japan, snowball fighting is no longer a children’s sport but a professional sport called yukigassen, in which two teams of seven adults are fighting for glory.

The aim is to eliminate members of the opposition team by hitting a snowball.

Similarly, the team with the most players left at the end of the 3-minute set, or the first team to capture the opponent’s flag, WINS!

12. Snow Snake

Snow Snake is a winter sport played by four teams called “corners.” They compete to throw their wooden “snow snakes” far from the long trough or snow track.

Likewise, the game is divided into various rounds, and in every round, each team gets to make four throws.

In addition, at the end of each round, two points are awarded to the team that makes the longest throw in each of the rounds. And one point is awarded to the second-longest throw.

Snow Snake (Source: Buffalo News)
Snow Snake (Source: Buffalo News)

In addition, the play continues until one of the teams wins, earning a certain number of pre-determined points.

11. Snowkiting

Like water-based kiteboarding, snowkiting is a fun activity in winter. Now, it is gaining a lot of attention and is becoming much more popular.

This sport works with the kite power to slide across the snow-covered areas. In addition, the inflammable kites are the most common type of kites used today, but the most recent kites are racing foil kites.

Over the time, with the new technology, snowkiting is getting better, and the experience of participating in sports is getting much better and more secure.

However, this sport requires high energy levels, so over-layering yourself could lead to a burning sensation after a while. Therefore, wear your warm clothes for cold winds and not too much.

10. Shovel racing

Shovel racing is a popular sport in the US, where riders use a shovel to go down on the snowy slopes. Similarly, this game first appeared in the 1970s in the mountains of north-central New Mexico.

At first, it was not intended to be a recreation but rather a means of taking lifts, and it was done by elevators to make the job easier.

However, with time, this competitive sport became very popular and gained much attention in many parts.

This fun-filled game was trendy as it was played in the Winter X Games. However, when it first gained popularity, it was started as a small competition.

However, due to security issues, the game was removed later.

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9. Ice hockey

Ice hockey is one of the best winter Olympic sports and is played in many parts. However, ice hockey can only be done if you master the art of skiing, as it involves some tricks and movements.

In addition, ice hockey is a sensitive sport, and many people get into it. But, on the other hand, hockey skating is a fun way to do the same sport just for fun and not play a competitive match.

The typical NHL ice hockey game has 60 minutes of play, spitting in three 20-minute positions. There is also a 17-minute interval behind the first and second slots.

Like many other winter sports, ice hockey also needs to be protected and guarded due to hard snow or board areas.

8. Under Ice Diving

Under Ice Diving is a dangerous activity and should only be done by experienced divers.

Similarly, Ice diving involves diving into the freezing waters under a solid ice sheet, using a single entry and exit point.

Many divers are often tethered to avoid confusion under the ice and lose their way back.

Hence, this sport is not for the faint of heart, but it is a wonderful way to push your body’s limits and see parts of the world that were previously invisible.

7. Curling

Curling is a spectacular Winter Olympic sport that involves sliding large stones toward the target. But, at the same time, your team sweeps the way in front of it with brooms like intense housekeepers.

Therefore, there is a surprising amount of tactical nuance going on with friction and angles. Thus, the nickname ‘chess on ice.

Curling (Source: BC local News)
Curling (Source: BC Local News)

Curling is actually one of the oldest team games in the world. It was originated in 16th-century in Scotland, where locals curled stones on frozen lochs of Stirling and Perth.

6. Snowmobiling

This motorized vehicle with a quad bike with no rear tracks at the back and skis at the front rather than wheels.

Moreover, you can hire these for an hour and drive around the open space or beautiful winter adventure trails. It is also known as a motor sled or snow machine.

Snowmobiles can sometimes accommodate more than one passenger. 

5. Dog sledding

Dog sledding is an interesting sport seen in some very cold countries where dogs race over the snow-covered areas.

Moreover, this sport requires a team of sled dogs to pull the sled and the person controlling them.

The dog sled has different ranges, some over short distances and some long distances as well. In addition, some races vary depending on the number of dogs involved in each race.

Likewise, this is a fun and exciting sport that you can participate in, and it is also the best sport that you can watch and enjoy. In some places, sled dogs are used for various purposes, such as the delivery of mail and medicine.

Furthermore, this is a unique winter sport to try and not as dangerous as many other winter sports.

4. Snowboarding

Snowboarding is one of the best winter sports that is worth a try. The sport involves gliding down on snow-covered terrain using a snowboard usually attached to the rider’s feet.

The main difference between snowboarding and skiing is that snowboarding does not use poles, and most people use soft boots for flexibility.

Since the 1960s, the sport has received more attention as many people run to snowboard in winter. In 1998, snowboarding was introduced at the Winter Olympics sports and thus became world-famous.

3. Ice racing

Ice racing is one of the popular winter sports involving driving cars, motorcycles, or 4x4s on the icy racing tracks and frozen lakes. However, driving cars on frozen pools may sound scary.

But the event organizers have an ice scale depending on the science itself. So it’s actually an amazingly safe game.

Ice racing (Source: Audi Media Center)
Ice racing (Source: Audi Media Center)

But compared to other car racing or extreme racing, ice racing is more expensive, too. So grab a set of snow tires and fix them in your roadblock, and you get ready to go.

2. Skiing

Skiing is a sport that involves moving over snow using a pair of long; flat runners called skis attached to your shoes or boots.

Moreover, skiing is a means of transport using skis to glide on snow. Variations of the purpose of skiing include basic transport, a recreational activity, or as one of the best winter sports.

Furthermore, many types of competitive skiing events are recognized by the International Olympic Committee (IOC) and the International Ski Federation (FIS).

1. Ice Skating

Ice Skating is a sport of gliding across an ice surface on the blades fixed to the bottoms of shoes known as skates.

This basically is the most popular winter sport for the majority of people that may be of any gender or age group.

Likewise, it is a fun activity with the kids, one of the silly activities to try after a few drinks, or a fantastic innovative date idea. Ice skating is a great fun sport for anyone, including children and adults alike.

However, if you’re a bit unsteady on your feet, make sure you take a good friend you can desperately cling to before planning for ice skating.

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Altogether, we have prepared our list of 17 best winter sports as per their popularity rate.

However, every sport is popular for its unique characteristics, and every sport requires you to be well aware of a risk factor. So, before anything, play with safety measures on the head.

  1. Ice Skating
  2. Skiing
  3. Ice racing
  4. Snowboarding
  5. Dog sledding
  6. Snowmobiling
  7. Curling
  8. Under Ice Diving
  9. Ice hockey
  10.  Shovel racing
  11.  Snowkiting
  12.  Snow Snake
  13.  Yukigassen
  14. Ice Speedway
  15. Ski jumping
  16. Ice Swimming
  17.  Ice Climbing
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