Yaya Diaby Real Name And Ethnicity: Where Is He From?

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Rising football talent Yaya Diaby is currently in buzz for his NFL draft, with his real name and ethnicity piquing the interest. 

This American football player grabs attention for his excellent football skills, though his origin and background hit differently to the audience. 

What is his real name? Where is he from? You guys must be excited to know about his originality. Scroll down to learn more about Diaby in the below segment.

Yaya Diaby Is A Talented Football Player
Yaya Diaby Is A Talented Football Player (Source: Instagram)

Yaya Diaby (Born May 30, 1999 ) is an American football linebacker who plays for the Tampa Bay Buccaneers of the National Football League.

Before his draft in the NFL, the rising football star played college football at Georgia Military and Louisville.

His high school time at North Clayton (College Park, Georgia) fueled his football career. 

Likewise, Diaby later played in Georgia Military (2018–2019) and Louisville (2020–2022) before joining the Tampa Bay Buccaneers. 

Talking about his notable performances, he became Third-team All-ACC in 2022.

With 37 tackles and nine sacks in 2022, he debuted in the NFL and is on the way to making a big name in the football world. 

Yaya Diaby Real Name

Yaya Diaby’s real name or birth name is yet to be revealed.

As he hasn’t introduced himself with any other name on social media accounts or his carer platforms, his real name appears to be Yaya Diaby. 

Yaya Diaby During His Game
Yaya Diaby During His Game (Source: Instagram)

Don’t get excited; his real name has a different origin. As per the reports, Yaya means grandmother in both Spanish and Greek.

Also, Yaya means a woman employed by a family to look after a child or a sick or elderly person. 

This might not be the meaning his parents considered at birth.

As his parents are Muslim, they might have considered the name Yaya with the meaning a prophet of God (Allah) who was sent to guide the Children of Israel.

Similarly, the word Diaby comes from West Africa (mainly Guinea, the Ivory Coast, Mali, and Senegal).

It has its roots in the name of the Diaby lineage of the Jakhanke or Diakhanké people of the Senegambia region, who are reportedly a subgroup of the Soninke people.

Not just that, the clan’s name seems to be derived from the name of Dyabe Sisse, the ancestor of the Soninkes.

Considering these things, we can say that Yaya Diay has West African ancestry.

What Is Yaya’s Ethnicity?

Yaya, born and grew up in Atlanta, Georgia, the United States, comes from an African-American ethnic background.

His ancestors and family, holding an African ethnicity, moved to the United States long ago and resided there. 

Football Player Yaya Diaby
Football Player Yaya Diaby (Source: Instagram)

Similarly, the American national Diaby spent his early days with his family in his hometown.

His childhood and upbringing influenced his football journey without a doubt. 

As his parents are Muslim, the rising football player might follow the Islamic religion, too. 



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