Adrian Wojnarowski Wife: Meet The Hellinger Award Winner Amy Wojnarowski

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Amy Wojnarowski is the wife of Adrian Wojnarowski, aka Woj, who is an American columnist, sports reporter, and author.

He has been active in the field of sports since 1986 and currently works for ESPN and NBA.

Adrian’s wife has led the most secretive life in the whole NBA community. She probably has one of the least amount of information on the internet regarding wives of NBA personnel.

Adrian Wojnarowski's Wife In Her College Days
Adrian Wojnarowski’s Wife In Her College Days (Source:

We know a lot about the sports reporter, but what about his wife? Just how much info do we have on her?

Let’s find out, starting with some quick facts.

Quick Facts

Full Name Amy Carr Wojnarowski
Birth Date N/A
Birth Place N/A
Current Residence Glen Rock, New Jersey, USA
Nick Name None
Religion Christianity
Nationality American
Famous for being Adrian Wojnarowski’s Wife
Ethnicity Caucasian
Education St. Bonaventure University
Horoscope N/A
Father’s Name N/A
Mother’s Name N/A
Siblings N/A
Age N/A (Probably In Her Late 40s)
Height N/A
Weight N/A
Hair Color Blonde
Eye Color Brown
Build Slim
Hobbies N/A
Profession N/A
Marital Status Married to Adrian Wojnarowski
Kids Two (Ben and Annie)
Net Worth N/A
Social Media  Instagram 
Last Updated February 2024

Early Life 

Adrian’s wife has always been out of sight, as she is one of the most secretive people out there.

Amy Wojnarowski has taken the low-profile, under-the-radar game to a whole new level. In fact, she can be called the queen of privacy.

As of now, we have not acquired any information on her. We do not even know her exact birthdate, but we speculate that she is in her late forties, judging by her looks.

There is no data on her birthplace, nor do we know about her parents.

Amy is like a secret spy who works for the secret service and hence has to keep her identity a secret.

What a woman!


Adrian Wojnarowski’s wife has not yet spoken about her academic life, nor have anyone of her friends, family members, and ex-classmates.

Apparently, no one leaks information about her.

She might not have attended any school, for all we know. This theory makes sense because if she had attended a school, at least one of her classmates would have revealed her info.

If not a classmate, then someone from the school, there are hundreds of students there.

However, our sources have claimed that she attended St. Bonaventure University, a private college in Allegany, New York.

She graduated from Bonaventure in the year 1992.

Career & 1992 Hellinger Award Winner

Upon graduation, Amy Carr Wojnarowski was entitled the ideal student. She maintained impressive grades and engaged herself in multiple positions in college.

Amy worked for the Bonadieu, The Bona Venture, and WSBU. Also, she operated as an intern for the public relations office located in St. Bonaventure, Olean Times-Herald, Rochester Telephone Corp., and St. Bonaventure University’s national alumni board.

Moreover, she was a member of Kappa Tau Alpha, Women in Communications Inc, and the Society of Professional Journalists.

At the time, she was living in Fairport, New York, and was friends with her future husband.

After that, Amy Carr got herself a position at Wanda Miller and Associates as a public relations assistant.

She landed herself in the position of internal communications for the Rochester Telephone Corp.

Furthermore, she worked as a freelance article writer for Revues Magazine, a Rochester-based entertainment publication.

Also, 1992 was marked as a historic day as, for the first time in its history, the Hellinger Award was presented to two individuals.

One of them was Amy, who received the award at The Plaza, which is in New York.

Net Worth 

Adrian Wojnarowski’s wife has yet again left us with no clue. Hence, there is no data about her net worth.

On the other hand, Adrian Wojnarowski has an estimated net worth of $6 million as of February 2024.

He has accumulated such wealth through his career as an American sports columnist and reporter. 

Personal Life, Kids, And Marriage

Adrian and Amy have been married for over two decades, but they have not revealed their exact wedding date.

Together with Adrian, Amy has been blessed with two lovely children; a son and a daughter.

They decided to name their son Ben and their daughter Annie. The couple has not revealed any of their kids’ birthdates or the school they attend.

Amy With Her Husband And Children
Amy With Her Husband And Children (Source: The Glen Echo)

The couple first met each other while they were college students at St. Bonaventure. Both Adrian and Amy were studying journalism which brought them closer to each other.

At the time, Adrian was in his second year of college and was professionally a sports editor. On the other hand, Amy was a year behind him, a freshman.

The couple moved to Glen Rock after years of marriage, hoping for a new life. They still live there with their children. 

Social Media Presence 

Adrian Wojnarowski’s wife is not a big fan of social media, but she does have a private account where she posts occasionally.

On the other hand, her husband Adrian is more active on social media in comparison, which is expected from a media personality.

Adrian respects his wife’s decision to stay as low as possible and thus does not share much info about his wife online.

He has not posted even a single photo of Amy, nor has he leaked any info.

Amy Wojnarowski

Instagram: 880 Followers (Private Personal Account)

Adrian Wojnarowski

Twitter: 5.8M Followers

Instagram: 2.3M Followers

Facebook: 298K Followers

Popularity Graph 

The wife of the journalist is searched by many fans and followers.

Adrian Wojnarowski Wife Search Graph 2023
Adrian Wojnarowski Wife Search Graph 2023 (Source: Google Trend)

The graph represents her 12 months search trend. 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How is Wojnarowski so connected?

It has been a long time since Wojnarowski has been working in the media, and he has a few tricks up his sleeve. He knows which buttons to push for insider info. He has informers, and he usually breaks the news on his Twitter page.

Where did Adrian Wojnarowski go to college?

Just like his wife, Amy, Adrian Woj attended St. Bonaventure University. He joined the college in 1991, a year before Amy enrolled. Moreover, he went to Bristol Central High School.

What degree does Adrian Wojnarowski have?

Again, just like Amy Carr Wojnarowski, he has a graduate degree in journalism. He graduated with his bachelor's degree in 1994. Following his bachelor's major, he joined the sports media industry and became a prominent sports personality.

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