Alex Ovechkin’s Sons: Everything You Need To Know

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Alex Ovechkin is a resilient, passionate, and earnest professional hockey player who has made an appreciable impact on National Hockey League (NHL). Alex is regarded as one of the greatest ice hockey players in the world. 

Born to the family of sportspersons, Alex has set numerous prominent records in the history of the NHL and earned several accolades and awards. 

Since the early age of his career, he has showcased brilliance in the game and made his nation proud along with NHL. Alex got engaged to tennis player Maria Kirilenko in December 2012.

However, the engagement was scrubbed in July 2014.

Alex Ovechkin along with his wife Anastasia and Two sons Sergei and Ilya (Source: Instagram)
 Alex Ovechkin, along with his wife Anastasia and two sons Sergei and Ilya (Source: Instagram)

Later, in 2015, he publicized his engagement with model and actress Anastasia Shubskaya, daughter of actor Vera Glagoleva.

They tied the knot in July 2017. Over the years, the duo are blessed with two sons. 

This article will learn about Alex Ovechkin’s sons, who are already celebrities because of their father. Reading further about them, we are sure that someday they will make their own identity. 

Before digging deeper, at first, let’s get into the quick facts about Alex Ovechkin’s sons. 

Alex Ovechkin’s Sons: Quick Facts 

Full Names Sergei Ovechkin, Ilya Ovechkin 
Date of Birth August 18, 2018, & May 27, 2020 
Nickname Sergei, Ilya
Religion Not Available 
Sexuality Straight
Father Name Alexander Mikhailovich Ovechkin
Mother Name  Anastasia Shubskaya Ovechkina
Place of Birth  Florida, United States 
House Location  Not Available 
Gender Male
Ethnicity Not Available 
Age 5 & 3
Profession Still young  
Famous For  Sons of Alex Ovechkin
Nationality Russian
School Not Available 
Height Not Available 
Weight Not Available
Eye color Not Available
Favorite Sports Hockey
Relationship Status Still Young  
Girlfriend Still Young  
Children Still Young  
Siblings 1
Zodiac Sign  Virgo, Taurus
Social Media  Not Available  
Marital Status Still Young  
Alex Ovechkin’s Merch  Jersey, Trading Card
Last Update February, 2024

Who is Alex Ovechkin? 

Alexander Mikhailovich Ovechkin was born in Moscow, Russia, on September 17, 1985. He is a Russian ice hockey player and the alternate captain of the Washington Capitals of the National Hockey League. 

He won the Hart Memorial Trophy three times, honored by the most valuable player in the National Hockey League (NHL). In addition, he led the Washington Capitals to their first Stanley Cup championship in 2018.

Born in an athlete family, Alex’s mother was a member of the Soviet women’s national basketball team and a two-time Olympic gold medalist. While his father was a professional football player. 

Alex Ovechkin
Washington Capitals of NHL Captain Alexander Mikhailovich Ovechkin

The Washington Capitals picked Ovechkin with the first overall draft of the 2004 NHL. However, due to the cancellation of the 2004-05 NHL season, Alex debuted in NHL in 2005.  

Ovechkin had two older brothers Sergei and Mikhael. Unfortunately, he lost his elder brother Sergei at the age of 10.

However, his older brother was 24 when he met an accident and, after two days of the tragic event, passed away due to a blood clot. 

Furthermore, he is a huge football fan and devoted proponent of Liverpool F.C. He is also an investor in a professional team in the National Women’s Soccer League known as the Washington Spirit. 

Alex Ovechkin: Social Media Profile 

Alex is very active on various social media platforms. He constantly posts about his family and games. Additionally, he utilizes his social media.

For instance, he used social media to address his support for Russian President Vladimir Putin and created a social movement supporting the president. 

He goes by the username @aleksandrovechkinofficial on Instagram with 1.6 million followers.

The captain of the Washington Capitals is also active on Twitter, where he has accumulated 2.5 million followers until now and goes by the username @ovi8.  

Alex Ovechkin’s Sons 

After winning his first Stanley Cup on 7 June 2018, Alex’s and his wife Anastasia Shubskaya announced in an interview that they were expecting their first child. 

On 18 August 2018, the couple welcomed a son named after Ovechkin’s late brother Sergei.

Similarly, on 24 February 2020, Ovechkin’s wife made public through Instagram that they expected their second child. On 27 May 2020, they welcomed their second son, Ilya. 

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Alex Ovechkin’s First Son 

Sergei Ovechkin is the first son of Russian professional ice hockey player Alex Ovechkin and his wife, Anastasia Shubskaya. Because of his father, a captain of the Washington Capitals of NHL, the little boy has also gained fame. 

As stated earlier, Sergei was born on August 18, 2018. The pair shared the news about the arrival of a boy through social media. 

However, they revealed their son’s face a year later of birth. Alex and Anastasia were the first parents then, and they were very excited to welcome their son, and they nurtured him with immense care. 

Alex Ovechkin named his Son after his Late Brother 

Alexander Ovechkin named his first son after his elder brother Sergei.

The little boy’s uncle had a massive impact on his father Alex, due to which he gave that name to his son as a tribute to his brother. 

Sergei was the one who took Alex to hockey events whenever their parents were not able to take him. He made sure that his little brother didn’t miss any games. 

Ovechkin credits his elder brother Sergei for encouraging him to pursue hockey. Alex will often kiss his glove and gesture to the sky to salute his brother whenever he scores. 

Unfortunately, Alex lost his brother due to a car accident that resulted in a blood clot. When he lost his brother Alex was ten years old while his brother was 24 years old. 

So in his endearing memory, Alex named his son, Sergei, after his elder brother.

Alex Ovechkin views on his first son Sergei Ovechkin 

For an age like Sergei Ovechkin to do powerful backhanded shots, he could undoubtedly have a bright future in hockey just like his dad. Moreover, Alex is assured that his son will someday be the most outstanding player. 

Ovechkin often talks about his little son’s talent in sports and how his parents inspired and supported him enough to reach the NHL. 

According to Ovechkin, he has no doubts that his son will be an exemplary athlete. In addition, he also said, “He is strong, remembers all moves have good coordination. He loves pucks and sticks.”

Alex Ovechkin and his first son Sergei (Source: Instagram)
Alex Ovechkin and his first son Sergei (Source: Instagram)

In the 2019-20 season, Alex brought his little boy to the rink numerous times. Likewise, he gave him a tour of the Capitals locker room. He even skated him around the ice.

The little Ovechkin is already sporting enthusiasm that he even stole the full-length sticks of Evgeny Kuznetsov and Nicklas Backstrom. Surprisingly Sergei held both sticks together. 

At home, the duo practices shot in driveways. Sergei even sleeps with his hockey stick beside him. Through all this, we can tell that Sergei will continue his dad’s legacy with no doubt. 

Alex Ovechkin Recently Threw a Third Birthday Bash for His Son 

Sergei Ovechkin turned three on August 18, 2021, but he’s not a usual three-year-old. Being the oldest son of NHL son Alex Ovechkin, any party of his will be vast and grand. 

Sergei’s birthday party has always made it into the news since his parents always make sure that the party is exceptional and lavish. 

Ovechkin’s wife, Anastasia, filmed the magnificent party on her Instagram story. There were activities like a candy bar, arcade games, costumed performers, magicians, karaoke, indoor pyrotechnics, professional photographers, and a live band.

The arcade games included a hockey slapshot game and hockey where Ovechkin taught guests how to hold a hockey stick.

There was, of course, an obvious winner in this game, and yes, you have guessed right. It was Ovechkin himself.

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Alex Ovechkin’s Son Sergei First Experience While Playing Hockey 

According to Ovechkin, when he first ordered skates and guards for his son and started putting the skates on a little boy, he freaked out and started crying. He didn’t understand what was going on. 

However, eventually, the little boy started putting on helmets and gloves all by himself. Alex first started skating when he was eight years old. But, according to him, it was late, so he has made sure to enroll his son in the game at a very early age.  

Alex believes that it is vital for parents to be understanding and support them no matter what. According to him, parents have to listen to their kids.

Alex Ovechkin and his first son Sergei posing for a picture after completion of practice for hockey (Source: Instagram)
Alex Ovechkin and his first son Sergei posing for a picture after completion of practice for hockey (Source: Instagram)

He is also very grateful to his parents and said that he would not have achieved anything without their support. 

Ovechkin’s father left his work to be with him 24/7 to take him to his practices. He took him to the rink, tournaments, and another country to play games.

His father made sure that Alex would not involve himself in horrible stuff like drugs, smoking. So he always was beside him to lead him to a good path. 

Now, Ovechkin is trying to support Ovechkin Jr. and give him every advantage that he never had.

Alex Ovechkin’s Second Son

Alex Ovechkin and Anastasia Shubskaya welcomed their second son to the world on May 27, 2020. The boy was named Ilya Aleksandrovich Ovechkin by his parents. Ilya was 21.6 inches long and weighed 8 lbs during his birth. 

Just like his one-year-old older brother Sergei, Ilya was born in Florida. The pair revealed the birth of their son through Instagram by sharing an overwhelming photo of the trio in the hospital. 

Alex Ovechkin along with his wife and second born son Ilya (Source: Instagram)
Alex Ovechkin, along with his wife Anastasia and second-born son Ilya (Source: Instagram)

The athlete captioned the post, “Thank you, my beloved @nastyashubskaya, for our charming baby! I am the happiest !!”

Sergei and Ilya Ovechkin: Mother 

Sergei and Ilya’s mother or the wife of Alex Ovechkin is Anastasia Ovechkina. She is a Russian professional model and film producer. Anastasia is also known as the daughter of famous Russian film director and actress Vera Glagoleva.

However, she got quick fame when she married Alexa Ovechkin, a captain of Russian ice hockey. 

Nastya began professional modeling in 2015 and has since featured in several famous Russian magazines, including Wedding Magazine Russia. In 2014, she appeared in Elle Magazine‘s “Top 10 Bachelorettes in Russia” list.

Nastya Shu met Alex in the 2008 Olympic Games tournament in Beijing, China. At that time, Anastasia was only 14 years old, while Alex was 23 years old. However, they didn’t start anything at their first met.

Later in 2014, Alexander accidentally stumbled on Shubskaya’s profile on Instagram. After that, he contacted her, and then they became friends and eventually started dating.

Nastya Ovechkina: Social Media Profile 

The Russian model and actress Anastasia Shubskaya is very active on social media, where she shares heartwarming snaps of her and her family. 

Her glamourous photo has attracted massive followers on her Instagram, and presently she has 516k followers. You can follow her on Instagram

Standing at 1.7 meters, the attractive lady has experienced a soar on her followers after marrying Alex Ovechkin. She often shares a joint photo of them, giving a vibe of couple goals. 

The picture they share reflects that even after the marriage, the spark between them has not vanished. 

Alex Ovechkin’s Sons Late Grandmother 

Anastasia Shubskaya’s biological mother, Vera Vitalievna Glagoleva, was a Russian and Soviet actress and director. She was born on January 31, 1956, and passed away on August 16, 2017.  

Glagoleva debuted in her first film in 1975 after completion of her high school. She was known for her roles in romantic comedies, and melodramas and her most known parts were especially in At the End of the World and many others.

Vera made her debut in film direction in 2014 by releasing her first film, Two Women.  Glagoleva won the People’s Artist of Russia in 2011.

Glagoleva died at the age of 61 due to cancer in a hospital in Germany on 16 August 2017. 

FAQs about Alex Ovechkin’s sons

Does Alex Ovechkin have a kid? 

On 18 August 2018, Alex Ovechkin and his wife Anastasia welcomed a son Sergei. The little boy was whom after Ovechkin’s late brother Sergei.

Likewise, on 24 February 2020, Ovechkin’s wife made public through Instagram that they expected their second child. Then, on 27 May 2020, their second son, Ilya, stepped into the world. 

How old is Sergei Ovechkin? 

The son of Alex Ovechkin, Sergei, is currently three years old. He was born on August 18, 2018. The little boy recently celebrated a 3-year birthday bash along with his parents and their friends. 

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