Alperen Sengun Girlfriend: Is He Dating His Translator Deniz Aksoy?

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Rumors of Alperen Sengun dating his translator, Deniz Aksoy, often surface online because they frequently appear together.

Deniz Aksoy worked as a translator for the Turkish basketball player for quite a few years.

People have stirred up a lot of commotion by observing Aksoy with Sengun. Some even doubt if the young translator is the player’s girlfriend.

Alperen Sengun On Holiday
Alperen Sengun On Holiday (Source: Instagram)

Alperen Sengun is a professional basketball player who plays for the Houston Rockets of the NBA.

He started playing basketball at eight after seeing his elder brother playing the same sport.

Even though his parents insisted he pursue swimming, Sengun chose basketball as his career and took swimming as a hobby.

During his time at Giresun University, he played youth system basketball, and following his stint with the youth team, he joined Banvit.

He started his professional career with Bandirma Kirmizi and later played with Teksut Bandirma and Besiktas.

In 2021, the Turkish player was selected with the 16th overall pick by the Oklahoma City Thunder but was traded to the Rockets on draft night.

Besides, he has represented his country at the 2018 FIBA Europe U16 Championship and 2019 FIBA Europe U18 Championship.

Alperen Sengun And Translator Deniz Aksoy

As a non-English player in America, Alperen frequently appears together with his translator, Deniz Aksoy, on numerous occasions.

This situation has stirred fan and media speculation about the player dating his translator despite neither of them addressing it.

Many insist they are dating, while others claim to have seen the player with other girls and mock the rumor.

While some remained unfazed, others struggled with the notion that he wasn’t dating his translator.

However, fans felt bewildered when he posted photos with a girl named Hannah Cherry, suggesting they might be dating.

Deniz Aksoy Or Hannah Cherry?

Alperen Sengun featured the beauty Hannah Cherry in many of his Instagram stories, accompanied by numerous lovely captions.

The pair has also been spotted at numerous dinner dates, deliberately avoiding the media’s attention.

Aleperen Sengun With Hannah Cherry
Aleperen Sengun With Hannah Cherry (Source: Reddit)

Hannah Cherry was also spotted in one of the NBA games while hugging the player, making fans think Sengun is indeed dating Cherry.

However, on Reddit, a fan’s post claimed to have seen Alperen with a girl who appeared Asian, reigniting discussions about his affair.

Despite the player’s silence with the media, it seems he may indeed be in a relationship, judging by the posts and fan encounters.

Alperen Family And Siblings

Alperen Sengun, a professional basketball player, was born to Kemal Sengun and Ayse Sengun on July 25, 2002, in Giresun, Turkey.

The Sengun family, who are Turkish Christians, constitute a minority within the predominantly Muslim population in Turkey.

Alperen frequently mentions his family has consistently supported him, even though they initially preferred he pursue swimming.

Senguen’s father, Kemal Şengun, was his hero and role model as he encouraged him to play basketball.

Alperen Sengun With Father Kemal Sengun
Alperen Sengun With Father Kemal Sengun (Source: Twitter)

Senguen has two siblings: a younger brother named Ali Can Şengün and an elder brother.

The elder brother is unknown to people, but it is said that his elder brother, like Alperen, plays basketball.

Likewise, the younger sibling, Ali Can Sengun, is said to be a professional swimmer.

Even if he has numerous posts with his parents, Alperen has kept his siblings out of the media’s eyes.

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