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Amanda Pflugrad is a journalist and broadcaster born in Oregon, United States of America.

She currently works for the Boston Celtics as a reporter and presenter.

Pflugrad conducts pre-and post-game interviews with both players and coaches to offer game recaps/analysis as well as daily practice updates.

She also accomplishes as an analyst/sideline reporter for the PAC-12 Network covering college football, gymnastics, track, and field.

Pflugrad also served as a writer for Sun Devil Athletics, featuring the ASU women’s gymnastics team in her initial phase.

Amanda Pflugrad posing and smiling
Amanda Pflugrad posing and smiling (Source: Instagram)

She has also served as a sideline reporter for ESPN/SEC Network and CBS Sports Network in 2015.

Her parents provided her with all the emotional and financial support she needed to achieve her goals. In a nutshell, she was close to her family.

Let’s start with some of the interesting details on Amanda Pflugrad before getting into the nuances of her, an incredible TV presenter.

Make sure to stick with us till the end for more interesting facts on her. 

Quick Facts

Amanda Pflugrad | Early Life

Amanda Pflugrad landed on November 15, 1987, in the state in the Pacific Northwest region of the Western United States.

The state she was born it is Oregon which has natively been home to indigenous for thousands of years.

Robin Pflugrad and Marlene were the proud parents of Amanda Pflugrad. Aaron, Pflugrad’s younger brother, a football player, is her only sibling.

Her father is an American football coach and has worked with various teams throughout his coaching career.  

The gorgeous Amanda Pflugrad
The gorgeous Amanda Pflugrad (Source: Instagram)

She traveled around a lot as a youngster because of her father’s job, and she has lived in states including Montana, Washington, Oregon, and Arizona.

Amanda Pflugrad has not yet given any information about her schooling years.

She went on to the University of Oregon in Eugene, Oregon, to pursue her education. Amanda was a cheerleader at Oregon and later performed a Captain’s role for her senior year.

She obtained her Bachelor’s degree in Broadcast Journalism and Communication Studies in June 2010 with a 3.61 GPA.

Amanda is noted for her refined and distinctive style.

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Amanda Pflugrad | Career 

Since 2011, Amanda Pflugrad has worked as a professional reporter. She spent almost a year with Fox Sports Arizona before heading to the Travel Channel/USA Today.

From June 2011 through June 2013, she was the host of ‘Best of the Road.

She worked for Total College Sports TV from November 2012 to March 2014 and then for almost a year with the CBS Sports Network. She was an AVP Beach Volleyball Tour reporter.

Her career breakthrough happened in 2015 when she worked for the ESPN / SEC Network as a sideline reporter for women’s gymnastics.

Pflugrad also served as a team reporter and insider for the 2014-2015 NFL season. She presented sideline, locker room, and post-game interviews with athletes.

Following her accomplishment, she went on to work for NBC Sports Boston, NBA TV, and AT&T SportsNet, among others.

Pflugrad has also presented a 30-minute sports talk show on Hulu named the 5th Quarter breaking down college/ football games with analytics.


Emmitt Smith, Larry Fitzgerald, Kurt Warner, Jared Allen, Jake Plummer, Tony Hawk, Grant Hill, and Vince Carter are among the sportsmen she has interviewed.

During bowl week at the MAACO Bowl in Las Vegas, she provided updates for ASU and Boise State football.

During BCS week, she also got the opportunity to cover Media Day for both Oregon and Auburn.

amanda pflugard
Amanda Pflugard interviewing  an NBA Player (Source: Twitter)

Tom Hanks, Bret Michaels, Billy Crystal, Ronnie Ortiz-Mago, Rita Wilson, and Jordin Sparks are among the superstars she has worked with.

Pflugrad hosted various shows and events while reporting for FOX Sports Arizona, ranging from working with the Arizona Cardinals to presenting on the Style Showdown with Melissa Rivers.

She co-hosted the pre-game program for the Territorial Cup Series football game between ASU and Arizona.

Also, she went across America in an RV as a travel host for a month, collaborating with Travel Channel and USA Today.

At that moment, not only did she work as a reporter, but she also filmed, edited, and produced the RV film crew’s movies.

She’s worked for ESPN and E! Entertainment as a production assistant.

Amanda Pflugrad | Boston Celtics

Pflugrad works for the Boston Celtics as a reporter and host, doing pre-and post-game interviews with coaches and players and providing game analysis and recaps.

Aside from that, she also offers daily practice updates.

She’s also in charge of anchoring the Celtics’ live pregame show at every home game.

“I just witnessed a Jazz fan boo Gordon Hayward as he went out on the floor and then leaned over to the person next to him and said, “I still adore that man,” according to one of her most recent tweets.

She also retweeted a tweet from the Boston Celtics about Gordon Hayward, one of their players.

Amanda Pflugrad | Boyfriend

Pflugrad prefers to keep her personal life quiet; therefore, details concerning her dating life are being investigated.

We believe Amanda previously had a romantic connection with William Alexander, her ex-boyfriend.

The relationship, however, did not work out as planned since the two had various disagreements, which led to their separation.

Amanda Pflugrad with her boyfriend
Amanda Pflugrad with her boyfriend, Billy McSheffrey (Image Source: Instagram)

Amanda discovered love again not long after, and she is presently sharing her love with her current lover, Billy McSheffrey, who celebrates his birthday every year on July 20.

 Billy McSheffrey is Saint John’s University’s head strength and conditioning coach.

There is no information on how the two met, but we can infer they met a long time ago, thanks to social networking sites.

We also have no way of knowing if they have married or not.

Amanda Pflugrad | Height & Weight

Amanda Pflugrad is a healthy and toned professional lady with an enthusiastic and passionate personality.

She has worked as a TV presenter for some years now and still shows no signs of sluggishness or mistakes. 

This may be attributed to her creative impulses and drive to always be on top of her work.

Being a host/anchor or a journalist is a difficult job. One must remain engaged, constantly ready to learn from coaches, players, or staff members on the sidelines.

It’s a frantic procedure whereby a presenter must be ready to face the athletes’ mad rage when things don’t pan out well and meticulously handle the situation.

Such is the demand for the job, which makes it no easy for any TV presenter to match the emotions and drive in the circumstance out there. 

On the other hand, Pflugrad displays trust and patience and handles the situations tactfully, avoiding controversies in the process.

Pflugrad is a lady of medium height, but she looks to be rather tall in her images.

She stands at 5 feet 5 inches tall (1.62 m or 162 cm). She weighs about 121 pounds (55 kg). Pflugrad has brown eyes and blonde hair.

Amanda’s body measurement goes like 35-28-36 inches, and she appears to be a beautiful impacting orator.

 Social Media Presence

Amanda Pflugrad is a frequent user of social media. Over 27 thousand people follow her official Instagram account (@amandapflugrad).

Her official Twitter account (@AmandaPflugrad) has over 35,000 followers as well.

Furthermore, Amanda Pflugrad’s official Facebook page (Amanda Pflugrad) has over 134 thousand fans.

She also has her website (, where people can go to see her writings, photos, and other things.

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Amanda Pflugrad | Net Worth

Amanda Pflugrad makes a living as a professional reporter and is highly accomplished in her area.

The typical salary for a Boston Celtics reporter/host is from $57,500 to $62,500 per year.

These values, however, might fluctuate significantly depending on the employee’s degree of seniority.

We don’t know Pflugrad’s precise income or net worth right now, but we’ll keep an eye on it and let you know when we do.

Pflugrad’s net worth is close to $1 million. Her fortune stems from her successful profession as a reporter and host.


Was Amanda Pflugrad seriously into hosting from the beginning?

No, she wasn’t. Initially, Amanda wanted to open a hotel in Mexico, and she even took years of  Spanish classes in high school.

Thus, she took a major in business, but something pricked her soul, she did not connect and changed her major to psychology.

Did cheerleading help her out in her broadcasting career?

Yes, of course, cheerleading shaped her and kind of brought her out of shel.

What was Amanda Pfugrad’s first initial project?

She really did like Muhammad Ali‘s celebrity fight night which was her first position in the business.

Where does Amanda Pflugrad live?

Pflugrad has not revealed her exact dwelling address for personal reasons. If we receive the location and photographs, we will promptly update this information.

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