Andrea Cambiaso Parents: Where Are They From?

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Italian soccer player Andrea Cambiaso’s return to his club Juventus this season has created a buzz among Serie A fans. Born to his parents in Genoa, Cambiaso has improved his games drastically since his first league appearance in 2017.

During the 2022 season, Andrea played for Bologna on loan despite signing with Juventus earlier that year.

With his recent return to Juventus, people’s interest in the young athlete has peaked, and as a result, Serie A fans are curious to know everything about him, including his family life and parents.

Italian Professional Soccer Player Andrea Cambiaso
Italian Professional Soccer Player Andrea Cambiaso (Source: Get Italian Football News)

Currently, in his early twenties, it has already been over two years since Andrea Cambiaso debuted in Serie A, the top-tier soccer league in Italy.

A product of Genoa FC’s youth sector, Cambiaso initially played for different minor league teams, including Albissola, Savona, Empoli, etc., on loan until the beginning of the 2021-22 season.

The professional soccer player scored his first Serie A goal for Genoa against Napoli on August 29, 2021. After almost five years of stint with Genoa, Andrea signed with Juventus on July 14, 2022.

Moreover, Cambiaso has also represented Italy internationally as a member of its U21 team. However, he is yet to debut for his senior national team.

Andrea Cambiaso Parents: Where Are They From?

Andrea Cambiaso was born to his parents on February 20, 2000, in Genoa, Italy. His family is a native of Genoa, so his parents are Italian. 

Genoa is one of the largest towns in Italy, mostly known for its historical significance.

Rich in arts, music, and diverse cuisines, part of the city has been enlisted in the UNESCO World Heritage List, thus making it a tourist destination.

Andrea Cambiaso
Andrea Cambiaso (Source: Twitter)

As the youngster began garnering people’s attention because of his consistently great performance, primarily in the last two seasons, curiosities about his hometown and family have risen.

Unfortunately, the popular media are yet to cover his story beyond his professional life.

In addition, the emerging defender does not like exposing his family life to the public and tries his best to remain aloof from social media. As a result, everything about his parents, including their names, is unknown to the public.

Cambiaso Wants To Stay At Juve For A Long Time

The young Italian fullback, Andrea Cambiaso, played his first-ever match for Juventus against Udinese on August 21, 2023. 

Although the player had signed a five-year contract with the club a year ago, he had to wait for the whole season to make it into the squad.

In the meantime, he was off to Bologna on loan and played for them in the last season of Serie A.

Andrea Cambiaso In His First Match For Juventus In Serie A
Andrea Cambiaso In His Serie A Debut Match For Juventus (Source: Liga Olahraga)

Following their 3-0 victory against Udinese on Sunday, Andrea spoke to the media and said he was in Juventus to stay for a long time.

Happy with how they played, the defender added, “The tournée was good, I come from the lower divisions, so it’s great to play with these big players; it’s like being at a playground, I have a lot of fun on the pitch.”

Unlike his position at Bologna, Juventus coach Massimiliano Allegri made him play as a left-wing back. Cambiaso is also okay to play in this position, considering he likes attacking games. 

His goals for this season are to play as much as possible and help his team bring results. Andrea knows the competition within the team is tough, and he has to improve a lot more if he wants to secure his future in the club.

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