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Andy Murray is a renowned British professional tennis player in Scotland, but he represents his country all over the world. He was born on 15 May 1987 and achieved a lot through a tennis career. His name comes inside the winning list of Grand Slam tournament, Olympic champion, 2016 ATP World Tour Finals, Davis Cup champion, and former world No. 1.

Let’s move towards his top 70 inspiring quotes that will help you in each step of life.

“Like most guys, I’ve always liked watches. I can always check the time on my phone, but having a watch is so much better.”― Andy Murray

“I often find that pundits are quite negative… not just in tennis, but in sport in general. I just don’t like that. Obviously, the job of a pundit is to create interest and a bit of controversy. I get that. Listeners like that. But I do think there’s a duty there to promote the sport and talk about how good these people are at what they do.”― Andy Murray

“Getting married is great, and I feel really good away from the court, and my private life and stuff is good. But you still need to train and work hard. Like, I didn’t go on a honeymoon after we got married; I went to Barcelona and trained for 10 days to get ready for the clay-court season. It’s been good, but you still have to put the work in.”― Andy Murray

“I’ve been asked a lot lately if tennis is clean or not. I don’t know any more how you judge whether a sport is clean. If one in 100 players is doping, in my eyes that isn’t a clean sport.”― Andy Murray

“To be honest, I think bananas are a pathetic fruit.”― Andy Murray

Andy Murray on field
Andy Murray on field

“Everyone has to try to give back as much as possible because I think in all sports it helps kids to have role models or people to look up to. Someone like Jess Ennis, I know a lot of young girls have started to get into athletics stuff because of her, because of her success.”― Andy Murray

“Staying more controlled mentally stemmed from taking my fitness more seriously. When you’re doing track work, sprints and so on, it’s pretty painful, but that does make you feel better prepared and therefore mentally stronger when you’re going into a match. You know, without a doubt, that you are strong enough to last.”― Andy Murray

“You have to go into each match believing you can beat all of the players.”― Andy Murray

“For me, by far, the Olympics is the biggest sporting event in the world.”― Andy Murray

“I’m definitely open to change, but at the same time I am quite stubborn.”― Andy Murray

“It’s not the end of the world to lose.”― Andy Murray

“One of the things I would have loved to have had was a family that worked better together, although I love my mother and father to bits.”― Andy Murray

“I don’t play any tournaments to come second best.”― Andy Murray

“I hate losing.”― Andy Murray

15th of 70 Andy Murray Quotes

“I tend not to argue about things that I don’t believe in.”― Andy Murray

“I believe you should give 100% on the court, so I chase every ball.”― Andy Murray

“Well, my mum’s been a tennis coach – she coached me till I was 12.”― Andy Murray

“I don’t want a flashy car, just something that would allow me to stop using the Tube. And it would be good not to have to rely on my mum all the time, particularly when I have to listen to her singing in her car.”― Andy Murray

“It’s easy to start over-thinking things and over-analysing things.”― Andy Murray

“Sometimes you’re looking to play perfect tennis but it’s not going to happen all the time and you have to accept it.”― Andy Murray

“I am not anti-English, and I never was.”― Andy Murray

“I am Scottish. I am also British.”― Andy Murray

“My fitness trainer’s English, my physio’s English, some of my friends are English. I don’t have a problem with English people at all.”― Andy Murray

“Everything in tennis is so neat and nice but boxing has sport down to its essence; it is very pure and I like that.”― Andy Murray

“In tennis, it is not the opponent you fear, it is the failure itself, knowing how near you were but just out of reach.”― Andy Murray

“There is a fear of emotion in tennis.”― Andy Murray

Andy Murray with his precious award
Andy Murray with his precious award

“Tennis is an individual sport, and I am quite a self-conscious person.”― Andy Murray

“When I’m in Miami I like to go and watch basketball, the Miami Heat.”― Andy Murray

“When I’m at home, I enjoy going go-karting.”― Andy Murray

“If you want a player to serve and volley more, you need to teach them to do that more, how to move at the net.”― Andy Murray

“The only pressure I feel is the pressure I put on myself to win.”― Andy Murray

“I used to think that losing made you more hungry and determined but after my success at the Olympics and the U.S. Open I realise that winning is the biggest motivation.”― Andy Murray

“I think most players would love, at one stage in their career, to say, ‘I’ve been No. 1 in the world.’”― Andy Murray

“I’ve realised over the years I play my best when I have time to prepare for each tournament as best as possible.”― Andy Murray

“A lot of athletes use sports psychologists.”― Andy Murray

“I am not stroppy at all.”― Andy Murray

“Contrary to my image, I do have a sense of humour.”― Andy Murray

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“You are always talking about yourself and tennis and how you are feeling. I try to avoid it when I don’t have to.”― Andy Murray

“I’ve never felt nervous in front of big crowds and in big stadiums.”― Andy Murray

“Obviously you try to keep as much of your private life as private as you can.”― Andy Murray

“People say to me, ‘You don’t seem that interested in interviews.’ Well, you know, I’m not, often. I’m not going to talk tactics with the press, so you are left with talking about how you are feeling; for me, it is not the most interesting thing to be doing.”― Andy Murray

“A lot of the players are very complimentary about each other; they embrace at the end of matches because the level of the tennis has been so good. I think that’s something that tennis has got to be proud of.”― Andy Murray

“When a lot of things are going the wrong way for a country, for a people, when you can’t really think of anything worse than a war, you always try to take life on the brighter side and that’s how I grew up with my parents.”― Andy Murray

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“Everybody always talks about the pressure of playing at Wimbledon, how tough it is, but the people watching make it so much easier to play.”― Andy Murray

“Boxing, mixed martial arts and tennis are the hardest sports to train for.”― Andy Murray

“When I’m training in December, I have to eat like 6,000 calories a day to maintain my weight. It’s a bit tiring.”― Andy Murray

“You can’t focus on other people’s careers. Everybody is different.”― Andy Murray

“Having a normal knee would make life a lot easier.”― Andy Murray

“When you have beaten guys a few times, you don’t want them to think they know how you are going to play them. You have to try and find different ways of beating them. You have to do things they don’t expect sometimes, put something unpredictable into your game.”― Andy Murray

“I don’t actually go to that many concerts.”― Andy Murray

“I love music. I listen to a lot of it.”― Andy Murray

“I never read. The paper or anything. I watch a lot of movies, and TV series and stuff. But I never, never read.”― Andy Murray

“Normally I sleep for 9, 10 hours a night.”― Andy Murray

“I play fantasy basketball and fantasy football, soccer.”― Andy Murray

“I do think your personal life has an impact on your tennis. If your private life is up and down, and you’re thinking about what is going on back home, then you aren’t solely focused on your job, but when things are good back home, it’s so much easier when you’re on court. It’s not necessarily marriage; it’s more having a stable relationship.”― Andy Murray

“When I lost the Wimbledon 2012 final, I didn’t know if I’d ever win a slam.”― Andy Murray

“Boxers risk a lot in the ring. That’s one of the things that attracts me to it. You want to see a knockout but I also really don’t want to see people get hurt. It’s this constant dilemma when I’m watching boxing. The only times I get nervous is watching a really big fight or when my brother is playing. I get to the stage where I’m actually shaking.”― Andy Murray

“I feel like I’m more a fan of tennis rather than it being men’s or women’s. I enjoy watching doubles as well when it’s on. I think that there are certain players that I enjoy watching on the men’s and women’s side. There’s some players that I don’t enjoy watching on both sides.”― Andy Murray

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“I just enjoy watching tennis. And there’s things that you can learn from the men’s and the women’s game.”― Andy Murray

“My speed is something that has made a difference to my whole career. When I’ve felt quick and I’m moving well, it makes a huge difference to my entire game. When I feel a bit slower, I end up doing a lot more defending. When I’m a bit quicker to the ball, I feel I can attack a lot more.”― Andy Murray

“Wimbledon, for me, is the most important tournament of the year, so you know there’s always going to be people expecting me to do well.”― Andy Murray

“There’s two people I would say to try to go and watch who are probably the future of tennis. One girl called Taylor Townsend, she got a wildcard from the event into Wimbledon; she’s an American girl. On the men’s side, there’s an Australian guy called Nick Kyrgios; he’s 19, and he was the number one junior in the world.”― Andy Murray

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“One day for dinner I’ll have fish, then the next day chicken, and then I’ll have steak. I just try to mix it up all the time. I don’t eat the same thing every day.”― Andy Murray

“I had great success with Ivan Lendl. Was he a perfect coach? No. Was he a very good coach? Yeah. He had some very strong qualities and some things that weren’t so good.”― Andy Murray

“A lot of times, the press guys ask why I take an hour and a half to come to the interview room, but if you don’t do the massage and the ice baths and the stretching and the cooling down and the eating, and your opponent is doing that stuff, they already have an advantage.”― Andy Murray

Andy Murray with his family
Andy Murray with his family

“I used a lot of sports psychologists when I was younger… sometimes it helped, sometimes it didn’t.”― Andy Murray

“For much of the year, you’re just trying to maintain your fitness. It’s not often you get a lot of time to really concentrate on improving it.”― Andy Murray

“I do some 400 m. repetition running for endurance on the court. I’ll be in the gym lifting weights, or I’ll be putting in a lot of core stability to work to improve my balance.”― Andy Murray

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“Earlier in my career, I used to spend a lot of time practising my tennis on court. Now I’ve learned that it’s better to do just a couple of hours on court and two gym sessions a day. That’s what’s made me fitter and stronger.”― Andy Murray

“My dinner options are kept simple during Wimbledon. I have either salmon with rice, roast chicken with vegetables and potatoes, or steak with salad. My girlfriend Kim will cook, and I know each night that it will be one of those three.”― Andy Murray

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