Angel Reese Featured On Latto And Cardi B Music Video

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An American college basketball player for the LSU Tigers of the Southeastern Conference (SEC), Angel Reese recently made a cameo on Latto and Cardi B’s music video for “Put It On Da Floor Again.”

Amidst the fashion frenzy, Cardi’s significant other, Offset, also makes a surprise appearance, injecting a playful dynamic into the mix.

Offset joins the ladies for a brief cameo, showcasing his own charismatic style and chemistry with Cardi.

In April, Latto unleashed the highly anticipated single “Put It on da Floor” after teasing it at Coachella to the crowd.

Building on the track’s success, she partnered with Cardi B for the remix, resulting in the sick collaboration titled “Put It on da Floor Again.”

Angel Reese Appears In Cardi B And Latto's Music Video Of Put It On da Floor Again
Angel Reese Appears In Cardi B And Lotto’s Music Video Of Put It On da Floor Again (Source: YouTube)

“Put It on da Floor” made waves upon its release, garnering some controversy due to a line that initially caused Coi Leray to perceive it as a diss.

The lyrics “Smokin’ on that gas, blunt big as Coi Leray” sparked a misunderstanding, but Latto swiftly clarified that the line was meant lovingly.

Coi Leray mostly accepted the clarification, easing the tension and promoting understanding between the artists.

Angel Reese Featured On Latto And Cardi B Music Video

“Put It on da Floor,” and its remix are the newest additions to Latto’s discography, following her February single, “Lottery.”

While “Put It on da Floor Again” marks Cardi B’s first guest appearance of 2023, the previous year was busy for the superstar rapper.

Known for her clever wordplay and ability to reference current events, Cardi B adds an exciting touch to the remix incorporating a nod to the achievements of the LSU Women’s Basketball Team.

In one of her verses, B drops a line paying homage to the LSU Tigers, highlighting their win and the talent that propelled them to success.

She enthusiastically raps, “I been ballin’ so damn hard, could’ve gone to LSU, huh”.

And precisely at this moment, the camera focuses on the star of the LSU, Angel Reese herself, adding a touch of authenticity and excitement. 

Pop Culture

Angel Reese was nicknamed Bayou Barbie after joining the LSU program. She shortly filed for a trademark on the name, recognizing its popularity.

Similarly, Angel became the subject of a sketch on SNL with comedian Punkie Johnson portraying her on April 8, 2023.

It humorously depicted her now-famous gesture from the 2023 NCAA Division I championship game. Likewise, the skit incorporated Reese’s dispute with First Lady Jill Biden’s comments regarding inviting Iowa to the White House.

After LSU won the championship, the NBA veteran Shaquille O’Neal praised Angel as the greatest athlete to ever come from the university. To this, she humbly replied by saying she hadn’t yet achieved enough to warrant such high praise.

Angel Reese Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue
Angel Reese Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue (Source: Sports Illustrated)

In May 2023, Sports Illustrated announced that Reese would be featured in the annual “swimsuit.” 

Reese posed for the shoot in Los Angeles, showcasing a purple string bikini.

Furthermore, Angel is taking her iconic ‘you can’t see me‘ gesture to the commercial world, thanks to name, image, and likeness (NIL) opportunities.

In a new partnership with the soft drink Starry, Angel joins NBA players Karl-Anthony Towns and Zion Williamson in promoting the brand.

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