Angel Reese Health: Is The LSU Star Sick? Illness & Absence Revealed

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Angel Reese Health: The LSU Tigers, currently reigning champions, faced another game without the presence of Angel Reese, the standout Most Outstanding Player of the Final Four.

This marks her second consecutive absence, and the mystery surrounding her departure persists.

Her absence from the hardwood has made her fans worry about her health and wellbeing.

With crucial matchups on the horizon for the Tigers in the next nine days, fans and analysts are left in the dark about her return and the reasons behind her time away from the team.

Angel Reese LSu
Angel Reese LSU Too Small Gesture (Source: Instagram)

In the aftermath of LSU’s commanding 106-47 victory over Texas Southern in Baton Rouge, head coach Kim Mulkey maintained a consistent narrative when questioned about Reese on Monday.

The lack of information about her status adds an element of uncertainty to the team’s outlook, heightening anticipation and concern as pivotal games approach.

Angel Reese Health: Is The LSU Star Sick?

Illness & Absence Revealed

Angel Reese’s absence from the last two LSU games has left fans and reporters in the dark, as the star player has been absent from the court and team activities.

Adding to the intrigue is Reese’s elusive stance with the media, as she has not made herself available for comment and has maintained a relative silence on her social media accounts.

Despite posting a photo of the LSU gym on Instagram and a cryptic message on X (formerly Twitter), “please don’t believe everything you read,” clarity on her situation remains elusive.

LSU Tigers Star Angel Reese
LSU Tigers Star Angel Reese (Source: Instagram)

While it’s not uncommon for collegiate athletes to miss games due to various reasons, the unprecedented nature of Reese being away from the team without any explanation raises eyebrows.

Typically, coaches might provide generic explanations such as “illness,” “personal reasons,” or an “undisclosed violation of team rules” to account for a player’s absence.

In the case of Reese, without a solid explanation from her, we can not really say that she is sick and has some health issues.

I guess we’ll just have to wait for her statement.

Angel Reese & Coach Kim Mulkey 

The LSU Tigers are grappling with a challenging start to their quest for a repeat title despite bolstering their roster through the transfer portal.

The preseason No. 1 team suffered a setback in their opening game against then-No. 20 Colorado, succumbing to a 92-78 defeat in what can only be described as a lackluster performance.

Head coach Kim Mulkey expressed more concern about the team’s effort than the actual loss, emphasizing the importance of grit, fighting, and physicality.

Mulkey articulated her disappointment, stating, “You live with a tough night offensively. What I don’t live with is a lack of guts, fight, and physical play. You’ve got to have that dog in you, and I thought we didn’t have it tonight.”

Angel Reese And LSU Head Coach Kim
Angel Reese And LSU Head Coach Kim (Source: Sports Illustrated)

Despite Reese’s solid performance with 15 points and 12 rebounds, Mulkey highlighted the need for a collective effort.

Reese’s 6-of-15 shooting from the floor in 30 minutes mirrored the team’s struggle.

While Mulkey refrained from singling out individual players for poor performances, she did acknowledge the commendable efforts of freshman Mikaylah Williams (17 points) and sophomore Sa’Myah Smith (16 points), noting that they did “all they could.”

In the face of adversity, Mulkey emphasized the necessity for more players to exhibit a fighting spirit, stressing the importance of a collective will to overcome challenges on the court.

Angel Reese Health: Potential Return

As the Tigers gear up for their upcoming tournament in the Cayman Islands during Thanksgiving break, there are growing indications that Angel Reese may not be accompanying the team on this journey.

On Friday, November 24, LSU is set to take the court against Niagara in the Cayman Island Classic, followed by a compelling matchup against Virginia on Saturday, November 25.

Post the island excursion, LSU will enjoy a brief respite until their Final Four rematch against Virginia Tech on November 30.

Presently, all signs tentatively suggest a potential return for Reese in the faceoff against the Hokies, but as with any evolving situation, circumstances might shift before the anticipated game.

The uncertainty surrounding Reese’s participation adds an element of intrigue to the team’s dynamics, leaving fans and observers eager for updates as the tournament unfolds and the pivotal Virginia Tech matchup draws nearer.

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