Are Jayden Daniels Parents Divorced Or Still Married? Where Are They Now?

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In this article, we will focus on exploring whether Jayden Daniels’ parents are divorced or still married. But let’s first know more about his parents.

Jayden Daniels was born to his parents, Javon Daniels and Regina Jackson. His parents played a crucial role in shaping Jaden into a remarkable athlete.

Besides Jayden, his parents gave birth to another child, their firstborn, a daughter named Bianca, in January 1999.

Now, to answer the question, there hasn’t been any official announcement regarding their separation and divorce. However, some sources have made some bold claims.

Jayden Daniels Posing During A Photoshoot Session
Jayden Daniels Posing During A Photoshoot Session (Source: Instagram)

Jayden Daniels was born on December 18, 2000, in the cultural city of San Bernardino, California. He has always been an aspiring football player with great talent. 

Daniels went to Cajon High School in California, where he was a 4-star recruit. He declared his commitment to Arizona State on December 13, 2018.

Daniels graduated from Cajon early to attend Arizona State in January 2019. As a freshman, Daniels beat out starter Dillon Sterling-Cole in training camp, becoming the Sun Devils’ first starting true freshman quarterback.

Later, in 2022, Daniels transferred to Louisiana State University to play for the LSU Tigers. In 2023, Daniels received multiple national Player of the Year awards, including the Heisman Trophy.

He made history by becoming the first player in FBS history to have at least 350 throwing yards and 200 rushing yards in the same game.

Are Jayden Daniels Parents Divorced

Daniels’ parents have been in a continuous discussion as their son makes headlines following his stellar performances.

His parents have played a crucial role in molding his athletic journey as a collegiate football quarterback.

There have been some rumors about the separation of Javon and Regina. Reportedly, they are divorced; like any other divorce, it was an amicable split.

Nevertheless, their separation hasn’t affected their love for their son, and they are fully dedicated to supporting their son’s pursuit.

Meet His Father, Javon, And Mother, Regina 

Jayden’s Javon “Jay” Daniels has been the inspiration behind Jayden’s tenacity for football. 

Jay, who served as a cornerback for Washington and Iowa State during his college football career, played a crucial role in shaping Jayden’s early interest in the sport.

Daniel mentioned that his father had actually raised him to play cornerback, not quarterback. It was his father who put a football in his hands, but at the time, his father said that Jayden would grow up to be a quarterback. 

Jayden Daniels Along With His Mother Regina
Jayden Daniels, Along With His Mother Regina (Source: Instagram)

Jayden’s mother, Regina, is a strong pillar of support in his life. A reporter named Pete Thamel had accused Regina of recruiting violations in 2021. He had accused her of helping arrange and pay for recruits and their plane tickets for the ASU.

The report incorporated screenshots of emails indicating that Regina Jackson allegedly assisted in booking over $1,100 in flights for recruits and the accompanying adults during a recruiting trip from Florida.

Meet His Grandparents, William and Betty Daniels 

Jayden’s grandparents are William and Betty Daniels, and both of them loved the football player very dearly.

Sadly, the Covid-19 virus took away both of their lives in 2021. Their family laid the couple to rest in March 2021 Within Section 64 of Riverside National Cemetery, at Plot No. 2854.

Further, Jayden’s grandparents had been married for more than 50 years, and they left this world together. He used to go have Slurpees in his grandpa’s PT cruiser. 

Jayden Daniels Along With His Grand Parents
Jayden Daniels Along With His Grand Parents (Source: Instagram)

For about 20 years, his grandparents had been there for him. They would always attend his games, pick him up from school, and practice.

Additionally, his grandpa was an Air Force veteran who taught him to remain stoic and even keel, never to flinch.

Despite facing hardships, Jayden’s perseverance and resilience have helped him bounce back and reach new heights in his career. 

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