Arsenal 0-3 Liverpool: Liverpool is firmly in the lead.

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Liverpool has made a strong comeback in their bid for a place in the Premier League’s top four as they beat Arsenal at the Emirates Stadium.

Chelsea’s shock home at West Brom earlier in the day opened the door for Liverpool. 

And Jurgen Klopp’s men went through it in style with a victory. That left them in fifth place, just two points behind Thomas Tuchel.

The only surprise is that it has taken reigning Liverpool a long time to make their heights count.

They finally got the development they deserved. After 64 minutes as Diogo Jota led the satisfactory delivery of Trent Alexander-Arnold. 

They were surpassing Arsenal goalkeeper Bernd Leno after replacing Andy Robertson.

It was not only the decisive moment of the competition but also a timely reminder of the quality Alexander-Arnold had. When England manager Gareth Southgate felt he could do without him.

Liverpool doubled their lead just four minutes later when Mohamed Salah took advantage of a defensive tackle. With Gabriel of Arsenal, and poured an incredible leg over Leno‘s legs.

Jota benefited from an acceptable performance from Alexander Arnold. When he scored his second goal eight minutes from time, but by then, the game was over.

Klopp said Liverpool “must show that we are fighting for it” When asked about returning to prepare for the Champions League.

“It was a significant statement. In our view, it is clear. Everything that has happened to us this season means that we do not have it in our hands.”

“We have to win our games, and we have to lose some of them. But we have to put pressure on. That’s what we did with the result, but we still don’t. 

We have to fight, and we will fight again with our statement and no one else’s.”

Alexander-Arnold shows his class.

The exclusion of Alexander South Arnold’s England manager Southgate from the opening World Cup qualifiers shocked Klopp. And the performance of a north London defender has shown why.

Southgate is currently in favor of 21-year-old Reece James of Chelsea. The latter appears to regard him as a complete defensive and attacking pack. 

Leicester City v Liverpool - Premier League
Alexander-Arnold (Source: Premier League)

Kyle Walker of Manchester City and Kieran Trippier of Atletico Madrid both Believed in Alexander-Arnold need to improve his club form. It includes the season indifferent to the Premier League. League as a team.

However, Klopp is satisfied with Alexander-Arnold. That is not surprising after the right-back showed what a threat it was as Liverpool beat Arsenal.

He showed his best delivery in Jota’s first game and then directed his strength and awareness by stealing his belongings from the top of the pitch when the Portuguese striker scored the second goal.

Klopp said that he did not want to “do another interview.” But added that “Alexander-Arnold has shown it to his class again”.

“If anyone says Trent isn’t in good condition. Then I have to say they’re wrong, that’s all. I’m not guilty of the Southgate decisions,” Klopp said.

It was a show that responded to Southgate’s decision to leave him on the right track. He suggested that England have a significant quality back if Alexander-Arnold is in danger of losing Euro 2020.

Liverpool and Klopp had a very satisfying night all around. 

Brazil’s Fabinho provided a place in the center-half of the pitch. That showed what the team lost during defense in the middle of the pitch to prevent Virgil van Dijk, Joe Gomez, and Joel Matip.

Jurgen Klopp (Source Wikipedia)
Jurgen Klopp (Source: Wikipedia)

Klopp’s side may be on a six-game losing streak at home. But the away form strengthens them and these three comfort points. 

After a previous victory at Wolves, give them real hope of qualifying for the Champions League.

With the first leg of the Champions League quarter-final away to Real Madrid on Tuesday, Liverpool suddenly looks like a team with a new purpose and momentum.

Lackluster Arsenal gets what they deserve.

The only good thing about Arsenal’s performance was that they kept Liverpool away for 64 minutes. However, that depended on the Premier League champions’ lack than the Gunners’ excellent work.

The hosts were scared and lucky not to get stuck. And this was a sad thing from Arsenal.

At the end of the job with Liverpool goalkeeper Alisson, complete with a new mustache. He had to do it all night to catch a straight shot from Cedric Soares. Who came on in the second half.

Arsenal 0-3 Liverpool (Source The Guardian)
Arsenal 0-3 Liverpool (Source: The Guardian)

Yes, Arsenal has lost vital defender Kieran Tierney at half-time. But that was no excuse for what Mikel Arteta’s team used. 

They did not give a fist to the attackers. They fought in the middle of the pitch and eventually frustrated defending themselves.

Arsenal saved themselves by scoring three goals down to earn a point in their last league game at West Ham. But there was little hope of a return to Liverpool.

They sit in ninth place, four points left by Everton as they have played two more games. And much more is now left in their Europa League quarter-finals with Slavia Prague.

They will have to produce much better than they have done here. The night got summed up by the anonymous performance of striker Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang. He spent most of his game as an assistant left-back before being replaced.

‘I suspect it’s my job’ – they said

Arsenal manager Mikel Arteta said that “They were the best in all departments. I suspect it’s my job. It was the best team. They won by three goals, and it could have been more.

Mikel Arteta
Mikel Arteta (Source: Goal .com)

“They have won every duel, second ball, and every challenge. To be honest, I’m shocked. I didn’t expect that one to come. It’s my job to make things better. Today we hit a deficient level. It’s unacceptable.

“Certainly, we will never hit that level again. If you stand for this club, you have to stand up and take the challenge.”

Liverpool manager Jurgen Klopp says, “As a packet, it was a good performance. We have finished our situation. On the other hand, Arsenal was out of the game for 95 minutes. That was up to us.

“We had to keep up the pressure. I didn’t get frustrated during the break. We had to work hard and if you do that you have a good chance of winning.

“When people talk about you in the wrong way, you want to respond. It was a fun cross made by Trent to get the first goal.”

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